ACT Emergency Services Agency, properties, 1815q, 2525q
ACTION bus service
Advertising, 4349qn
Buses, 3951qn
Kilometres travelled, 1865qn
Light rail advertising, 3617q, 3631q
Network, 1310q, 1321q
Patronage, 342qn, 978qn, 979qn, 2520qn, 3254qn, 3256qn, 3947qn
Performance, 1228q
Schools, 1042q
Services, 2162qn
Timetable, 3208q
Xpresso services, 1565qn
Advertising, light rail, 3617q, 3631q
Alexander Maconochie Centre, security breaches, 1626q
Animal Diseases (Beekeeping) Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 4302
Commercial breeders, 1056
Dog parks, 4337qn
Welfare, 3794
Appropriation Bill 2015-2016, detail, (Capital Metro Agency) 2549, 2560, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) 2637, (Environment and Planning Directorate) 2793, (Territory and Municipal Services Directorate) 2929
Canberra Area Theatre awards, 1164
Community events, 258, 265
Public, 3251qn
Loose-fill insulation, 3578
Ngunnawal bush healing farm, 57q, 165q, 278q
Removal, 1295
Worker safety, 2730q
Australian public service, Belconnen, 129
Canberra air disaster, 2954
Light aircraft operations, 2810
Beekeeping, regulation, 4302
Belconnen, RSL World War I commemorations, 3544
Braddon, amenities, 4336qn
Budget, roads, 1964q
Business, local shop upgrades, 2765, 2777
Canberra Hospital, planning, 1042q, 1569q
Canberra Malayees Association, activities, 970
Canberra Southern Cross Club, grants, 3236
Capital metro
Business case, 2519qn
Car park closure, 2374, 2387
Patronage projections, 2491qn
Branded items, 2963qn
Capital metro, legislation, 305, 325, 328
Capital metro, productions, costs, 979qn
Capital Metro Agency
Annual report, 4348qn
Business case, 2166qn
Consumer research, 2963qn
Staff and contracts, 2161qn
Capital works, projects, 2219q
Charnwood, Charny Carny, 1261
Childcare centres, 159q, 286q
Neighbourhood playgrounds, 4338qn
Project Box Seat, 1850
Compensation, community path accidents, 3245qn
Construction industry
Bullying, alleged, 2210q
Canberra Sand and Gravel earth awards 2015, 1646
Dickson, planning, 2453q
Domestic Animal Services, dogs, 829q, 951q
Domestic Animals (Breeding) Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 1056
Economy, asset recycling, 608q
Education, capital works program, 1619q, 1630q
Environment and Planning Directorate, consumer research, 3257qn, 3259qn
Finance, community council assistance, 2487qn
Casino, 4136q
Poker machines, 4039
Policy, 616q
Racing and gaming, 1112q
Planning, 3752q
Shops, 1271
Land purchases, 3961q
Policy, 409
Public consultation, 70
Tendering arrangements, 211, 1406q
Government Procurement (Notifiable Invoices) Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 1368
Government Procurement (Transparency in Spending) Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 1111, 1368, detail, 1369
Crace joint venture, 892
Festival, 1344
Infrastructure projects, 193
Planning, 3511q
Hall, school museum and heritage centre, 3465
Dental, 285q
Funding, 1887q
Health Directorate, openness and transparency, 818q
Hospitality industry, awards, 2670
Hospitals, University of Canberra, 1801q
First home owners, 980qn, 1560qn
Northbourne Avenue corridor, 2703
Property rates, 2511qn, 2514qn
Public, 1398q, 3864q
Values, 2513qn
Housing ACT, redevelopment, 3958qn
Housing Industry Association, awards, 3940
I-Care Australia, charity, 661
Icon Water, assets, 4250q
IGA East Row House
Funding, 4251q
Support, 224
Industrial relations, bullying, alleged, 2210q
International affairs, Libya, 550
Irvine, Mr H, support, 2022
Kangaroos, cull, 1404q
Community groups, 2150qn
Extension of time fees, 2152qn
Town centres, 2153qn
Government purchases, 3513q
Releases, 1553qn, 2518qn
Legislative Assembly
Capital Metro, 909, 920
Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services, 2177, 2178, 3578
Public Accounts, 4039
Gehl, Mr J, presentation costs, 977qn
Language, 'muppets', 1400
Members, travel entitlements, 2483
Points of order, 269, 278, 315, 326, 399, 411, 482, 487, 610, 719, 1221, 1311, 1517, 1522, 1612, 1698, 2070, 2218, 2572, 2884, 2885, 2900, 2994, 3002, 3196, 3320, 3412, 3753, 3865, 4025
Valedictory, 4307
Life Unlimited Church, activities, 336
Lions Club Gungahlin, activities, 2277
Menslink, working with vulnerable people, 390q
Miller, Mr J, activities, 1064
Motor vehicles
Government, 4335qn
Inspections, 1265qn
Registration, 3958qn
Trailers, 4336qn
Motorcycle Riders Association, blanket run, 1758
Multicultural affairs, Diwali Mela festival, 4078
Municipal services
Braddon and Civic, 3951qn
Community paths, 3245qn
Infrastructure costs, 3242qn
Mowing, 3244qn
Repair costs, 3246qn
Street sweeping, 3243qn
Waste collections, 3555qn, 3556qn
National Australia Day Council, activities, 105
National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) awards, 3147
NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust Repeal Bill 2015, prin, 2265
Our Canberra newsletter, 4349qn
Fees, 2857q
London Circuit car park closure, 3313q
Meters, 2957qn
Belconnen, 129
Building Act, 1811q
Crace, 892
Delays, 479q
Dickson, 2453q
Draft variation 304, 616q
Giralang, 1271, 1870, 1873, 3752q
Gungahlin, 3511q
Land releases, 743
Northbourne Avenue redevelopment, 3960qn
Red Hill, 3873q
Shop floor areas, 743
Solar access, 3447, 3459
Urban renewal, 456, 478q, 1241, 3018
Variation 351, 4142q
Variations, 2216q, 2884
Planning, Building and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 1295
Planning and Development (Call-in Power) Amendment Bill 2014, detail 1845, 1849
Planning and Development (Capital Metro) Legislation Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 305, detail, 325, 328
Planning and Development (University of Canberra and Other Leases) Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 2047
Political parties, donations, 2993q
Recreational Aviation Australia, activities, 2810
Road Transport (Public Passenger Services) (Taxi Industry Innovation) Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 3990
Barton Highway, 1707q, 1710q
Bunda Street Shareway campaign, 1563qn
Constitution Avenue, 339qn
Funding, 1964q
Horse Park Drive, 2069q, 2331q, 2458q
Infringement notices, 2165qn
Lighting costs, 4340qn
Parking infringements, 1564qn
Planning, 2584q
Projects, 3748q
Safety, 2265
Speed cameras, 1504q, 2151qn, 2164qn
Street lights, 978qn
Ronald McDonald House, gala ball, 1453
Salvation Army, Red Shield Appeal, 1540
Autism, cage structure, 3136, 3405q, 3412q, 3511q
Brindabella Christian School, 3355
Burgmann Anglican School, 1260
Cranleigh School, 3801
Maribyrnong twilight fair, 4194
Melba Copland Secondary School, 421
Safety, 390q
Seniors, policies, 3519q
Canberra Raiders, 3032
Gungahlin United Football Club, 2394
Sponsorship, 487q
Taxation, rates, 3952qn
Territory and municipal services, mowing, 52q, 286q
Territory and Municipal Services Directorate, consumer research, 3258qn
Tourism, Canberra visitor centre, 2573q, 3871q
Infrastructure, 1941, 1970
Light rail, 215, 275q, 475q, 716q, 909, 920, 1440, 1450, 1688, 1733, 1742, 2178, 2211q, 2218q, 2585q, 2862q, 3316q, 3623q, 3627q, 3859q, 3872q, 4142q, 4323qn
Planning, 4018q, 4019q
Public, 3722, 4023q, 4082, 4097
Registration inspections, 946q
Ride sharing services, 3204q, 3990
Taxis, 2330q, 3765, 3774
Trees, removal, 3249qn
Turner, bus layover, 2177
University of Canberra, planning, 2047, 2891
University of Canberra Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 1020, detail, 1055
Uriarra Village, solar farm, 822q
Westside container village, costs, 3086q, 3961q