Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders
Agreements, 1229q
Foster care, 1343
Health, 107
National Close the Gap Day, 888
Oral health, 1255
Youth, 2024
ACT Health, accommodation, 4022q
ACT public service, annual reports, 1005
ACT State Emergency Service, storms, 1519q
Appropriation Bill 2015-2016, detail, (Community Services Directorate) 2648, (Education and Training Directorate) 2782, (Health Directorate) 2836, (Justice and Community Safety Directorate) 2908, (Territory and Municipal Services Directorate) 2933
Programs, 2390
Punuku Tjukurpa exhibition, 3799
Asbestos, loose-fill insulation, 3581
Australian public service, Belconnen, 111, 133
Bandler, Ms F, death, 423
50th birthday, 3231
Diamantina Scouts hall, 3549
Rotary Club, 3549
Belconnen Dog Obedience Club, tribute, 3934
Debate, 1911, 1938
Education, 2075q
Social inclusion, 1965q
Development strategy, 687
Government policies, 3039, 3055
Local shop upgrades, 2770
Policy, 2719q
Red tape reduction, 750
Reform, 156q
Support, 3522q
Canberra Hospital, energy use, 3082q
Canberra Institute of Technology, importance, 1092
Child and family centres, 2454q
Childcare centres, 158q
Foster care, 1343
Health, 4251q
Out of home care, 168q, 360, 1406q
Community services
Dropping off the edge report, 2732q
Roundtable, 3211q
Social inclusion, 949q
West Belconnen, 3092q
Compensation, workers compensation, 826q
Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting, 2325q
Access to justice, 996
Procurement process, 482q
Domestic violence, 732q, 1063, 1318q, 3758q
Restorative justice, 2727q
Cycling, active transport, 1626q
Anti-war movement, 1452
Battle for Australia commemoration, 3463
Disability services, national disability insurance scheme, 614q
Disabled persons, inclusion, 1498
Disasters, rescuer challenge, 3415q
Medicinal cannabis, 2813
Services, 3514q
Asset recycling, 605q
Business development strategy, 1962q
Employment growth, 4016q
Innovation, 1742, 1754, 2447q
Policy, 720q, 1314q
Reform, 2072q
Expenditure, 2075q
Higher education sector, 3339
Parental engagement, 944q
Skills development, 1121q
Teachers, 832q, 2706, 2716
Vocational, 4144q, 4158
Emergency services, infrastructure and personnel, 407q
Increases, 4016q
Seniors, 1225q
Business efficiencies, 3082q
Renewable, 160q, 2586q
Renewable Energy Day, 4074
Wind, 2999q
Climate change, 1403q
Renewable energy, 2316
Water quality, 2866q
Federal government, budget, 1700q, 1703q, 1812q, 1818q
Fraser, Rt Hon JM AC CH, death, 987
Goodes, Mr A, support, 2272
Social inclusion, 840, 870
Tendering arrangements, 212
Woden popup cabinet, 2996q
Harris, Aunty Judy, death, 769
Aboriginal oral health scholarships program, 1255
Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, 107
Art, importance, 2390
Cancer treatment, 4135q
Dental prostheses, 672
Drug and alcohol program, 3514q
Federal spending cuts, 1508q
Funding, 1527, 1606, 3200q
Infrastructure, 2213q, 3122, 3867q
Medicinal cannabis, 2813
Mental health
Funding, 3200q
Secure facility, 819q
Priorities, 246
Referrals, 1888q
Statistics, 3315q
Women and children, 4251q
Handwashing compliance, 1650
University of Canberra, 729q, 1037q, 1617q, 1710q
Investments, 4138q
Project commitments, 2333q
Public, 1114q, 1222q
Human rights, inquiry, 3909
Human Rights Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 1492
Immigration, refugees, 3750q
Industrial relations
Long service leave, 491q
Precarious employment, 1757
Public holidays, 3008q
International affairs
China, forum, 3356
India, 2668
Taiwan, 2989, 3030
Legislative Assembly
Auslan interpreters, 3833
Administration and Procedure, 3490, 3907
Estimates 2015-2016, 2415
Health, Ageing, Community and Social Services, 266, 672, 1272, 2027, 2813
Justice and Community Safety, 996, 3909
Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services, 3581
Latimer House principles, 3907
Bourke, Dr C, Taiwan trip, 2989, 3030
Corbell, Mr S, leave of absence, 2417
Fitzharris, Ms M, leave of absence, 2175, 2279, 2292, 2294
Porter, Ms M, leave of absence, 1277, 1874, 2399, 3294
Petitions, referral to committee, 4241
Points of order, 113, 163, 272, 392, 476, 836, 940, 947, 1123, 1227, 1308, 1400, 1505, 1516, 1517, 1603, 1808, 1959, 2328, 2345, 2348, 2572, 2657, 2659, 2722, 2768, 2769, 2857, 2858, 3046, 3093, 3700, 3745, 4024
Standing orders
Matters of public importance, 3838
Proposals, 3851
Standing order 210, strangers, 3489
Menslink, working with vulnerable people, 404q
Mon National Day, celebrations, 548
Multicultural affairs, importance, 3437, 3447
Multiculturalism, festivals, 402q
National broadband network, rollout, 3388
National Multicultural festival, success, 402q
Belconnen, 111, 133
Consultations, 1124q
Draft variation 304, 617q
Policy, 269q
Statement of intent, 4249q
Urban renewal, 47q, 468, 477q, 2576q
Radio Print Handicapped, service, 2482
Active transport, 1626q
Congestion, 280q
Construction, 3207q
Investment, mnst, 1768
Majura Parkway, 4025q
Planning, 2584q
Salvation Army, red shield appeal, 2952
Coombs community school, 3097q
Melba Copland Secondary School, 3146
Agreements, 2861q
Coombs Primary School, 1624q
Safety, 404q, 2219q
Seniors, employment, 1225q
Social welfare, community sector, 1709q
Racism, 2272
Tennis, 223
Territory and municipal services, urban maintenance, 539
Tidbinbilla nature reserve, activities, 3684
Tourism, events, 618q, 1218q, 3321q
Light rail, 54q, 935q, 3627q, 3628q, 4259q
Public, 3621q, 3715, 3742q, 3763
Ride-share services, 3875q
University of Canberra
Development, 1032q
Support, 393q
Walk for Tara, commemoration, 1063
Water, quality, 2866q
Domestic violence, 732q, 1063, 1318q, 3407q
Health, 4251q
Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, 2024
National Youth Week, 1290
Out of home care, 1406q
Services, 1378, 1392