Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders
Agreements, 1229q, 1524
Closing the gap, 332
Youth, 1759
Appropriation Bill 2015-2016, detail, (Community Services Directorate) 2662, (Housing ACT) 2844
Arts, community events, 263, 1152
Asbestos, public housing, 1156, 1161
Australian public service, Belconnen, 130
Belconnen, Amazing Belco Race, 3350
Community sector levy, 2864q, 2875q
Debate, 1930
Social inclusion, 1965q
Canberra Institute of Technology, importance, 1103
Children, out of home care, 361
Community services
Dropping off the edge report, 2730q
Roundtable, 3211q
Social inclusion, 947q
Vulnerable people, 4325qn
West Belconnen, 3090q
Community Services Directorate
Annual report, 3639
Multicultural portfolio, 3570qn
Crime, domestic violence, 58q, 707, 732q, 792, 2279, 2595
Crimes (Domestic and Family Violence) Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 3655
Disabled persons, Disability and Community Services Commissioner, 1633
Diversity ACT
FOI request, 4255q, 4260q
Funding, 4137q
Domestic Violence Prevention Council, report, 2595
Education, early childhood, 305
Energy, renewable sources, 2303
Environment, renewable energy, 2303
Federal government, budget, 1815q
Food, security of supply, 368
Getting home safely report, implementation, 1286
Goodes, Mr A, support, 2270
Public consultation, 80
Social inclusion, 852
Harris, Aunty Judy, death, 768
Reproductive health services, 3573
Workplace safety, 1286
Health (Patient Privacy) Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 3855
Cleaning contracts, 4010q, 4028q
Government acquisitions 3617q, 3632q
Homelessness, mnst, 899, 1034q, 1046q, 1507q, 1630q, 2365, 3201q, mnst, 3987, 4046
Investments, 4138q
Location strategy, 2248
Narrabundah, 3252qn
Project commitments, 2331q
Public, 509, 1220q, 1226q, 1354, 1397q, 1409q, 1568q, 1569q, 1977
Waiting list, 1560qn, 2323q, 2570q, 2874q
Housing ACT
Asbestos, 2158qn
Properties, 2488qn
Redevelopment, 3958qn
Human rights
Privacy, 3855
Social inclusion, 1582
Human Rights Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 1485
Immigration, refugees and asylum seekers, mnst, 2973, 3158, 3169, 3749q
International affairs, Nepal, 1576
Legislative Assembly
Committees, Administration and Procedure, 3491, 4235
Members, breastfeeding facilities, 4235
Papers, 3639, 4047
Points of order, 602, 610, 2570, 2571
Valedictory, 4316
Lundy, Hon Kate, tribute, 1167
Manuka, planning, 2869q
Multicultural affairs
Framework, 4277
Grants, 4329qn
Importance, 3443
Festivals, 400q
Multiculturalism, One Canberra reference group, mnst, 3600
Narrabundah, planning, 2401
National Multicultural festival, success, 400q
Office for Women
Appropriations, 3564qn
Staff, 3563qn
Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, staff, 3280qn
Belconnen, 130
Narrabundah, 2401, 3253qn, mnrs, 3968
Oaks Estate, 814
Urban renewal, 1244
Social welfare, community sector, 526, 1708q
Sport, racism, 2270
Spotless, contracts, 1267qn
Transport, public, 3734
Women, domestic violence, 58q, 707, 732q, 792, 3407q
Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, 1759
Bullying, 421
Homelessness, 1507q, 1630q