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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Petition: Crime—car tyre slashing—petition No 10-14

Justice and Community Safety—Standing Committee

Standing orders—suspension

Information Privacy Bill 2014

Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2014

Planning and Development (Symonston Mental Health Facility) Amendment Bill 2014

Environment—Koppers site

Questions without notice:

ACT Emergency Services Agency—funding

Asbestos—management issues


Questions without notice:

Federal government—budget

Youth justice—blueprint

Appropriation Bill 2014-2015

Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2014-2015


Executive contracts

Territory-owned Corporations Act—statements of corporate intent


National Reconciliation Week (Ministerial statement)


Schedule of amendments:

Schedule 1: Information Privacy Bill 2014

Schedule 2: Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2014

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Budget—services and infrastructure

Questions without notice:

Canberra Hospital—infrastructure

Transport—light rail

Budget—proposed sale of street lights

Budget—health funding

Disability services—autism spectrum disorder


Transport—light rail


Canberra Institute of Technology—campus modernisation

Children and young people—out-of-home care

Personal explanation

Disability services—providers

Economy—private sector employment

Health—ACT Medicare Local


Cerebral palsy—fundraising night

Organ donation

Australian National University—School of Art

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services—Standing Committee

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

Auditor-General Amendment Bill 2014

Red Tape Reduction Legislation Amendment Bill 2014

Payroll Tax Amendment Bill 2014

Land Tax Amendment Bill 2014

Electoral Amendment Bill 2014

Australian Capital Territory (Legislative Assembly) Bill 2014

Legislation (Penalty Units) Amendment Bill 2014

Utilities (Technical Regulation) Bill 2014

Gas Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2014

Domestic Animals Amendment Bill 2014

Amendments to the Electoral Act 1992—Select Committee

Executive members’ business—precedence

Health—proposed Medicare co-payments

Leave of absence

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Questions without notice:

Budget—rates increases

Budget—health infrastructure

Budget—emergency services


ACTION bus service—performance

Appropriation Bill 2014-2015

Estimates 2014-2015—Select Committee


Financial Management Act—instruments


Plastic Shopping Bags Ban Act—review


Education and Care Services National Law—regulations

Order of the day—postponement

Disability Services (Disability Service Providers) Amendment Bill 2014


Appendix 1

Answers to questions:

Housing ACT—properties (Question No 271)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—prisoners (Question No 273)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—prisoner jobs (Question No 274)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—drug tests (Question No 278)

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre—drug tests (Question No 279)

Environment—former petrol station sites (Question No 282)

Environment—former petrol station sites (Question No 283)

Environment—former petrol station sites (Question No 284)

Environment—former petrol station sites (Question No 285)

Environment—former petrol station sites (Question No 286)

Environment—former petrol station sites (Question No 287)

Environment—former petrol station sites (Question No 288)

Health—compensation claims (Question No 292)

Commerce and Works Directorate—staff (Question No 295)

Questions without notice taken on notice:

Hospitals—bed occupancy rates

Alexander Maconochie Centre—execution of search warrants

Environment—biodiversity offsets policy

Environment—biodiversity offsets policy

Transport—Woden bus depot

Environment—Molonglo Valley annual report

Construction—Hewatt Earthworks