2012 Subject Indexes

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amdts, amendments; ba, bill agreed to; detail, debated at the detail stage; expst, explanatory statement; m, motion; mfd, motion for disallowance; mnrs, ministerial response; mnst, ministerial statement; mso, motion for the suspension of standing orders; mgc, motion of grave concern; mnc, motion of no confidence; mwc, motion of want of confidence; nm, notice of motion; psm, paper and statement by minister; perexp, personal explanation; prin, debated at the in-principle stage; q, question; qn, question on notice; refcom, reference to committee; wdrl, withdrawal.



Advocacy service, 2948qn

Australia Day protest, 46q, 54q, 171q, 174q, 175q, 178q

Disadvantages, mnst 1143

Representatives, 1897

ACT Ambulance Service

Recruitment, 198q

ACT Cancer Council

Relay for life, 963

ACT Concrete Recyclers

Pialligo site, 2542qn, 3019qn

ACT Corrective Services

Recruitment, 758q

ACT Electoral Commission

Annual report, 1179qn

ACT Fire and Rescue

Funding, 341q

ACT Health Directorate

Crisis assessment team, 2001qn

Cross-border agreement, 3030qn

Dental services, 3020qn, 3697qn

Expenditure, 3028qn

Health Protection Service, 2937qn

Lactation consultant, 2939qn

Mobile primary health services, 2932qn

Peer support programs, 2930qn

Pregnancy to parenting series, 2929qn

Procurement exemptions, 2939qn

Projects, 3754qn

Publications, 3740qn

Social workers, 3700qn

Training scholarships, 2931qn

Veterans Liaison Office, 2938qn

Walk-in clinic, 2935qn

Wild mushrooms information sheets, 1634qn

ACT Ombudsman

Annual report, 1615qn, 2483qn

ACT Policing

Belconnen police station, 61q, 1550q

Crime statistics, 511q

Officer protection, 513q

Specialist response group, 1208qn

Staffing, 3724qn

Tasers, 514q

Use of force, 894q

ACT Public Cemeteries Authority

Southern cemetery site, proposed, 3049qn

ACT public service

Agency waste management, 3707qn

Annual reports, 2883

Consultants, 2007qn

Executive contracts, 75, 909, 1297q, 1299q, 2625

Expense claims, 1623qn, 1629qn, 1630qn, 1633qn, 2039qn

Hawke review, 64q

Information technology, 3715qn

Mobile phones, 1224qn

Performance criteria, 1095

Staff costs, 2007qn

Whistleblowers, 2799

Workforce, 1616qn

Working from home, 1127q, 2066q

Workplace investigations, 1237qn, 1245qn, 1246qn, 1623qn, 1629qn, 1630qn, 1631qn, 1633qn, 2040qn, 2502qn, 2923qn, 2926qn


Vehicle fleet, 413qn

ACTION bus service

Air quality, 2942qn

Bicycle racks, 339q, 2033qn

Bike and ride facilities, 2006qn

Bus stops, 508q, 2004qn


Hybrid electric, 2942qn, 2986qn

School, 2983qn, 2984qn

Statistics, 2487qn, 2549qn

Capacity issues, 2485qn

Crace, 627q, 1211qn

Crime, 2946qn

Dead running, 2921qn

Disabled access, 442qn, 2986qn

MyWay card, 1244qn, 2015qn

Network, 604q, 627q

Nightrider service, 753q, 1202qn, q, 2548qn

Particulate filters, 2986qn

Patronage, 828qn

Revenue, 3052qn

Review, 1210qn

Routes, 1218qn, 1551q

Scheduling, 1203qn

School safety program, 1216qn

Security, 2943qn

Statistics, 2060qn


Status, 200q

Ainslie Village

Management, 1229qn


Legislation, 989, 2315

Liquor licences, 564

Treatment services, 2119q

Alexander Maconochie Centre

Capacity, 1007q, 1141q

Consultant, 2540qn

Detainee remuneration, 3695qn

Drugs, 2003qn, 2117q

Emergency calls, 2927qn

Identity bracelets, 2121q, q, 3060q

Incidents, 2002qn

Official Visitor, 1172qn

Operations, 1565

Solaris Therapeutic Community, 2226q, q

Tattoo facility, 2118q


Welfare, 129, 747q, 1363, 2065q

Arthritis ACT

Support, 2153


Exhibitions, 1890

Festivals, 1247qn, 1889

Funding, 359, 817qn, 2959qn

National Library writing competition, 954

Performances, 2916

Public, 1542q, 1956q, 2367q, 2378q

Theatre awards, 1164, 1485, 1487


Management, 2043qn, 2048qn, 2371q

Asylum seekers

Support, 2996qn


Powers, 2320

Reports, 1319, 3342

Australian Hellenic memorial

Ceremony, 2915

Australian National University

School of Music, 2276

Australian Veterinary Association

Conference, 2917

Batkovic, Ms S

Achievements, 1488

Belconnen Arts centre

Exhibitions, 541

Belconnen Community Council

Meeting, 805

Bill Kennedy memorial park

Upgrade, 2229q


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body Amendment Bill 2012, prin 1897

Animal Welfare Legislation Amendment Bill 2012, prin 129

Animal Welfare Legislation (Factory Farming) Amendment Bill 2012, prin 1363

Appropriation Bill 2012-2013, prin 2607, 2843, 2864, 2869, 3412, detail (ACT Executive) 3413, (Auditor-General) 3415, (Chief Minister and Cabinet Directorate) 3416, (Health Directorate) 3424, (ACT Local Hospital Network) 3433, (Territory and Municipal Services Directorate) 3437, (Treasury Directorate) 3447, (Shared Services Centre) 3457, (Superannuation Provision Account) 3461, (Territory Banking Account) 3462, (Economic Development Directorate) 3464, (Justice and Community Safety Directorate) 3493, (Community Services Directorate) 3510, 3579, 3593, (Housing ACT) 3599, (Education and Training Directorate) 3608, (ACT Gambling and Racing Commission) 3616, (ACT Public Cemeteries Authority) 3617, (Actew Corporation) 3618, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 3622, (Cultural Facilities Corporation) 3629, (Exhibition Park Corporation) 3630, (Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission) 3631, (Legal Aid Commission (ACT)) 3633, (Public Trustee for the ACT) 3634, (Treasurer’s advance) 3634

Appropriation Bill 2011-2012 (No 2), prin 731, 2408

Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2012, prin 2623, refcom 2897, prin 3412, detail 3579, 3637

Auditor-General Amendment Bill 2012, prin 2320

Bail Amendment Bill 2012, prin 2175, 2769

Business Names Registration (Transition to Commonwealth) Bill 2011, prin 381

Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2012, prin 2336

Children and Young People (Transition from Out-of-Home Care) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 391, 465, detail 471, amdts 549, 553

Children and Young People (Transition to Independence) Bill 2011, prin 391, 465

Children and Young People (Transition to Independence) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 477

Civil Unions Bill 2011, prin 3297, detail 3303, amdts 3325

Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) (Enforcement) Amendment Bill 2012, prin 1506, 3396, detail 3401, amdts 3547

Commissioner for the Environment Amendment Bill 2012, prin 134, 2269, detail 2275, amdts 2304

Corrections and Sentencing Legislation Amendment Bill 2012, prin 2340, 2822

Courts Legislation Amendment Bill 2012, prin 2327, 2588, detail 2594, amdts 2658

Crimes (Child Sex Offenders) Amendment Bill 2012, prin 296, 2074, detail 2082, amdts 2158

Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2012, prin 2325

Crimes (Offences Against Police) Amendment Bill 2012, prin 138, 2760

Disability Services Amendment Bill 2012, prin 2339

Discrimination Amendment Bill 2012, prin 3292, 3294

Duties Amendment Bill 2012, prin 1493, 1988, 1997

Duties Amendment Bill 2012 (No 2), prin 1495, 2828

Duties (Landholders) Amendment Bill 2012, prin 2323, 2826, detail 2827, amdts 2919

Election Commitments Costing Bill 2011 Exposure Draft, refcom 1493, 2172, 2790

Election Commitments Costing Bill 2012, prin 3095, 3637, detail 3643, amdts 3685

Electoral Amendment Bill 2012, prin 732, 1590, detail 1602, 2411, amdts 2468, 2472, 2475, 2477, 2478, 2481

Electoral (Donation Limit) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 2751

Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, prin 112, 376, detail 380

Electoral (Limits of Gifts) Amendment Bill 2012, prin 2674

Electronic Transactions Amendment Bill 2012, prin 735, 1349

Emergencies (Commissioner Directions) Amendment Bill 2012, prin 738, 1106

Energy Efficiency (Cost of Living) Improvement Bill 2012, prin 1095, 1911, detail 1924, amdts 1999

Environment and Construction Occupations Legislation (Wood Heaters) Amendment Bill 2012, exposure draft 2676

Financial Management Amendment Bill 2012, prin 1095

Financial Management (Cost of Living) Amendment Bill 2012, prin 555, 1391, detail 1400, 1774, amdts 1896

Financial Management (Investment) Legislation Amendment Bill 2012, prin 2171, 3225

Food Amendment Bill 2011, prin 478

Freedom of Information Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1293, 1337, detail 1347

Gaming Machine Amendment Bill 2011, prin 3343, detail 3348, amdts 3518, 3546

Government Procurement Amendment Bill 2011, prin 1101

Health (National Health Funding Pool and Administration) Bill 2012, prin 2801

Human Rights Amendment Bill 2012, prin 1498, prin 3306, detail 3314, amdts 3326, 3327

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2012, prin 781, 1347

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 (No 2), prin 2331, 2641

Land Rent Amendment Bill 2012, prin 1497, 1988

Legislative Assembly (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2012, prin 784, 2343, detail 2348, amdts 2466, 2467

Liquor Amendment Bill 2012, prin 564, 989

Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) Amendment Bill 2011, revised explanatory statement 362, 871, detail 878, amdts 964

Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) (Security Industry) Amendment Bill 2012, prin 1515, 2092, detail 2104, amdts 2161

National Energy Retail Law (ACT) Bill 2012, prin 2333, 2645, detail 2652, amdts 2658

National Energy Retail Law (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2012, prin 2336, 2645, detail 2655, 2766, rescission and reconsideration 2776, amdts 2784

Official Visitor Bill 2012, prin 1371, 1425

Official Visitor Bill 2012 (No 2), prin 1774, 2739, detail 2750, amdts 2783

Planning, Building and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2012, prin 1513, 2085, detail 2092, 2146, amdts 2162

Planning and Development (Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets) Amendment Bill 2012, exposure draft 565, prin 2661

Planning and Development (Public Notification) Amendment Bill 2012, prin 1366, 1425, 2085, 2092

Public Advocate (Official Visitors) Amendment Bill 2012, exposure draft 140

Public Interest Disclosure Bill 2012, prin 2799, 3362, detail 3373, amdts 3546

Rates and Land Tax Legislation Amendment Bill 2012, prin 1496, 2828, 2832

Residential Tenancies (Minimum Housing Standards) Amendment Bill 2012, prin 162, 204

Retirement Villages Bill 2011, 1675

Retirement Villages Bill 2012, prin 2669, 3266, detail 3277, amdts 3325

Road Transport (General) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 860, detail 865, amdts 964

Road Transport (General) Amendment Bill 2012, prin 1508, 1904

Road Transport (General) (Infringement Notices) Amendment Bill 2012, prin 560, 2178, detail 2187, amdts 2295

Road Transport (Third-Party Insurance) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 3352, detail 3361, 3579, 3644, amdts 3683, 3686, 3690

Statute Law Amendment Bill 2012, prin 1503, 2082

Taxation Administration Amendment Bill 2012, prin 3093, 3296

Transplantation and Anatomy Amendment Bill 2011, prin 485

Water and Sewerage Regulation (Water Heaters) Amendment Bill 2012, prin 2665

Work Health and Safety (Bullying) Amendment Bill 2011, prin 648, detail 657, rescission and reconsideration 678, amdts 698

Workers Compensation (Terrorism) Amendment Bill 2012, prin 300, 868

Bimberi Youth Justice Centre

Operations review, 417qn

Staff, 3375q


Media monitoring costs, 2525qn

Brown, Dr P

Tribute, 1354


Allocations, 2923qn

Community sector, 2707q

Corrigendum, 2798

Debate, 2843

Deficit, 192q

Education items, 2841q

Employment, 2727q, 3380q

Investments, 2832q, 3167q

Lease variation taxation, 197q, 515q

Presentation, 2607

Review, 80

Students with disabilities, 2726q

Supplementary papers, 731

Taxation reform, 2709q, 2712q, 2715q, 2835q


Sustainable materials, 1950q


Fire management unit, 906, 1027q

Prescribed burning, 511q

Tidbinbilla Rural Fire Service Brigade, 1022q, 1317q


Development, 1698q, 1788, 1829, 1959q

Family businesses, 965

Licences, 3013qn

Names registration, 381

Supermarkets, 49q, 3549

Button, Mr JD OAM

Death, 2655

Calvary Public Hospital

Agreements, 801, 804

Staff, 2002qn

Upgrade, 411qn


Birthday celebration, 890q

Canberra and District Historical Society

Events, 540

Canberra Arts Marketing

Funding, 2959qn

Canberra centenary

Activities, 1377, 1442

Canberra Connect

Customer service, 1308q, 1317q

Shopfronts, 2534qn

Canberra Gang Show

Performance, 3517

Canberra Hospital

Ambulance bypass, 3747qn

Birthing centre, 2721q, 2889q

Bullying, alleged, 3175q, 3395q

Emergency department data, 1639, 1687q, 1690q, 1693q, 1697q, 1699q, 1703q, 1803q, 1808q, 1810q, 1817q, 1822q, 1823q, 1825q, 1937q, 1941q, 1946q, 1948q, 1966, 2732q, 3170q, 3178q

Meals, 2937qn

Mental health unit, 609q

Nurse-led walk-in centres, 3753qn

Patient care, 3160q

Safety checks, 3164q

Television rental service, 2936qn

Yamba Drive crossing, 2888

Canberra Institute of Technology

Bullying, alleged, 2105q, 2109q, 2214q, 2217q, q

Merger proposal, 2115q, 2216q, 2354q

Student support services, 2027qn

Canberra Mosque

Open day, 1488

Canberra show

Activities, 957

Canberra Symphony Orchestra

Importance, 3279, 3286

Cancer Council ACT

Support, 810

Capital works

Supplementary program, 1464

Catholic Schools Week

Functions, 1894


Natural burials, 2054qn


Legislation, 1506, 3396, 3401

Centenary of Canberra

Local artists, 2498qn


Community carnival, 1163, 1488

Chief Minister and Cabinet Directorate

Accommodation, 3034qn

Expenditure, 3034qn

Printing costs, 2011qn


Care and protection, 44q, 333q, 391, 415qn, 465, 477, 541, 549, 553, 2723q


Centres, 428qn, 1812q

Cost, 323q, 612

Holder, 1447, 1460, 1589

Communication and social awareness playgroups, 2355q, 2378q, 3059q

Family support program, 2599q

Forced adoption, apology, 3067

Heartkids hill climb, 1604

Kids Under Cover program, 1424q

Kinship carers, 420qn

Playground upgrades, 2055qn

Services, 325q, 361

Youth and family support, 743q, 762q, 1007q

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

National meeting, 127

Cigarettes and tobacco

Taxation, 836qn


Graffiti, 452q

Violence, 513q

Clean Up Australia Day

Support, 961

Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment

Annual report, 1188qn

Commonwealth public service

Economic importance, 2249

Community concessions

Venue hire, 3744qn

Community Services Directorate

Accommodation, 3750qn

Bad and doubtful debts, 2062qn

Community involvement, 425qn

Contracts, 3001qn

Expenditure, 3748qn

Interpreting services, 2997qn

Publications, 3741qn

Refresh, 2106q


Workers compensation, 2887


BarCamp, 1084

Games, classification, 1506

Interactive entertainment industry, 1476

Construction industry

Levy money, 1625qn

Sham contracting, 1418q, 3760q

Training, 1625qn, 3323

Work safety, 1407q, 1558q, 3388q

Cotter Dam

Costs, 1290, 1410q, 1414q

Enlargement, 1899


Bail, 2027qn, 2125, 2175, 2504qn, 2769

Case management, 2327, 2588, 2594, 2658

Public Advocate, 140

Sentencing, 2340, 2822

Unsafe convictions, 2052qn

Youth justice, 173q, 1691q

Covenant Care Day Hospice

Opening, 810


Bus service, 627q, 1211qn

Memorial, unveiling, 2463

Pets Party in the Park, 1997

Create Foundation

Support, 541


Child sex offenders, 296, 2074

Civic, 513q

Domestic violence, 1419q

Offences, 138, 2324, 2582, 2760, 2946qn

Police, 2582, 2760

Reduction, 919, 1090

Sexual assault, 542, 620q, 1254q

Statistics, 511q, 2947qn

Taxis, 2947qn

Victims, 120, 1184qn

Young offenders, 525

Cultural Facilities Corporation

Annual report, 1193qn

Curtin Community Bank

Opening, 2914


Bike paths, 2508qn

Cardno report, 2960qn

Civic cycle loop project, 2544qn

Cycle lanes, 3051qn

Kingston foreshore, 2962qn, 2972qn

Safety program, 2543qn

Cyprus Community of Canberra and Districts

Activities, 3323


Shop safety barriers, 3063

Director of Public Prosecutions

Annual report, 1182qn

Disabled persons

Bus access, 442qn, 2986qn

Ivor Burge championships, 814

Parking spaces, 450qn, 1854, 1865

Post-school options, 1030

Scarlet Road, film, 1890

Services, 2339

Students, 2726q

Women, 2958qn


Queensland flood, 512q


Belconnen dog park, 754q, 1636q

Sale, 1553q, 2068q

Training, 1997

Domestic Animal Services

Costs, 2031qn, 2964qn

Desexing vouchers, 2547qn

Sale of dogs, 1553q, 2068q

DonateLife Week

Awards, 961


Alexander Maconochie Centre, 2003qn, 2117q

Control, 839

Random testing, q

Treatment, 1292, 2119q, 2488qn


Stormwater, 757q, q

Eagles Sports Association

Programs, 124

Economic Development Directorate

Accommodation, 3732qn

Expenditure, 3733qn


Conditions, 1313q, 1420q

Cost of living, 555, 812, 1095, 1391, 1911, 1924

Cross-border relations, 1694q

Key building blocks, 3391q

Performance, 679

Policy, 2836q

Strength, 2777


Budget initiatives, 2841q

Canberra Institute of Technology, 1310q, 1312q, 1318q, 1400, 1426, 1559, 1619qn, 1721, 1731, 1757, 1951q

English as a second language, 1537, 2370q, 2493qn

Excellence and enterprise framework, 1541q, 2068q

Future, 1972

Gonski review, 490q, 492q, 616q, 660, 665, 676, 3384q

Learning difficulties, 3163q

Malkara special school, 1604

Mary MacKillop trade training centre, 547, 811

Murrumbidgee education and training centre, 491q, 762q

Policy, 1954q

Preschools, 361


Active transport programs, 2967qn, 3710qn

Asbestos, 1135q, 1139q, 1140q, 1318q, 2371q, 2505qn

Building condition audits, 2491qn

Cable networks, 2540qn

Canberra girls grammar school, 2156

Carbon emissions, 2215q, 3015qn

Catholic, 1830, 1849

Disability support, 3387q

Government, 3751qn

Health education programs, 2496qn

Infrastructure, 362

Libraries, 1620qn

Melba Copland secondary school, 406

Non-government, 3751qn

Pathways Planning document, 1217qn

St Francis Xavier college, 1488

St John the Apostle primary school, 962

St Mary MacKillop college, 3511

St Monica’s primary school, 1352

Suspensions, 2027qn

Taylor primary school, 1018q, 1132q, 1135q, 1538q, 1541q

Throsby, 1408q

Trinity Christian school, 2155

Weapons, 881q, 883q, 885q, 896q, 898q, 899q, 1019q, 1093, 1140q, 1141q

Students with disabilities, 2726q

Teachers, professional development, 3752qn

University of Canberra, 406, 1166, 1310q, 1312q, 1318q, 1400, 1426, 1559, 1619qn, 1757, 1951q, 3331, 3407

Vocations, 1806q, 1826q

Education and Training Directorate

Alternative programs manager, 2495qn

Community gardens, 2981qn

Expenditure, 3036qn

Publication costs, 3040qn

Staff, 3023qn


Campaign financing, 517, 732

Commitments costing, 2790, 3093, 3637

Communications, 1111q, 1113q, 1126q, 1128q

Donations, 1590, 2751

Gift limits, 2674

Legislation, 112, 376

System, 401


Feed-in tariff, 3004qn

Emergency services

Coordinator, 1106

Crisis co-ordination centre, 1617qn

Management, 738

Emergency Services Agency

Headquarters, 272, 273

Response times, mnst 916


Budget impact, 2727q


Efficiency, 2361q

Hot-water heaters, 3173q

Market reforms, 2645, 2652, 2658

Renewable, 825qn, 2359q, 2541qn, 3005qn, 3035qn

Solar, 545, 622q

Supply, 2333, 2336

Enlighten festival

Local artists, 1247qn

Power use, 3705qn


Accreditation programs, 3706qn

Air quality, 1021q, 2924qn, 2993qn

Batteries and light bulbs, 2113q, 3060q


Emissions, 2215q

Neutral schools, 1232qn

Offsets, 436qn, 437qn

Sequestration projects, 3003qn

Clean Up Australia Day, 960

Climate change, 452q, 2382

Commissioner for the Environment, 134, 2269, 2275

Community gardens, 1248qn, 1253qn, 2974qn, 2978qn, 2981qn, 3047qn

Earth Hour, 1606

Ecological carrying capacity, 2399

Ecotourism, 3568

Energy and water efficiency, 826qn, 3007qn, 3008qn

Firewood, 2991qn

Grasslands, 2514qn

Greenhouse gas, 565, 2661

HEAT rebate, 3006qn

Hot-water systems, 2665

House demolition waste, 3009qn

Hyder report, 2976qn

Lake Burley Griffin, 2380

Legislation, 1233qn

National Environment Protection Council, 914

Nature parks, 2506qn

Permaculture, 2291

Plastic bag ban, 835qn

Recycling bins, 3017qn

Renewable energy targets, 1234qn

Report, 1547q, 1714

Shopping trolleys, 2968qn

Street lighting, 2507qn

Sustainability, 2631, 3004qn

Tree replacement, 1636q

Urban forest, 353

Waterways, 3008qn

Wetlands, 344q

Wood heaters, 2676, 2989qn

Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate

Accommodation, 3034qn

Annual report, 1189qn


Roads, 1868, 1879


Services, 2336

Federal budget

Impact, 2218q, 2221q, 2229q


Classification, 1506

Scarlet Road, 1890


Budget, 2030qn

Credit cards, 3739qn

E-commerce, 1349

Electronic transactions, 735

Government expenditure, 79, 357, 516, 1970, 2378, 2408, 2626, 2889, 3021qn, 3098, 3187

Infrastructure investment, 1554q

Investment strategy, 2171, 3192, 3225

Treasurer’s advance, 1621qn

Fitters Workshop

Consultation process, 449qn, 450qn

Future use, 1290, 1415q, 1765, 2636, 2789, 2804, 2897, mnrs 3067

Inquiry, 65q


Club ATMs, 203q

Gaming machines, 200q, 202q, 2816, 3350, 3518, 3546

Racing industry, 203q

Gas-fired power station

Costs, 435qn

Ginninderra District Girl Guides

Activities, 1604


Brochures, 3374q, 3376q, 3379q

Chief Minister, mc 30, 113, mnc 3078, 3109, 3157

Deputy Chief Minister, mc 30, 113

Election promises, 1493

Environmental performance reporting, 180q, 347q

Fee determinations, 2028qn

Integrity framework, 1732

Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, 181

Minister for Community Services, 1363, mwc 2555

Minister for Gaming and Racing, 200

Minister for Health, mc 1641, 1669, 1672, 3181q

Minister for Industrial Relations, 64

Minister for Police and Emergency Services, 511

Minister for Tourism, Sport and Recreation, 624

Ministerial arrangements, 1686, 2353, 2832

Mobile phones, 3037qn, 3039qn

Office building, 313, 329q, 3733qn

Open government, 1301q

Printing costs, 2021qn, 2023qn, 3691qn

Procurement, 1101, 2550qn, 2889, 2963qn, 2969qn, 2998qn, 3002qn, 3709qn

Records, 356

Senior executive service, 1618qn

Triple bottom line assessments, 497q


Shops, 1815q

Hall, Mr L

Death, 1356


ACT Pathology, 3026qn

Aged care, 620q

Air pollution, 1021q

Asbestos, 1318

Asthma, 1762

Blue-green algae, 1230qn

Community nurses, 1239qn

Corneal transplants, 543


Services, 1879, 1887

Waiting times, 2795

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation services, 1292

Education programs, 2024qn, 2496qn

Food safety, 478

Funding, 2801

General practitioners, 58q, 605q

Infrastructure investments, 3182q

Leukaemia, 1087

Lymphoedema, 1226qn

Mental health, 55q, 1824q, 1890, 2717q, 2726q

Midwives, 2929qn

Nurse practitioners, 1023q

Organ donations, 485, 961

Organisations, 3321

Orthopaedic surgeons, 3025qn

Palliative care, 2928qn

Patient care, 1243qn

Restaurant closures, 1009q, 1027q, q

Services, 2602q, 2681, 2734, 3512

Staff numbers, 176q

Suicide reduction, 1464, 1475

Women, 402

Work safety, 67q, q, 3712qn

Young people, 1133q, 2071q

Hehir, Mr M

Tribute, 1353


Budget, 2033qn

Hibberd, Mr J

Death, 404


Agistment, 2053qn


Agreements, 801, 804

Calvary Public Hospital [See CALVARY PUBLIC HOSPITAL]

Canberra Hospital [See CANBERRA HOSPITAL]

Elective surgery, 3027qn

Emergency department, 2705q

Emergency presentations, 2502qn

Funding, 2596q

Inpatients, 432qn

Lymphoedema services, 3024qn

Mental health unit, 609q

Nurse-led walk-in centres, 141, 1200qn

Waiting times, 335q, 760q, 3212

Women and children, 51q, 601q


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advocacy service, 2948qn

Affordability, 95, 1701q, 2500qn

Ainslie Village, 1229qn

Bond money trust account, 437qn

Common Ground proposal, 1311q

Complaints, 1205qn

Derelict properties, 3745qn

Energy efficiency, 162, 826qn

First homeowner grants, 3710qn, 3717qn

Homelessness, 1112q, 1298q, 3244, 3252

Kids Under Cover program, 1424q

Long-stay caravan parks, 506q, 2995qn

Low cost boarding houses and hostels, 3014qn

Market rents, 2023qn

Northbourne Flats, 1227qn, 1675, 3064

OwnPlace program, 2364q

Public stock, 3340

Red Hill units, 2948qn

Retirement villages, 1675, 1897, 2073, 2669, mnrs 3066

Student accommodation, 3338

Supported accommodation, 2009qn

Housing ACT

Community housing, 2062qn

Income thresholds, 2537qn

Maintenance, 2046qn, 2062qn, 2543qn, 2949qn, 3041qn

Occupancy rates, 2535qn

Properties, 2022qn

Stock, 2538qn

Housing and Community Services Directorate

Insulation, 619q, 761q

Property inspections, 836qn

Howse, Mrs V OAM

Death, 1357, 1359

Human rights

Bail conditions, 2125

Discrimination, 3292

Legislation, 1498, 3326

Official visitor, 1371

Protection, 1371

Reports, 1561

Human Rights Commission

Annual report, 1176qn

Industrial relations

Chinese embassy worksite, 444qn

Community sector pay, 330q, 1237qn

Long service leave, 362, 871, 1198qn, 1515, 2092, 2104, 2161, 2372q

OH&S liaison officer funding, 1085

Redundancy payments, 1242qn

Security industry, 64q, 454q

Sex workers, 2627

Work safety, 67q, q, 3712qn

Workers compensation, 868

Workplace bullying, 66q, 443qn, 648, 698, 763

Information technology

Chief Information Officer, 3022qn

Personnel, 3715qn

Software costs, 3745qn


Taxis, 1289, mnrs 3065

Third party, 878, 2307, 3352, 3644, 3683, 3686, 3690

Workers compensation, 300


Outsourced executive services, 1245qn

International affairs

Cambodia, 1489

Syria, 959, 960

International Jazz Day

Celebration, 1892

International Permaculture Day

Celebration, 2291

Justice and Community Safety Directorate

Accommodation, 3749qn

Publications, 3740qn

Staff, 3729qn


Shopping centre, 1548q, 2066q


Cull, 3029qn


Legislation and health impacts, 409qn

Kennedy, Mr B

Death, 122, 123

Kljakovic, Profesor M

Death, 3514

Labor Party

Meetings, 1243qn, 1622qn, 1628qn, 1632qn, 2035qn, 2051qn, 2499qn, 2501qn, 2533qn, 3691qn

Social and media training, 817qn

Lake Burley Griffin

Water quality, 1532, 2380

Lake Ginninderra

Infrastructure project, 3389q

Waterskiing trial, 881q


Rent scheme, 822qn

Land Development Agency

Dividends, 2925qn

Sales, 3000qn

Lanyon Valley

Library, 1676

Legal Aid Commission

Annual report, 1174qn


Assistant Speaker (Mr Hargreaves), mnc 936


ACT Supermarket Competition Policy, 1520, 2790, 3549

Administration and Procedure, 855, 1526, 2886, 3570

Climate Change, Environment and Water, 464, 2399, 3564, 3568

Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 1290, 1765, 2636, 3338

Election Commitments Costing Bill 2011 Exposure Draft, 2171, 2790

Estimates 2012-2013, 1520, 1590, 2882, 2896, 3078, 3289, 3412, 3579, 3637

Health, Community and Social Services, 2894, 3340

Justice and Community Safety, 91, 118, 463, 517, 720, 787, 843, 1289, 1677, 2073, 2315, 2407, 2582, 2627, 3092, 3201, 3577

Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services, 795, 1763, 2407

Public Accounts, 77, 732, 844, 910, 1678, 1759, 1969, 2124, 2307, 2809, 2812, 3093, 3189, 3195, 3198, 3212, 3342, 3565

Dissent from ruling, 2193

Documents, tabling, 886, 1114

E-petitions, 1524

Executive business, 1532, 2307

Independent workplace audit, 701, 839, 1531

Interjections, 912, 1602, 2222, 2561, 2690


“Fabricate”, 632

“Falsehood”, 315

“Lie”, 2649

“Mislead”, 1822

“She perpetuated the lie”, 3128

“This government tells lies”, 230

“You’re hopeless”, 2883

Unparliamentary words against individuals in the community, 293

Latimer House principles, 794

Leader of the Opposition, mgc 1, 348, mso 457, 701

Legislation, 70, 1503, 2082

Loewe, Ms L, farewell, 3564

Matters of public importance

Crime, reduction, 919

Education, 1972

Environment, climate change, 2382

Housing affordability, 95

Multicultural community, 765

Planning, sustainability, 1571

Roads, maintenance, 2129

Schools, infrastructure, 362

Seniors, importance, 1150

Social compact, 1322

Taxation, carbon, 1740

Youth justice, crime prevention, 525


Burch, Ms J

Remarks, withdrawal, 1363

Staff, 1169

Coe, Mr A, reflection on the chair, 3077

Corbell, Mr S, leave of absence, 2789

Dunne, Mrs V, leave of absence, 1678

Hanson, Mr J, media release, 1607

Hargreaves, Mr J, mc 281, 586, 702

Leave of absence, 3578

Representations, 3756qn

Seselja, Mr Z

Comments, 1166

Discussion, 1091

Smyth, Mr B,

Claims, 1165

Statements, 407

Staff timesheets, 1621qn, 1622qn, 1624qn, 2518qn, 2520qn, 2522qn, 2524qn

Ministerial statements

Emergency Services Agency, 916

Government integrity framework, 1732

National Close the Gap Day, 1143

Office of the Legislative Assembly, 2343, 2466, 2467, 2623, 2897

Officers of the parliament, 1526

Papers, 69, 79, 91, 516, 524, 764, 909, 914, 916, 1028, 1142, 1319, 1321, 1337, 1560, 1708, 1731, 1937, 1967, 2124, 2127, 2379, 2596, 2624, 2630, 2634, 2641, 2894, 3097, 3186, 3395, 3589, 3592

Personal explanations, 375, 515, 626, 627, 647, 678, 1027, 1336, 1558, 1571, 1962, 2377, 2733, 3288, 3289

Question time, 912, 2732

Questions, reframing, 1014

Questions on notice, 68, 907, 908, 1707q

Rostered ministers question time, 281, 791

Rulings, dissent, 913

Service awards, 2157

Sitting pattern, 3107

Staff, 784

Stalker, Mr D, service award, 2153

Standing and temporary orders, 113, 391, 1100, 1139, 1370, 1524, 1729, 1899, 1964, 2085, 2200, 2587

Standing order 61, 3335

Standing order 65, 3334

Standing order 172, 3296

Standing order 213, 906

Statutory appointments, 3329

Sub judice rule, 1258, mgc 1259, 1271, 1284, 1520, 1560

Timesheets, 1236qn

Valedictory, 3552, 3661

Visitors, 496, 515, 883, 1016, 1300, 1551, 2359, 2367, 2390, 2602, 2816, 2835, 2864, 2869, 3170, 3240, 3347, 3377, 3552, 3676


(No 127) Drugs, legislation (from 2011), , mnrs 839

(No 128) Roads, parking, Gungahlin, 463, mnrs 1676

(No 129) Lanyon Valley, library, 720, mnrs 1676

(No 130) Taxis, insurance, 1289, mnrs 3065

(No 131) Retirement villages, 1675, mnrs 3066

(No 132) Housing, Northbourne Flats, 1675, mnrs 3064

(No 133) Retirement villages, 1897, mnrs 3066

(No 134) Retirement villages, 2073, mnrs 3066

(No 135) Fitters Workshop, 2789, mnrs 3067

(No 136) Fitters Workshop, 2789, mnrs 3067

(No 137) Deakin shops, safety barriers, 3063

(No 138) Dyslexia, 3194

(No 139) Planning, Chisholm, 3329


Appropriation Bill 2012-2013

(ACT Local Hospital Network)

That the proposed expenditure be agreed to, 3437

(Treasury Directorate)

That the proposed expenditure be agreed to, 3456

That the total appropriations be agreed to, 3635

That this bill be agreed to, 3636

Bail Amendment Bill 2012

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 2776

Children and Young People (Transition from Out-of-Home Care) Amendment Bill 2011

That Mrs Dunne’s amendment to Ms Hunter’s proposed amendment be agreed to, 473

Children, childcare, Holder

That Mrs Dunne’s motion be agreed to, 1463

Civil Unions Bill 2011

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 3303

That Mr Corbell’s motion be agreed to, 3304

Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Amendment Bill 2012

That Mrs Dunne’s amendments be agreed to, 3403

Commissioner for the Environment Amendment Bill 2012

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 2275

Courts Legislation Amendment Bill 2012

That Mrs Dunne’s amendments be agreed to, 2596

Courts, bail

That Mr Corbell’s amendment, as amended, be agreed to, 2234

Crimes (Offences Against Police) Amendment Bill 2012

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 2768

Duties Amendment Bill 2012

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 1997

Education, Gonski review

That Dr Bourke’s amendment be agreed to, 677

Education, schools, Catholic

That Dr Bourke’s amendment, as amended, be agreed to, 1854

Electoral (Donation Limit) Amendment Bill 2011

That clause 1 be agreed to, 2760

Electoral Amendment Bill 2012

Proposed new clause 7A

That proposed new clause 7A be agreed to, 2414

Proposed new clause 7B

That proposed new clause 7B be agreed to, 2420

Clause 10

That Mrs Dunne’s amendment be agreed to, 2425

Clause 15

That Mrs Dunne’s amendments be agreed to, 2427

Clause 19

That Mrs Dunne’s amendment be agreed to, 2449

That this bill, as amended, be agreed to, 2463

Energy Efficiency (Cost of Living) Improvement Bill 2012

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 1924

That Mr Rattenbury’s amendment be agreed to, 1925

That the bill, as a whole, be agreed to, 1936

Financial Management (Cost of Living) Amendment Bill 2012

That Mr Smyth’s amendment to Mr Barr’s amendment be agreed to, 1787

That Mr Barr’s amendment be agreed to, 1787

Financial Management (Investment) Legislation Amendment Bill 2012

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 3232

Fitters Workshop, future use

Suspension of standing orders

That Mrs Dunne’s motion be agreed to, 2809

That Mrs Dunne’s motion be agreed to, 2914

Gaming Machine Amendment Bill 2011

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 3347

Government, Chief Minister, mnc

That Mr Seselja’s motion be agreed to, 3159

Government, Minister for Community Services, mwc

That Ms Hunter’s amendment be agreed to, 2582

Government, Minister for Health, mc

That Ms Bresnan’s amendment to Ms Gallagher’s proposed amendment be agreed to, 1671

That Mr Hanson’s motion, as amended, be agreed to, 1674

Government, office building

That Mr Seselja’s motion be agreed to, 323

Health, dental care

That Mr Hanson’s amendment be agreed to, 1889

Health, services

That Mr Hanson’s motion be agreed to, 2738

Hospitals, nurse-led walk-in centres

That Ms Gallagher’s amendment, as amended, be agreed to, 162

Legislative Assembly, Leader of the Opposition, mgc

That Mr Smyth’s amendments be agreed to, 27

That Mr Hargreaves’s motion be agreed to, 30

Legislative Assembly, Leader of the Opposition, mso

That so much of the standing and temporary orders be suspended as would prevent Ms Gallagher (Chief Minister) from making a statement concerning the statement made by the Leader of the Opposition last week, 463

Legislative Assembly, members, Hargreaves, Mr J, mc

That the question be now put, 296

That the motion be agreed to, 296

Legislative Assembly, members, Hargreaves, Mr J, mnc

That Mr Hanson’s motion be agreed to, 954

Legislative Assembly, members, Hargreaves, Mr J, official positions

That Mr Hanson’s motion be agreed to, 719

Legislative Assembly, rostered ministers question time

That Mr Hargreaves’s motion be agreed to, 793

Legislative Assembly, standing and temporary orders

That the Deputy Speaker’s ruling be dissented from, 2203

Legislative Assembly, sub judice rule

That Mr Seselja’s motion be agreed to, 1271

That Mr Hanson’s amendment be agreed to, 1287

That Mr Corbell’s motion be agreed to, 1288

Legislative Assembly, suspension of standing and temporary orders

That Mr Doszpot’s motion be agreed to, 1731

That Mrs Dunne’s motion be agreed to, 1966

Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) (Security Industry) Amendment Bill 2012

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 2102

That Ms Bresnan’s amendment be agreed to, 2104

Ministry, Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister, mc

That Mr Seselja’s motion be agreed to, 118

Ministry, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs

That Mr Hanson’s motion be agreed to, 192

Official Visitor Bill 2012 (No 2)

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 2750

Pace Farm, battery hens

That Ms Le Couteur’s amendments (1), (3) and (4) be agreed to, 1073

That Mrs Dunne’s amendments Nos 1 and 2 be agreed to, 1083

That Mrs Dunne’s amendment No 4 be agreed to, 1083

That Mrs Dunne’s amendment No 6 be agreed to, 1084

Planning and Development (Public Notification) Amendment Bill 2012

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 2092

Residential Tenancies (Minimum Housing Standards) Amendment Bill 2011

That this bill be agreed to in principle, 209

Retirement Villages Bill 2012

That Mr Seselja’s amendment be agreed to, 3279

Road Transport (General) Amendment Bill 2011

That Ms Bresnan’s amendment be agreed to, 868

Roads, parking

That Mr Doszpot’s amendments to Ms Gallagher’s amendments be agreed to, 1868

That Ms Gallagher’s amendments be agreed to, 1868

Roads, school zones

That Ms Gallagher’s amendment be agreed to, 3266

Roads, T2 lanes

That Ms Gallagher’s amendment be agreed to, 221

That Mr Coe’s motion, as amended, be agreed to, 224

Taxation, payroll tax

That Mr Smyth’s motion be agreed to, 3244

Tuggeranong Community Council, remarks by Mr J Hargreaves

That Ms Burch’s amendments be agreed to, 644

That the motion, as amended, be agreed to, 647

Waste management

That Mr Corbell’s amendments be agreed to 581

That Mr Coe’s amendment be agreed to, 586

Work Health and Safety (Bullying) Amendment Bill 2011

That Ms Bresnan’s amendment No 1 be agreed to, 658

Leukaemia Foundation

Activities, 1087


Lanyon Valley, 720, 1676

Live in Canberra

Program, 1207qn

Macarthur House

Tenants, 1209qn


Equality, 2040qn

Martiniello, Mrs R

Italian teaching resources, 121, 127

McMahon, Dr D

Death, 3317

Medcalf, Dr T

Death, 3513


Giralang-Kaleen men’s shed, 1761

Melba men’s shed, 541


Chemical fire, 432qn

Motor vehicles

Abandoned, 2011qn

Crashes, 2047qn

Green vehicle ratings, 3728qn

Registration, 3753qn


Canberra Greek Glendi, 127

Chinese new year dragon boat regatta, 405

Community participation, 1024q

Council, 338q

Greek National Day, 1488

Importance, 765

Maori kapa haka festival, 1603


Australian National University School of Music, 2276, 2284

Events, 1893

Jazz, 1892


Venue database, 2980qn

National Capital Authority

Funding, 2122q

National ICT Australia

Funding, 493q

National Multicultural Festival

Success, 123

National Service Day

Ceremony, 126

National SLAM Day

Live music, 808

National Year of Reading

Launch, 276

North Canberra Gungahlin Cricket Club

Activities, 543, 811

Oakey Hill nature park

Hazard reduction burn, 3029qn

Office of Regulatory Services

Staff, 2509qn

Pace Farm

Battery hens, 1058, 1105, 1363, 2411, 3383q


Support, 2290

Parkwood Chapel

Open day, 1760


ACAT reviews, 830qn

Chisholm, 2356q, 3329, 3515

Climate change impact, 3054qn

Cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, 415qn, 445qn

Deconcessionalisation, 1016q, 1027q, 1140q, 2541qn

Development applications, 1222qn, 1251qn

Draft variation 306, 615q, 760q, 3056qn

Energy efficiency initiatives, 3056qn

Giralang shops, 756q

Hawker, 279, 403, 502q

Hot-water systems, 1223qn

Infrastructure, 1554q

Kingston foreshore, 196q, 301, 347q, 445qn, 2962qn, 2972qn

Land supply, 3198


Fee waivers, 1252qn

Schedule, 1971

Variations, 197q, 224, 515q, 3057qn

Legislation, 1513

Multi-unit car parks, 837qn

North Weston Pond project, 3201

Public notification, 1366

Regulatory impact statements, 1250qn

Social impact assessment, 2058qn

Solar access, 1249qn

Strategy, 414qn, 2058qn

Supermarkets, 2057qn, 2790

Sustainability, 1571

Territory plan, 1711

Throsby, 1405q, 2513qn

Tuggeranong, 241, 274

Zoning changes, 795

Political parties

Donations, 43q, 45q


Battery hens, 125, 1058, 1105, 1363, 2411, 3383q


Costs, 57q


Inquiry, 720

Public Advocate of the ACT

Annual report, 1611qn

Public service

Whistleblowing, 3362

Public Trustee for the ACT

Annual report, 832qn

Queen Elizabeth II

Anniversary, 124

Radisich, Ms J

Death, 956

Red Hill

Reserve, q

Illegal dumping, 2227q

Relay for Life

Event, 809

Ricky Stuart Foundation

Dinner, 119


Accidents, 3692qn, 3739qn

Barton Highway, bridge collapse, 3038qn

Belconnen Way, 745q, q

Bus stops, 508q

Cleaning, 3042qn

Constitution Avenue, 2716q

Cycle lanes, 3051qn

Cycling accidents, 1412q

Disability parking, 748q

Drug testing, 500q, q

Ellenborough Street, 3743qn

Expenditure, 3038qn

Fadden, 1868

Fines, 560

Fix my street online portal, 2013qn

Gungahlin, 463

Gungahlin Drive extension, 1219qn, 2546qn

Hindmarsh Drive, 2016qn, 2059qn

Infringement notices, 2178

Maintenance, 2129

Majura parkway, 834qn

Northbourne Avenue, 2222q

Offences, 1508, 1904


Civic, 2049qn

Consultant, 2014qn

Griffith shops, 3759q

Hopetoun Circuit, 3053qn

Meter revenue, 2016qn

Places, 446qn, 448qn, 450qn, 463, 1676, 1815q, 1854, 1865, 3734qn

Ticket machines, 2018qn

Pedestrian crossings, 2061qn, 2354q, 2376q

Pot holes, 2021qn

Resurfacing, 452q, 3048qn

School zones, 3254

Speed cameras, 2987qn, 3039qn

Speed zones, 2983qn

Statistics, 2546qn

T2 lanes, 209, 385

Traffic calming, 2796, 3759q

William Hovell Drive, 694, 1048, 1054, 1967, 3040qn

Yamba Drive, 2888

Ronald McDonald House

Charity ball, 1354

Rotary Club of Canberra City

Antiques and collectables fair, 1890

Royal Australian Air Force Association

Activities, 278


Funding, 2967qn

Site, 3015qn

Salvation Army

Volunteers, 279


Closed-circuit television, 2041qn

Guard dogs, 440qn

Industrial relations, 64q, 454q


ACT Older Persons Assembly, 518

Canberra Seniors Centre, 1168

Importance, 1150

Retirement villages, 2669

Sentence Administration Board

Annual report, 1171qn

Social welfare

Carers, 2007qn

Community services, 1322

Respite care, 2009qn

Targeted assistance, 1942q

Volunteers, 1136q, 2007qn, 2781

Youth and family support scheme, 1007q


Basketball, 814, 1488

Catholic primary schools soccer carnival, 954

Cricket, 543, 811, 814, 1089, 1163, 1490

Dragon boats, 405

Football team payments, 3722qn

Funding, 624q

Lyneham sports precinct, 625q

Netball, 3319

Ovals, 3720qn, 3750qn

Soccer, 2292

Stadium upgrades, 1616qn

Tennis, 2046qn

Women’s icestock team, 273

St Vincent de Paul Society

Doorknock appeal, 119, 122, 123

Strathairn Arts Association

Events, 1889


Competition, 49q, 3549


Carbon, 1740, 2503qn

Cigarettes and tobacco, 836qn

Land tax, 1493, 2826, 2917

Landholder trusts, 2323

Lease variation, 515q

Legislation, 2828, 3093, 3296

Payroll, 821qn, 3232, 3240, 3718qn, 3730qn

Property, 1206qn

Quinlan review, 2110q, 2235, 3719qn

Reform, 2709q, 2712q, 2715q, 2835q

Revenue losses, 818qn

Review, 327q


Crime, 2947qn


National broadband network, 750q

Territory and Municipal Services Directorate

City rangers, 2965qn

Community engagement, 2055qn

Community gardens, 2974qn, 2978qn, 3047qn

Expenditure, 3037qn

Fire management unit, 1300q, q

Mowing expenses, 3738qn

Operational arrangements, 1233qn

Ranger guided explore program, 2552qn

Woodchip use, 3045qn


Autumn events, 625q

Canberra Festival, 1009q

Ecotourism, 464

Hospitality awards, 1485

Tharwa, Hall and Pialligo, 626

Tournier, Mr K

Legacy, 544


Abatement, 436qn

Accessibility, 1203qn

Car pooling, 2982qn

Cost modelling, 2994qn

Cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, 415qn

Demand responsive initiatives, 2945qn

Infrastructure, 1953q

Intermodal freight hub, 2005qn

Light rail, 441qn, 2833q, 2989qn, 3180q

Rail, 2366q

Strategy, 900q, 1130q, 1705q

Taxis, 499q, 761q, 1289, 2542qn, 2947qn

Treasury Directorate

Expenditure, 3719qn

Staff, 2051qn


Management, 3043qn, 3735qn, 3741qn

Removal, 2013qn

Replacement, 888q, 1636q, 2065q

Urban, 353, 446qn

Tuggeranong Community Council

Comments, 276, 278

Mr J Hargreaves, remarks, 586, 629

University of Canberra

Merger proposal, 2354q, 3059q

Victims of Crime Assistance League

Activities, 120

Wages and salaries

Remuneration Tribunal determinations, 2625


Collection, 834qn, 1210qn, 1246qn, 1306q, 2547qn

Commercial sector recycling practices, 1248qn

Food rescue programs, 3019qn

Landfill sites, 1219qn

Management, 266, 434qn, 570

Nappies, 2503qn

Recycling, 412qn

Statistics, 1221qn


Catchment management, 505q

Cotter Dam, 993, 1028, 1290, 1410q, 1414q

Drinking fountains, 2551qn

Grey water, 1606

Lake Burley Griffin, 1532

Secondary uses, 1538

Stormwater, Duffy, q

Watterson, Dr J

Tribute, 1354, 1360

Weston Park

Condition, 741q

Woden Valley soccer club

Sports dinner, 2292


Disabled, 2958qn, 3701qn

Gender pay equity, 1533

Health, 402

International Women’s Day, 1087

Sterilisations, 822qn, 3702qn

Work Safety Commissioner

Annual report, 1197qn

WorkSafe ACT

Ombudsman’s recommendations, 2042qn

World Asthma Day

Support, 1762

World Down Syndrome Day

Recognition, 1087


Family support program, 2599q

Health, 1133q, 2071q

Homelessness, 1939q

Justice, 173q, 452q, 525, 1691q

Marlow Cottage, 427qn

Services, 1212qn, 2336

Support scheme, 743q, 762q

Transition workers, 2999qn