Legislative Assembly for the ACT

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ACT Corrective Services, recruitment, 759q
ACT Policing, Belconnen police station, 63q
ACTION bus service, bus stops, 510q
Arts, theatre awards, 1487
Belconnen Community Council, meeting, 805
Employment, 2727q, 3380q
Investment, 3169q
Taxation reform, 2713q

Business, development, 1788, 1829, 1961q
Canberra centenary, activities, 893q, 1377, 1447
Canberra Hospital
Bullying, alleged, 3177q
Mental health unit, 611

Canberra Mosque, open day, 1488
Charnwood, community carnival, 1488
Children, childcare, 612q, 1814q
Crime, reduction, 930
Conditions, 679, 693, 1313q, 1420q
Cross-border relations, 1694q
Key building blocks, 3394q
Policy, 2836q
Strength, 2777

Future, 1984
St Francis Xavier college, 1488
Taylor primary school, 1018q

Vocations, 1826q

Employment, budget impact, 2727q, 3380q
Efficiency, 2363q
Solar, 623q

Environment, climate change, 2397
Federal budget, impact, 2218q
Finance, infrastructure investment, 1554q
Government, open government, 1304q
Corneal transplants, 543
Infrastructure investments, 3182q
Mental health, 2719q
Services, 2602q
Staff numbers, 176q

Hospitals, women and children, 51q
Housing, retirement villages, 2073, 2669
Industrial relations
Community sector pay, 330q
Long service leave, 2372q

Insurance, taxis, 1289
Legislative Assembly
Committees, Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services, 795, 1763, 2407
Points of order, 293
Valedictory, 3562, 3673

Community participation, 1024q
Greek National Day, 1488

National Capital Authority, funding, 2123q
National ICT Australia, funding, 493q
Pace Farm, battery hens, 1058
Hawker village, 403
Lease variations, 224, 240
Sustainability, 1583
Zoning changes, 795

Retirement Villages Bill 2012, prin, 2669, 3275, detail, 3279
Roads, William Hovell Drive, 1054
Importance, 1160
Retirement villages, 2669

Social welfare
Community services, 1334
Targeted assistance, 1942q
Volunteers, 1136q, 1137q

Quinlan review, 2110q, 2235, 2249
Reform, 2713q

Telecommunications, national broadband network, 750q
Tourism, Canberra Festival, 1011q
Transport, strategy, 900q, 1132q, 1707q