Legislative Assembly for the ACT

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ACT Concrete Recyclers, Pialligo site, 2542qn, 3019qn
ACT Policing, use of force, 895q
ACT Public Cemeteries Authority, proposed southern cemetery site, 3049qn
ACT public service
Agency waste management, 3707qn
Working from home, 1127q, 2066q

ACTION bus service
Nightrider service, 754q, 1255q
Revenue, 3052qn
Routes, 1552q

Alcohol, treatment services, 2121q
Alexander Maconochie Centre, Solaris Therapeutic Community, 2227q
Animal Welfare Legislation Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 129
Animal Welfare Legislation (Factory Farming) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 1363
Animals, welfare, 747q, 2065q
Appropriation Bill 2012-2013, prin, 2874, detail, (Auditor-General) 3415, (Territory and Municipal Services Directorate) 3439, (Shared Services Centre) 3457, (Economic Development Directorate) 3467, (Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate) 3493, (ACT Public Cemeteries Authority) 3617, (Cultural Facilities Corporation) 3629
Auditor-General, annual reports, 3342
Australian National University, School of Music, 2280, 2290
Budget, debate, 2874
Building, sustainable materials, 1950q
Building and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 2087, detail, 2149
Development, 1698q, 1795
Family businesses, 976, 983
Supermarkets, 2057qn, 2790, 3549

Business Names Registration (Transition to Commonwealth) Bill 2011, prin, 383
Canberra Arts Marketing, funding, 2959qn
Canberra Symphony Orchestra, importance, 3286
Cemeteries, natural burials, 2054qn
Care and protection, 45q
Communication and social awareness playgroups, 2355q, 3059q
Playground upgrades, 2055qn
Support programs, 327q, 744q, 2601q

Community concessions, venue hire, 3744qn
BarCamp, 1084
Interactive games, 1481, 1484

Construction industry
Sham contracting, 1418q
Work safety, 1407q, 1558q, 3389q

Courts, youth justice, 173q
Bike paths, 2508qn
Cardno report, 2960qn
Civic cycle loop project, 2544qn
Cycle lanes, 3051qn
Kingston foreshore, 2962qn
Safety program, 2543qn

Deakin, shop safety barriers, 3063
Disabled persons, parking spaces, 450qn, 1854, 1865
Domestic Animal Services
Costs, 2964qn
Desexing vouchers, 2547qn

Drugs, treatment services, 2121q
Duties Amendment Bill 2012 (No 2), prin, 2829
Duties (Landholders) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 2827
Excellence and enterprise framework, 1541q
Learning difficulties, 3163q
Active transport programs, 2967qn, 3710qn
Carbon emissions, 2216q

Vocations, 1807q

Education and Training Directorate, community gardens, 2981qn
Hot-water systems, 3173q
Renewable, 2359q

Enlighten festival
Local artists, 1247qn
Power use, 3705qn

Accreditation programs, 3706qn
Community gardens, 1248qn, 1253qn, 2974qn, 2975qn, 2978qn, 2981qn, 3047qn
Energy efficient street lighting, 2507qn
Grasslands, 2514qn
Greenhouse gas, 565, 2661
Hot-water systems, 2665
House demolition waste, 3009qn
Hyder report, 2976qn
Nature parks, 2506qn
Permaculture, 2291
Batteries and light bulbs, 2113q
Bins, 3017qn

Report, 1547q
Shopping trolleys, 2968qn

Fitters Workshop
Consultation process, 449qn, 450qn
Future use, 1773, 2638, 2789, 2808, 2905

Gaming machines, 203q
Poker machines, 2821

Chief Minister, mnc, 3159
Environmental performance reporting, 180q
Office building, 319, 329q
Procurement exemptions, 2963qn, 2969qn
Triple bottom line assessments, 497q

Government Procurement Amendment Bill 2011, prin, 1103
Griffith, shops, 1815q
Air pollution, 1021q
Mental health, 1825q
Young people, 1134q

Horses, agistment, 2053qn
Hospitals, waiting times, 3212
Affordability, 103, 1703q
Common Ground proposal, 1312q
Derelict properties, 3745qn
Homelessness, 1113q, 1299q, 1940q

Industrial relations
Security industry, 454q
Work safety, 67q, 3389q

Information technology, software costs, 3745qn
Insurance, third-party, 2307
International Permaculture Day, celebration, 2291
Lake Ginninderra, waterskiing trial, 882q
Legislative Assembly
Assistant Speaker (Mr Hargreaves), mnc, 947
ACT Supermarket Competition Policy, 1520, 2790, 3549
Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 1773, 2638
Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services, 796
Public Accounts, 844, 851, 1678, 1759, 2307, 2809, 2812, 2821, 3093, 3195, 3198, 3201, 3212, 3342, 3565

Members, Hargreaves, Mr J, responsibilities, 708
Points of order, 202
Valedictory, 3669

Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister, mc 39
Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, 184

Multiculturalism, council, 338q
Music, Australian National University School of Music, 2280, 2290
MusicACT, venue database, 2980qn
National SLAM Day, live music, 808
Office of Regulatory Services, staff, 2509qn
Pace Farm, battery hens, 125, 1061, 1072, 1076, 1363, 3383q
Disabled spaces, 448qn, 450qn
Hopetoun Circuit, 3053qn
Strategy, 446qn

ACAT reviews, 830qn
Climate change impact, 3054qn, 3055qn
Cycle paths, 445qn
Deconcessionalism, 1016q, 1027q, 1140q
Development applications, 1222qn, 1251qn
Draft variation 306, 615q, 760q, 3056qn
Energy efficiency initiatives, 3056qn
Hawker shops, 505q
Hot-water systems, 1223qn
Kingston foreshore, 196q, 301, 312, 445qn, 2962qn, 2972qn
Land supply, 3198
Fee waivers, 1252qn
Variation charges, 3057qn
Multi-unit car parks, 837qn
North Weston Pond project, 3201
Regulatory impact statements, 1250qn
Social impact assessment, 2058qn
Solar access, 1249qn
Strategy, 2058qn
Supermarkets, 2057qn, 2790, 3549
Sustainability, 1580
Throsby, 2513qn
Zoning changes, 796

Planning and Development (Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets) Amendment Bill 2012, exposure draft 565, prin 2661
Planning and Development (Public Notification) Amendment Bill 2012, <b>prin, 1366
Poultry, cage eggs, 125, 1061, 1072, 1076, 1363, 3383q
Cleaning, 3042qn
Constitution Avenue, 2716q
Cycle lanes, 3051qn
Cycling accidents, 1412q
Drug testing, 501q
Ellenborough Street, 3743qn
Gungahlin Drive extension, 1219qn, 2546qn
Hopetoun Circuit, 3053qn
Maintenance, 2146
Northbourne Avenue, 2222q
Parking, 1815q, 1854, 1865, 3759q
Resurfacing, 3048qn
School zones, 3260
Statistics, 2546qn

Funding, 2967qn
Site, 3015qn

Supermarkets, competition policy, 49q
Taxation, legislation, 2827, 2829
Territory and Municipal Services Directorate
City rangers, 2965qn
Community engagement, 2055qn
Community gardens, 2974qn, 3047qn
Woodchip use, 3045qn

Cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, 415qn
Infrastructure, 1954q
Light rail, 2834q, 3181q
Trains, 2367q

Management, 3043qn, 3741qn
Replacement, 888q
Urban, 446qn

Collection, 1246qn, 1306q, 2547qn
Food rescue programs, 3019qn
Landfill sites, 1219qn
Management, 266, 578, 584
Recycling, 412qn, 1248qn
Statistics, 1221qn

Water, drinking fountains, 2551qn
Water and Sewerage Regulation (Water Heaters) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 2665
Weston Park, conditions, 743q
Family support program, 2601q
Health, 1134q
Homelessness, 1940q