Legislative Assembly for the ACT

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, disadvantages, 1148
ACT Policing, use of force, 895q
ACT public service
Hawke review, 64q
Information technology staff, 3715qn

ACTION bus service
Crace, 627q, 1211qn
Nightrider service, 754q
Routes, 604q, 627q, 1218qn, 1552q
School safety program, 1216qn

Legislation, 2318
Treatment services, 2120q

Alexander Maconochie Centre, Solaris Therapeutic Community, 2227q, 3061q
Animals, welfare, 747q
Appropriation Bill 2011-2012 (No 2), prin, 2409
Appropriation Bill 2012-2013, prin, 2854, detail, (ACT Executive) 3414, (Chief Minister and Cabinet Directorate) 3419, (Treasury Directorate) 3450, (Superannuation Provision Account) 3461, (Treasury Banking Account) 3463, (Community Services Directorate) 3593, (Education and Training Directorate) 3611, (ACT Gambling and Racing Commission) 3616, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 3624
Asbestos, management, 2372q
Bail Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 2175, 2772
Belconnen Arts centre, exhibitions, 541
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, staff, 3375q
Community sector, 2707q
Debate, 2854
Review, 89
Students with disabilities, 2727q

Canberra Hospital, birthing centre, 2722q
Canberra Institute of Technology
Merger proposal, 1400, 1436, 1952q
Student support services, 2027qn

Centenary of Canberra, local artists, 2498qn
Care and protection, 44q, 542, 2724q
Childcare, Holder, 1455
Communication and social awareness playgroups, 2355q, 2378q, 3059q
Family support program, 2599q
Forced adoption, apology, 3074
Support programs, 325q
Youth and family support, 743q, 762q, 1007q

Children and Young People (Transition from Out-of-Home Care) Amendment Bill 2011, prin, 395, detail 469, 474
Children and Young People (Transition to Independence) Amendment Bill 2011, prin, 477
Civic, graffiti, 452q
Commonwealth public service, importance, 2261
Community Services Directorate, refresh, 2106q
Construction industry
Sham contracting, 1419q
Work safety, 1406q, 3389q

Bail, 2027qn, 2175, 2504qn, 2772
Youth justice, 173q, 1691q

Create Foundation, support, 541
Reduction, 919
Sexual violence, 542
Statistics, 511q
Young offenders, 535

Disabled persons
Post-school options, 1030, 1046
Students, 2727q

Drugs, treatment services, 2120q
Economy, conditions, 687, 1396
Canberra Institute of Technology, 1400, 1436, 1952q, 2027qn
Excellence and enterprise framework, 1541q, 2068q
Future, 1978
Gonski review, 619q, 668, 3386q
Learning difficulties, 3163q
Murrumbidgee education and training centre, 491q, 762q
Asbestos, 1136q, 1318q, 2372q
Carbon emissions, 2215q
Catholic, 1838
Infrastructure, 370
Libraries, 1620qn
Pathways planning document, 1217qn
Suspensions, 2027qn
Taylor primary school, 1540q

Students, disabled, 2727q
University of Canberra, 1400, 1436, 1952q, 3410
Vocations, 1806q

Education and Training Directorate
Alternative programs manager, 2495qn
Staff, 3023qn

Electoral, campaign donations, 1595, 2754
Electoral Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 1595, detail, 2412, 2417, 2423
Electoral (Donation Limit) Amendment Bill 2011, prin, 2754
Electoral Legislation Amendment Bill 2011, prin, 376
Electoral (Limits on Gifts) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 2674
Energy, hot-water systems, 3175q
Carbon emissions, 2215q
Climate change, 452q, 2382
Ecological carrying capacity, 2399
Ecotourism, 3568
Recycling, batteries and light bulbs, 2114q, 3060q
Report, 1547q

Federal budget, impact, 2232q
Government expenditure, 2409
Investment funds, 3227
Territory investments, 2171

Financial Management (Cost of Living) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 1396, detail, 1777, 1785
Financial Management (Investment) Legislation Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 2171, 3227
Fitters Workshop, future use, 1417q, 2638
Gaming Machine Amendment Bill 2011, prin, 3345 , detail, 3350
Chief Minister, mnc, 3148
Environmental performance reporting, 181q
Minister for Community Services, mwc, 2566
Office building, 330q
Procurement exemptions, 2998qn, 3709qn
Spending, 3021qn
Triple bottom line assessments, 497q

Air pollution, 1022q
Asbestos, 1318
Education programs, 2024qn, 2496qn
Mental health, 57q, 1825q
Young people, 1134q, 2071q

Common Ground proposal, 1312q
First homeowner grants, 3717qn
Homelessness, 1112q, 1298q
Long-stay caravan parks, 507q

Housing and Community Services Directorate, insulation, 619q, 761q
Industrial relations
Community sector pay, 332q
Security industry, 454q
Work safety, 1255q

Information technology, Chief Information Officer, 3022qn
Insurance, third-party, 3356
Lake Ginninderra, waterskiing trial, 881q
Land Rent Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 1992
Legislative Assembly
Climate Change, Environment and Water, 464, 2399, 3564, 3568
Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 2638
Justice and Community Safety, 728, 2318

Leader of the Opposition, mgc, 9, 26
Points of order, 1939, 1952, 1975, 2215, 2216, 2707
Standing and temporary orders, suspension, 1730, 1965
Sub judice rule, 1261, mgc, 1276
Valedictory, 3563, 3665

Legislative Assembly (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2012, prin, 2347, detail, 2348
Men, Melba men's shed, 541
Multiculturalism, council, 339q
National Capital Authority, funding, 2123q
National ICT Australia, funding, 496q
Pace Farm, battery hens, 3384q
Draft variation 306, 616q
Kingston foreshore, 196q, 347q
Lease variations, 234

Prostitution, inquiry, 728
Public Interest Disclosure Bill 2012, prin, 3366 , detail, 3373
Public service, whistleblowing, 3373
Road Transport (Third-Party Insurance) Amendment Bill 2011, prin, 3356 , detail, 3644 , 3650, 3660
Northbourne Avenue, 2223q
T2 lanes, 218

Social welfare, community services, 1322
Sport and recreation, tennis, 2046qn
Supermarkets, competition policy, 51q
Carbon, 1748
Payroll, 3237
Quinlan review, 2243

Taxation Administration Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 3296
Ecotourism, 464
Tharwa, Hall and Pialligo, 626

Light rail, 2833q, 3181q
Trains, 2367q

Trees, replacement, 889q, 2065q
University of Canberra Institute of Technology, 1619qn
Waste, collection, 1307q
Women, gender pay equity, 1537
Work Health and Safety (Bullying) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 651
Work safety, 3712qn
Family support program, 2599q
Health, 1134q, 2071q
Homelessness, 1939q
Justice system, 535
Services, 1212qn, 1215qn
Transition workers, 2999qn