Legislative Assembly for the ACT

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ACT Health Directorate
Crisis assessment team, 2001qn
Cross-border agreement, 3031qn
Dental services, 3020qn, 3698qn
Expenditure, 3028qn
Health protection service, 2937qn
Lactation consultant, 2939qn
Mobile primary health services, 2933qn
Peer support programs, 2930qn
Pregnancy to parenting series, 2929qn
Procurement exemptions, 2940qn
Projects, 3754qn
Publications, 3740qn
Social workers, 3700qn
Training scholarships, 2931qn
Veterans Liaison Office, 2938qn
Walk-in clinic, 2935qn
Wild mushrooms information sheets, 1634qn

ACT Ombudsman, annual report, 1615qn, 2483qn
ACT Public Cemeteries Authority, proposed southern cemetery site, 3050qn
ACT public service
Annual reports, 2883
Executive contracts, 75, 909, 1297q, 2625
Working from home, 2066q, 2067q
Workplace investigations, 1617qn, 1629qn, 1630qn, 2926qn

ACTION bus service
Air quality, 2942qn
Bicycle racks, 339q, 2033qn
Bike and ride facilities, 2006qn
Bus shelters, 2005qn
Hybrid electric, 2943qn, 2986qn
School, 2983qn, 2985qn

Capacity issues, 2486qn
Crace, 627q, 1211qn
Dead running, 2921qn
Disabled access, 2987qn
MyWay card, 1244qn, 2015qn
Network, 604q, 627q
Nightrider service, 753q, 1202qn, 1255q, 2548qn
Particulate filters, 2986qn
Revenue, 3052qn
Review, 1211qn
Routes, 1552q
Scheduling, 1204qn
School safety program, 1217qn
Security, 2944qn
Statistics, 828qn, 2060qn, 2487qn, 2549qn

Alcohol, treatment services, 2119q
Alexander Maconochie Centre, tattoo facility, 2118q
Animals, welfare, 747q, 2065q
Appropriation Bill 2012-2013, detail, (ACT Executive) 3415, (Auditor-General) 3416, (Health Directorate) 3431, (ACT Local Hospital Network) 3435, (Territory and Municipal Services Directorate) 3445
Auditor-General, reports, 1319
Auditor-General Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 2320
Bill Kennedy memorial park, upgrade, 2229q
Broadcasting, media monitoring costs, 2526qn
Brown, Dr P, tribute, 1354
Budget, employment, 2727q
Bushfires, fire management unit, 906, 1027q
Calvary Hospital
Agreements, 801, 805
Staff, 2002qn
Upgrade, 411qn

Canberra, birthday celebration, 890q
Canberra Connect
Customer service, 1309q, 1317q
Shopfronts, 2534qn

Canberra Hospital
Ambulance bypass, 3747qn
Birthing centre, 2721q, 2889q
Bullying, alleged, 3175q, 3395q
Emergency department data, 1687q, 1693q, 1697q, 1699q, 1703q, 1804q, 1808q, 1810q, 1817q, 1822q, 1823q, 1825q, 1937q, 1941q, 1946q, 2732q, 3171q, 3178q
Meals, 2938qn
Mental health unit, 609q
Nurse-led walk-in centre, 3753qn
Patient care, 3160q
Safety checks, 3164q
Television rental service, 2936qn
Yamba Drive crossing, 2888

Cemeteries, natural burials, 2054qn
Chief Minister and Cabinet Directorate
Accommodation, 3034qn
Expenditure, 3035qn
Printing costs, 2011qn

Forced adoption, apology, 3067
Playground upgrades, 2056qn

Cigarettes and tobacco, taxation, 836qn
Commonwealth public service, importance, 2254
Compensation, workers compensation, 2887
Cotter Dam, expansion project, 1414q
Bike paths, 2509qn
Cardno report, 2961qn
Civic cycle loop project, 2545qn
Kingston foreshore, 2963qn

Disabled persons, parking spaces, 748q, 1859
Belconnen dog park, 755q, 1636q
Sales, 1553q, 2068q

Domestic Animal Services
Costs, 2032qn, 2964qn
Desexing vouchers, 2547qn

Drugs, treatment services, 1292, 2119q, 2489qn
Duffy, stormwater, 757q, 1255q
Cross-border relations, 1694q
Key building blocks, 3392q

Education, schools
Active transport programs, 2967qn, 3711qn
Catholic, 1852

Electoral, campaign communications, 1111q, 1114q, 1126q, 1128q
Employment, budget impact, 2727q
Energy, renewable, 3035qn
Batteries and light bulbs, 2113q
Climate change impact assessment, 452q
Energy efficient street lighting, 2507qn
Nature parks, 2506qn
Recycling bins, 3017qn, 3060q
Renewable energy, 2541qn
Shopping trolleys, 2969qn
Urban forest, 353

Federal budget, impact, 2218q
Food Amendment Bill 2011, prin, 482
Chief Minister, mnc, 3118
Integrity framework, mnst, 1732
Minister for Community Services, mwc, 2573
Minister for Health, mc 1649
Ministerial arrangements, 1686, 2832
Mobile phones, 3037qn
Open government, 1302q
Procurement exemptions, 2964qn
Senior executive service, 1618qn
Triple bottom line assessments, 497q

Griffith, shops, 1815q
Air pollution, 1021q
Blue-green algae, 1231qn
Community nurses, 1239qn
Drug and alcohol rehabilitation services, 1292
Education programs, 2025qn
Food safety, 482
General practitioners, 59q, 606
Infrastructure investments, 3182q
Lymphoedema, 1226qn
Mental health, 55q, 1824q, 2717q, 2724q
Midwives, 2929qn
Nurse practitioners, 1023q
Organ donation, 488
Orthopaedic surgeons, 3025qn
Palliative care, 2928qn
Patient care, 1243qn
Restaurant closures, 1009q, 1027q, 1637q
Services, 2602q, 2686
Staff, 176q, 3026qn
Suicide reduction, 1469
Young people, 1133q

Hehir, Mr M, tribute, 1353
Horses, agistment, 2053qn
Elective surgery, 3027qn
Emergency department, 2705q
Emergency presentations, 2503qn
Funding, 2597q
Inpatients, 432qn
Lymphoedema services, 3025qn
Nurse-led walk-in centres, 146, 155, 1201qn
Waiting times, 335q, 760q
Women and children, 51q, 601q

Industrial relations
Work safety, 3713qn
Workplace bullying, 763

Information technology, Chief Information Officer, 3022qn
Insurance, third-party, 2313
Kambah, shopping centre, 1548q, 2066q
Kangaroos, cull, 3029qn
Kava, legislation and health impacts, 409qn
Kljakovic, Professor M, death, 3514
Labor Party
Meetings, 1629qn, 2052qn, 2534qn
Social and media training, 817qn

Lake Ginninderra, infrastructure project, 3389q
Lanyon Valley, library, 1676
Legislative Assembly
Assistant Speaker (Mr Hargreaves), mnc, 949
Administration and Procedure, 2886
Estimates 2012-2013, 2882
Public Accounts, 77, 2313

Documents, tabling, 1118, 1123
Leader of the Opposition, mgc, 12, 352, mso, 457
Legislation program, 70
Hanson, Mr J, media release, 1607
Hargreaves, Mr J, mc 290, 715
Representations, 3757qn, 3758qn
Staff timesheets, 1621qn, 2518qn, 2521qn-2523qn

Papers, 69, 79, 516, 1319, 1560, 1709, 1967, 3098, 3186, 3395
Points of order, 1546, 1845, 2736, 2737
Questions on notice, 907, 908, 1708q
Statutory appointments, 3330
Sub judice rule, mgc, 1285
Valedictory, 3558, 3662

Legislative Assembly (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2012, prin, 2343, detail, 2349
Libraries, Lanyon Valley, 1676
Macarthur House, tenants, 1209qn
McMahon, Dr D, death, 3317
Medcalf, Dr T, death, 3513
Motor vehicles
Abandoned, 2012qn
Crashes, 2047qn, 3693qn, 3694qn, 3739qn

National Capital Authority, funding, 2122q
Oakey Hill nature park, hazard reduction burn, 3030qn
Griffith shops, 1815q
Kingston foreshore, 445qn, 2963qn
Strategy, 414qn

Political parties, donations, 43q
Public Interest Disclosure Bill 2012, prin, 3368 , detail, 3373
Public service, whistleblowing, 3373
Red Hill
Illegal dumping, 2518qn
Reserve, 2554q

Motor vehicles, 2047qn, 3693qn, 3694qn, 3739qn
Cycling, 1412q
Statistics, 2546qn

Barton highway bridge collapse, 3038qn
Belconnen Way, 745q, 1255q
Cleaning, 3042qn
Constitution Avenue, 2716q
Ellenborough Street, 3743qn
Expenditure, 3038qn
Fix my street online portal, 2013qn
Gungahlin Drive extension, 1219qn, 2546qn
Majura parkway, 834qn
Parking, 446qn, 748q, 1676, 1815q, 1859, 3759q, 3760q
Pedestrian crossing warning lights, 2062qn
Resurfacing, 452q, 2021qn, 2134, 3048qn
School zones, 3257
Speed cameras, 3040qn
Speed zones, 2983qn
T2 lanes, 211, 385
Traffic calming, 3759q
William Hovell Drive, 1050, 1967, 3040qn
Yamba Drive, 2888

RSPCA, funding, 2968qn
Social welfare, targeted assistance, 1942q
Carbon, 2503qn
Cigarettes and tobacco, 836qn

Territory and Municipal Services Directorate
City rangers, 2553qn, 2966qn
Community engagement, 2055qn
Community garden funding, 3047qn
Expenditure, 3037qn
Fire management unit, 1300q, 2554q
Mowing expenses, 3738qn
Woodchip use, 3046qn

Transplantation and Anatomy Amendment Bill 2011, prin, 488
Accessibility, 1203qn
Car pooling, 2982qn
Cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, 415qn
Light rail, 441qn, 2833q
Strategy, 1130q

Management, 3044qn, 3736qn, 3742qn
Removal, 2013qn, 2065q
Replacement, 889q, 1636q
Urban, 447qn

Wages and salaries, Remuneration Tribunal determinations, 2625
Collection, 834qn, 1210qn, 1246qn, 1306q, 2548qn
Landfill sites, 1220qn
Nappies, 2504qn
Statistics, 1221qn

Cotter Dam, 1414q
Drinking fountains, 2552qn

Watterson, Dr J, tribute, 1354
Weston Park, condition, 742q
Women, sterilisations, 823qn
Youth, health, 1133q