Legislative Assembly for the ACT

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ACT Fire and Rescue, funding, 341q
ACT public service, workplace bullying, 66q
ACTION bus service, bicycle racks, 341q
Appropriation Bill 2012-2013, detail, (Community Services Directorate) 3588, (Education and Training Directorate) 3608, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 3622
Arts, National Library writing competition, 954
Australian Hellenic memorial, ceremony, 2915
Bill Kennedy memorial park, upgrade, 2229q
Canberra Hospital, emergency department data, 1703q, 1825q, 3178q
Canberra Institute of Technology
Bullying, alleged, 2106q, 2108q, 2215q, 2218q, 3061q
Merger proposal, 2117q, 2216q

Catholic Schools Week, functions, 1894
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, national meeting, 127
Curtin Community Bank, opening, 2914
Cyprus Community of Canberra and Districts, activities, 3323
Disabled persons
Ivor Burge championships, 814
Parking spaces, 1863, 1865

Post-school options, 1039
Canberra Institute of Technology, 1310q, 1312q, 1429, 1436, 1725, 1951q, 3059q
English as a second language, 2370q, 2493qn
Future, 1981
Gonski review, 491q, 492q, 616q, 660, 676, 3384q
Policy, 1956q
Asbestos, 1136q, 1318q
Building condition audits, 2491qn
Canberra girls grammar school, 2156
Catholic, 1830, 1849
Disability support, 3388q
Government, 3751qn
Infrastructure, 366
Malkara special school, 1604
Non-government, 3751qn
Taylor primary school, 1132q, 1135q, 1540q
Throsby, 1408q
Weapons, 881q, 883q, 885q, 896q, 898q, 900q, 1019q, 1094, 1140q

Students, disabled, 2726q
Teachers, professional development, 3752qn
University of Canberra, 1310q, 1312q, 1429, 1436, 1951q, 3059q
Vocations, 1828q

Education and Training Directorate, expenditure, 3036qn
Gambling, gaming machines, 201q
Government, Chief Minister, mnc, 3150
Asbestos, 1318
General practitioners, 58q

Affordability, 95
Public stock, 3340
Supported accommodation, 2009qn

Howse, Mrs V OAM, death, 1357
Legislative Assembly
Committees, Health, Community and Social Services, 2894, 3340
Members, Hargreaves, Mr J, remarks, 629
Points of order, 617
Service awards, 2157
Standing and temporary orders, suspension, 1729
Valedictory, 3672

Martiniello, Mrs R, Italian teaching resources, 127
Multiculturalism, community value, 775
National Multicultural Festival, success, 127
National Year of Reading, launch, 276
North Canberra Gungahlin Cricket Club, volunteers day, 543
Throsby, 1406q
Tuggeranong, 262

Roads, parking, 748q, 1863, 1865
Seniors, importance, 1150
Social welfare
Carers, 2007qn
Respite care, 2009qn

Basketball, 814
Catholic primary schools soccer carnival, 954
Cricket, 814
Dragon boats, 405
Funding, 624q
Ovals, 3750qn
Soccer, 2292

Taxation, lease variation, 197q
Tournier, Mr K, legacy, 544
Tuggeranong Community Council, Mr J Hargreaves, remarks, 629
Woden Valley soccer club, sports dinner, 2292