Legislative Assembly for the ACT

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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, Australia Day protest, 48q, 54q, 174q
ACT Health Directorate
Publications, 3740qn
Wild mushrooms information sheets, 1634qn

ACT public service
Executive contracts, 1297q, 1299q
Expense claims, 1633qn
Mobile phones, 1224qn
Workplace investigations, 1245qn, 1246qn, 1633qn

ACTION bus service
Bike racks, 339q, 2033qn
Bus stops, 510q
Dead running, 2921qn
MyWay card, 1244qn, 2015qn
Network, 605
Statistics, 2060qn

Alexander Maconochie Centre, identity bracelets, 2121q, 2554q, 3060q
Appropriation Bill 2012-2013, detail, (Territory and Municipal Services Directorate) 3437, (Housing ACT) 3599
Festival events, 1889
Theatre awards, 1164, 1485

Australian Veterinary Association, conference, 2917
Broadcasting, media monitoring costs, 2525qn
Budget, taxation reform, 2714q
Business, family businesses, 980
Button, Mr JD OAM, death, 2655
Canberra Connect
Customer service, 1309q
Shopfronts, 2534qn

Canberra Gang Show, performance, 3517
Canberra Hospital, emergency department data, 1699q, 1810q
Charnwood, community carnival, 1163
Chief Minister and Cabinet Directorate, printing costs, 2011qn
Children, childcare costs, 615
Community Services Directorate
Bad and doubtful debts, 2062qn
Publications, 3741qn

Memorial, unveiling, 2463
Pets Party in the Park, 1997

Belconnen dog park, 755q
Training, 1997

Domestic Animal Services, costs, 2031qn
DonateLife Week, awards, 961
Duffy, stormwater, 757q, 1255q
Eagles Sports Association, programs, 124
Economy, cross-border relations, 1696q
Construction industry training awards, 3323
Future, 1972
Policy, 1954q
Cable networks, 2540qn
Melba Copland secondary school, 406
St John the Apostle primary school, 962
Taylor primary school, 1018q, 1133q
Trinity Christian school, 2155
Weapons, 884q, 896q

University of Canberra, senior secondary college, 406

Education and Training Directorate, publication costs, 3040qn
Electoral, campaign communications, 1128q
Electoral Amendment Bill 2012, detail, 2419
Energy, efficiency, 2363q
Environment, plastic bag ban, 835qn
Finance, credit cards, 3739qn
Fitters Workshop, future use, 1415q
Ginninderra District Girl Guides, activities, 1604
Chief Minister, mnc, 3155
Minister for Health, personal relationships, 3181q
Mobile phones, 3037qn, 3039qn
Office building, 330q
Printing costs, 2021qn, 2022qn, 2023qn, 2024qn, 3691qn

Griffith, shops, 1817q
Aged care, 620q
Mental health, 2724q

Heritage, budget, 2033qn
Affordability, 1702q
Complaints, 1205qn
Energy efficiency, 165
Long-stay caravan parks, 508q
Market rents, 2023qn
OwnPlace program, 2364q
Rent, 2500qn

Housing ACT
Community housing, 2062qn
Income thresholds, 2537qn
Maintenance, 2046qn, 2062qn, 3041qn
Occupancy rates, 2535qn
Properties, 2022qn
Stock, 2538qn

Housing and Community Services Directorate, insulation, 620q, 761q
Howse, Mrs V OAM, death, 1359
InTACT, outsourced executive services, 1245qn
Justice and Community Safety Directorate, publications, 3740qn
Labor Party, meetings, 1632qn, 2035qn, 2036qn, 2533qn
Lake Ginninderra, infrastructure project, 3389q
Legislative Assembly
Estimates 2012-2013, 3091
Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services, 800, 1764

Coe, Mr A, reflection on the chair, 3077
Hargreaves, Mr J, responsibilities, 712
Staff timesheets, 2518qn-2525qn

Points of order, 189, 628, 807, 1059, 1927, 2107, 2108, 2223, 2372, 2712, 3435, 3606
Question time, interjections, 913
Questions on notice, 908, 1708q
Rostered ministers question time, 792
Sub judice rule, 1267
Valedictory, 3675

Macarthur House, tenants, 1209qn
Men, Giralang-Kaleen men's shed, 1761
Motor vehicles
Abandoned, 2011qn
Registration, 3753qn

North Canberra Gungahlin Cricket Club, activities, 811
Parking, Griffith shops, 3760q
Parkrun, support, 2290
Parkwood Chapel, open day, 1760
Deconcessionalism, 1017q
Giralang shops, 756q
Hawker, 279, 502q
Zoning changes, 800

Queen Elizabeth II, anniversary, 124
Residential Tenancies (Minimum Housing Standards) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 165
Road Transport (General) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 1904
Road Transport (General) (Infringement Notices) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 2182, detail, 2189
Accidents, 3694qn, 3739qn
Barton Highway, bridge collapse, 3038qn
Belconnen Way, 745q
Cycling accidents, 1414q
Expenditure, 3038qn
Fix my street online portal, 2013qn
Hindmarsh Drive, 2016qn, 2059qn
Parking, 1817q, 2014qn, 2016qn, 2018qn, 3734qn
Pedestrian crossing warning lights, 2061qn
Pot holes, 2021qn
Resurfacing, 452q
School zones, 3254, 3264
Speed cameras, 3039qn
T2 lanes, 209, 221, 388
Traffic calming, 3759q
Traffic offences, 1904
William Hovell Drive, 1055, 3040qn

Rotary Club of Canberra City, antiques and collectables fair, 1890
Salvation Army, activities, 279
Social welfare, volunteers, 2781
Sport, cricket, 1089, 1163
Strathairn Arts Association, events, 1889
Taxation, reform, 2714q
Telecommunications, national broadband network, 752q
Territory and Municipal Services Directorate
Expenditure, 3037qn
Mowing, 3738qn

Autumn events, 625q
Hospitality awards, 1485

Infrastructure, 1954q
Strategy, 902q, 1131q
Taxi licences, 499q

Management, 3735qn
Removal, 2013qn

Collection, 834qn, 1210qn
Management, 576, 581
Nappies, 2503qn