Legislative Assembly for the ACT

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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, advocacy service, 2948qn
ACT public service, workplace investigations, 2040qn, 2503qn, 2924qn
ACTTAB, status, 200q
Ainslie Village, management, 1229qn
Appropriation Bill 2012-2013, detail, (Community Services Directorate) 3585, (Housing ACT) 3604, (ACT Gambling and Racing Commission) 3617, (Cultural Facilities Corporation) 3629
Funding, 820qn
Public, 1538q, 1956q, 2367q, 2378q

Asylum seekers, support, 2996qn
Australian National University, School of Music, 2285
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre
Operations review, 418qn
Staff, 3375q

Budget, community sector, 2707q
Canberra Arts Marketing, funding, 2959qn
Canberra Symphony Orchestra, importance, 3283, 3286
Capital works, supplementary program, 1464
Carers and volunteers, 2008qn
Care and protection, 44q, 333q, 416qn, 2723q
Childcare, 323q, 429qn, 612q, 1451, 1812q
Kinship carers, 421qn
Services, 326q, 361
Youth and family support, 743q, 762q, 1008q, 2599q

Children and Young People Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 2336
Children and Young People (Transition from Out-of-Home Care) Amendment Bill 2011, prin, 465, detail, 472, 474
Community concessions, venue hire, 3745qn
Community Services Directorate
Accommodation, 3750qn
Bad and doubtful debts, 2062qn
Community involvement, 426qn
Contracts, 3001qn
Expenditure, 3748qn
Interpreting services, 2997qn
Publications, 3741qn
Review, 2106q

Bail, 2027qn, 2505qn
Youth justice, 173q, 1692q

Crime, young offenders, 529
Cultural Facilities Corporation, annual report, 1195qn
Disability Services Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 2339
Disabled persons
Parking spaces, 1864
Post-school options, 1036, 1045
Services, 2339
Women, 2958qn, 3701qn

Education, Mary MacKillop trade training centre, 547
Environment, community gardens, 2979qn
Fadden, roads, 1874
Families, services, 2336
Finance, investment strategy, 3194
Fitters Workshop
Consultation process, 449qn, 451qn
Future use, 1416q, 2636, 2901, mnrs 3067

Club ATMs, 203q
Gaming machines, 202q, 3347
Racing industry, 203q

Gaming Machine Amendment Bill 2011, prin, 3347 , detail, 3348
Minister for Community Services, mwc, 2561
Printing costs, 2022qn
Procurement regulation exemptions, 3709qn

Health, aged care, 620q
Heritage, budget, 2034qn
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advocacy service, 2948qn
Affordability, 109
Ainslie Village, 1229qn
Common Ground proposal, 1311q
Complaints, 1205qn
Energy efficiency, 169
Homelessness, 1112q, 1298q, 1939q, 3248
Kids Under Cover program, 1424q
Long-stay caravan parks, 2995qn
Market rents, 2023qn
Northbourne Flats, 1227qn, 3064
Red Hill units, 2948qn
Rent, 2500qn
Supported accommodation, 2010qn

Housing ACT
Community housing, 2063qn
Income thresholds, 2537qn
Maintenance, 2046qn, 2062qn, 2543qn, 2950qn, 2951qn, 2953qn, 2955qn, 2957qn, 3041qn
Occupancy rates, 2536qn
Properties, 2023qn, 2539qn

Housing and Community Services Directorate
Insulation, 619q, 761q
Property inspections, 837qn

Industrial relations, community sector award, 330q, 1238qn
Kennedy, Mr B, death, 123
Labor Party, meetings, 1628qn, 2037qn, 2038qn, 2039qn, 3692qn
Legislative Assembly
Committees, Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 2636
Burch, Ms J

Remarks, withdrawal, 1363
Staff, 1169

Hargreaves, Mr J, remarks, 631, 639
Smyth, Mr B, statements, 407
Staff timesheets, 1624qn

Papers, 92, 2894, 3593
Personal explanations, 515, 627, 1336, 1571, 1963, 3288
Points of order, 1460
Questions on notice, 68
Valedictory, 3561, 3676

Community participation, 1024q
Council, 338q
Value, 768

Music, Australian National University School of Music, 2285
MusicACT, venue database, 2980qn
National Multicultural Festival, success, 123
Chisholm, 3515
Tuggeranong, 257

Residential Tenancies (Minimum Housing Standards) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 169
Fadden, 1874
Parking, 1864

ACT Older Persons Assembly, 518
Importance, 1154

Social welfare
Carers, 2008qn
Community services, 1326
Respite care, 2009qn
Volunteers, 1136q

St Vincent de Paul Society, doorknock appeal, 123
Territory and Municipal Services, community gardens, 2979qn
Tuggeranong Community Council, comments, 278, 631, 639
Disabled, 2958qn, 3701qn
Gender pay equity, 1533

Family support program, 2599q
Homelessness, 1939q
Justice, 452q, 529
Marlow Cottage, 428qn
Services, 1212qn, 1215qn, 2336
Transition workers, 2999qn