Legislative Assembly for the ACT

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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, advocacy service, 2948qn
ACT Health Directorate
Cross-border agreement, 3030qn
Dental services, 3020qn, 3697qn
Health Protection Service, 2937qn
Lactation consultant, 2939qn
Mobile primary health services, 2932qn
Peer support programs, 2930qn
Pregnancy to parenting series, 2929qn
Procurement exemptions, 2939qn
Social workers, 3700qn
Training scholarships, 2931qn
Veterans Liaison Office, 2938qn
Walk-in clinic, 2935qn

ACT Policing
Tasers, 514q
Use of force, 894q

ACT public service, working from home, 1127q, 2067q
ACTION bus service
Air quality, 2942qn
Bike and ride facilities, 2006qn
Bus shelters, 2004qn
Hybrid electric, 2942qn, 2986qn
School, 2983qn, 2984qn
Statistics, 2487qn, 2549qn

Capacity issues, 2485qn
Crime, 2946qn
Disabled access, 442qn, 2986qn
Network, 605
Nightrider service, 753q, 1202qn, 2548qn
Particulate filters, 2986qn
Patronage, 828qn
Review, 1210qn
Routes, 1551q
Scheduling, 1203qn
Security, 2943qn

Ainslie Village, management, 1229qn
Alcohol, treatment services, 2119q
Alexander Maconochie Centre, Solaris Therapeutic Community, 2226q, 3061q
Animals, welfare, 747q
Appropriation Bill 2012-2013, prin, 2878, detail, (Chief Minister and Cabinet Directorate) 3421, (Health Directorate) 3428, (ACT Local Hospital Network) 3433, 3436, (Territory and Municipal Services Directorate) 3443, (Justice and Community Safety Directorate) 3490, (Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate) 3502, (Community Services Directorate) 3583, (Housing ACT) 3601
Arts, exhibitions, 1890
Asbestos, management, 2043qn, 2044qn, 2048qn
Asylum seekers, support, 2996qn
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, staff, 3376q
Community sector, 2708q
Debate, 2878

Building, sustainable materials, 1950q
Business, development, 1699q
Calvary Public Hospital, agreements, 804
Canberra Hospital
Birthing centre, 2721q
Emergency department data, 1700q
Meals, 2937qn
Television rental service, 2936qn

Canberra Institute of Technology, bullying, alleged, 2106q, 2110q
Communication and social awareness playgroups, 2356q
Support programs, 326q, 1008q

Cigarettes and tobacco, taxation, 836qn
Clean Up Australia Day, support, 961
Community Services Directorate
Interpreting services, 2997qn
Review, 2108q

Construction industry
Sham contracting, 1418q, 3760q
Work safety, 1407q, 3388q

Public Advocate, 140
Youth justice, 174q, 1692q

Covenant Care Day Hospice, opening, 810
Reduction, 933
Young offenders, 525

Curtin Community Bank, opening, 2916
Disabled persons
Parking spaces, 1864
Scarlet Road, film, 1890
Women, 2958qn, 3701qn

Drugs, treatment services, 2119q
Canberra Institute of Technology, 2106q, 2110q
Excellence and enterprise framework, 1541q
Japanese language programs, 1166
Learning difficulties, 3164q
Murrumbidgee education and training centre, 492q
Asbestos, 2505qn
Carbon emissions, 2216q
St Mary MacKillop trade training centre, 811
Taylor primary school, 1019q

University of Canberra, 1166, 3332
Vocations, 1807q

Hot-water systems, 3175q
Renewable, 2361q

Air quality, 2924qn, 2993qn
Carbon emissions, 2216q
Firewood, 2991qn
Report, 1548q
Urban wetlands, 347q
Wood heaters, 2676, 2989qn

Environment and Construction Occupations Legislation (Wood Heaters) Amendment Bill 2012, exposure draft, 2676
Fadden, roads, 1871
Films, Scarlet Road, 1890
Fitters Workshop, future use, 1765
Food Amendment Bill 2011, prin, 481
Chief Minister, mnc, 3124
Environmental performance reporting, 180q
Minister for Health, mc 1655
Triple bottom line assessments, 498q

Griffith, shops, 1817q
Air pollution, 1021q
Asthma, 1762
Dental care, 1879, 1887
Food safety, 481
Kava, 409qn
Lymphoedema, 1226qn
Mental health, 55q, 1824q, 1890
Midwives, 2929qn
Organ donation, 487
Orthopaedic surgeons, 3025qn
Palliative care, 2928qn
Services, 2695
Staff numbers, 177q
Suicide reduction, 1464, 1475
Women, 402
Young people, 1133q

Lymphoedema services, 3024qn
Nurse-led walk-in centres, 151

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander advocacy service, 2948qn
Affordability, 1701q
Ainslie Village, 1229qn
Common Ground proposal, 1311q
Energy efficiency, 167
Homelessness, 1113q, 1298q, 1940q, 3244, 3252
Long-stay caravan parks, 506q, 2995qn
Low cost boarding houses and hostels, 3014qn
Northbourne Flats, 1227qn, 1675
Public stock, 3341
Red Hill units, 2948qn
Student accommodation, 3338

Housing ACT, maintenance services, 2543qn, 2949qn, 2950qn, 2953qn, 2954qn, 2956qn
Housing and Community Services Directorate
Insulation, 619q, 761q
Property inspections, 836qn

Human rights
Official visitor, 1371
Protection, 1371

Industrial relations
Bullying, 443qn
Chinese embassy worksite, 444qn
Long service leave, 875, 2096, 2102, 2376q
Security industry, 454q
Work safety, 1407q, 3388q
Workers compensation, 869

International affairs
Cambodia, 1489
Syria, 960

Justice and Community Safety Directorate, staff, 3729qn
Kava, legislation and health impacts, 409qn
Kennedy, Mr B, death, 122
Legislative Assembly
Administration and Procedure, 1526, 3575
Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 1765, 3338
Estimates 2012-2013, 1521, 3078, 3637
Health, Community and Social Services, 2895, 3341

E-petitions, 1524
Latimer House principles, 794
Leader of the Opposition, mso, 461
Members, Hargreaves, Mr J
Motion of censure, 289
Remarks, 595, 643
Responsibilities, 715

Officers of the parliament, 1526
Points of order, 1940, 2356, 3435
Questions on notice, 69
Rostered ministers question time, 792
Sitting pattern, 3107
Standing and temporary orders, 1100, 1370, 1899
Sub judice rule, 1268, mgc, 1281
Valedictory, 3674

Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) Amendment Bill 2011, prin, 875
Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) (Security Industry) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 2096, detail, 2102
Motor vehicles
Crashes, 2047qn
Green vehicle ratings, 3728qn

Community participation, 1026q
Council, 338q
Value, 772

Official Visitor Bill 2012, prin, 1371
Official Visitor Bill 2012 (No 2), prin, 1774, 2746, detail, 2750
Pace Farm, battery hens, 3384q
Deconcessionalism, 1017q
Draft variation 306, 616q
Kingston foreshore, 197q
Sustainability, 1571
Tuggeranong, 246

Public Advocate (Official Visitors) Amendment Bill 2012, exposure draft, 140
Residential Tenancies (Minimum Housing Standards) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 167
Retirement Villages Bill 2012, prin, 3273 , detail, 3278
Road Transport (General) (Infringement Notices) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 560, 2184, detail, 2187
Road Transport (General) Amendment Bill 2011, prin, 861, detail, 865
Road Transport (General) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 1905
Accidents, 3692qn
Constitution Avenue, 2717q
Cycling accidents, 1413q
Fadden, 1871
Fines, 560
Maintenance, 2137
Majura parkway, 834qn
Northbourne Avenue, 2224q
Parking, 1817q, 1864
Pedestrian crossings, 2354q
Speed cameras, 2987qn
Speed zones, 2983qn
T2 lanes, 213
Traffic offences, 1905
William Hovell Drive, 1049

ACT Older Persons Assembly, 523
Importance, 1158

St Vincent de Paul Society, doorknock appeal, 123
Supermarkets, competition policy, 50q
Taxation, cigarettes and tobacco, 836qn
Crime, 2947qn
Fares, 2542qn

Transplantation and Anatomy Amendment Bill 2011, <b>prin, 487
Accessibility, 1203qn
Car pooling, 2982qn
Cost modelling, 2994qn
Demand responsive initiatives, 2945qn
Infrastructure, 1953q
Intermodal freight hub, 2005qn
Light rail, 441qn, 2834q, 2989qn, 3180q
Strategy, 1706q
Taxis, fares, 2542qn
Trains, 2366q

Trees, replacement, 889q, 1636q
Tuggeranong Community Council, Mr J Hargreaves, remarks, 595, 643
Waste, collection, 1307q
Disabled, 2958qn, 3701qn
Health, 402
International Women's Day, 1087
Sterilisations, 822qn, 3702qn

Work Health and Safety (Bullying) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 653, detail 657
Workers Compensation (Terrorism) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 869
WorkSafe ACT, Ombudsman's recommendations, 2042qn
World Asthma Day, support, 1762
World Down Syndrome Day, recognition, 1087
Health, 1133q
Homelessness, 1940q
Justice system, 525