Legislative Assembly for the ACT

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 1897
Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders
Australia Day protest, 47q, 54q, 171q, 174q, 175q, 178q
Disadvantages, mnst, 1143

ACT Building and Construction Industry Training Fund Authority, 1626qn
ACT Corrective Services, recruitment, 758q
ACT public service
Bullying, 66q
Hawke review, 64q
Working from home, 1127q
Workplace investigations, 1246qn, 1633qn

ACTION bus service, school routes, 1218qn
Alexander Maconochie Centre
Capacity, 1007q, 1141q
Consultant, 2540qn
Detainee remuneration, 3696qn
Drugs, 2003qn, 2117q
Emergency calls, 2927qn
Identity bracelets, 2121q, 2554q, 3060q
Incidents, 2002qn
Official Visitor, 1172qn
Operations, 1565
Solaris Therapeutic Community, 2226q, 3061q

Appropriation Bill 2012-2013, detail, (Chief Minister and Cabinet Directorate) 3423, (Justice and Community Safety Directorate) 3492, (Community Services Directorate) 3597, (Education and Training Directorate) 3614, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 3625
Asbestos, management, 2371q
Education items, 2842q
Students with disabilities, 2726q

Canberra Institute of Technology
Bullying, alleged, 2105q, 2109q, 2214q, 2217q, 3061q
Merger proposal, 2116q, 2216q, 2354q

Centenary of Canberra, local artists, 2498qn
Children, communication and social awareness playgroups, 2355q, 2378, 3059q
Computer games, interactive entertainment industry, 1479
Construction industry, sham contracting, 1418q, 3760q
Corrections and Sentencing Legislation Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 2340, 2823
Courts, sentencing, 2340, 2823
Disabled persons
Post-school options, 1042
Students, 2726q

Budget initiatives, 2842q
Canberra Institute of Technology, 1310q, 1312q, 1318q, 1425q, 1426, 1559, 1619qn, 1721, 1731, 1757, 1951q, 2027qn
English as a second language, 1537, 2370q, 2493qn
Excellence and enterprise framework, 1541q, 2068q
Future, 1975
Gonski review, 490q, 492q, 617q, 665, 3384q
Learning difficulties, 3163q
Murrumbidgee education and training centre, 491q, 762q
Policy, 1955q
Asbestos, 1135q, 1140q, 1318q, 2371q, 2505qn
Building condition audits, 2491qn
Cable networks, 2540qn
Carbon emissions, 2215q, 3016qn
Catholic, 1834, 1848
Disability support, 3387q
Government, 3751qn
Infrastructure, 373
Libraries, 1620qn
Non-government, 3752qn
Pathways Planning document, 1217qn
Suspensions, 2028qn
Taylor primary school, 1018q, 1132q, 1134q, 1538q, 1540q
Throsby, 1408q
Weapons, 881q, 883q, 885q, 896q, 898q, 899q, 1020q, 1093, 1140q

Students with disabilities, 2726q
Teachers, professional development, 3752qn
University of Canberra, 1310q, 1312q, 1318q, 1425q, 1426, 1559, 1619qn, 1757, 1951q, 2354q, 3059q
Vocations, 1806q, 1826q

Education and Training Directorate
Alternative programs manager, 2495qn
Community gardens, 2981qn
Expenditure, 3036qn
Publication costs, 3041qn
Staff, 3023qn

Carbon neutral schools, 1233qn
Emission levels, 2215q

Fitters Workshop, future use, 66q
Government, printing costs, 2024qn
Asbestos, 1318q
Dental care, 1883
Education programs, 2497qn
Young people, 2071q

Industrial relations
Chinese embassy worksite, 444qn
Long service leave, 877, 878, 1199qn, 1515, 2098, 2104, 2372q
Security industry, 64q, 454q
Work safety, 67q
Workers compensation, 300, 870

International affairs, Syria, 959
Labor Party, meetings, 1632qn, 2035qn, 2036qn
Legislative Assembly
Documents, tabling, 888
Papers, 915, 1337, 1565, 1731, 2127, 2641, 3396
Personal explanations, 1027
Points of order, 2693
Questions on notice, 908, 1708q
Staff timesheets, 1624qn
Standing and temporary orders, 1139
Valedictory, 3562, 3681

Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) Amendment Bill 2011, revised explanatory statement 362, prin, 877, detail, 878
Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) (Security Industry) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 1515, 2098, detail, 2104
Long Service Leave Authority, annual report, 1199qn
Ministry, Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, 183
Official Visitor Bill 2012 (No 2), prin, 2744
Prisons, costs, 58q
Roads, parking, Gungahlin, 463
Watterson, Dr J, tribute, 1360
Work Health and Safety (Bullying) Amendment Bill 2011, prin, 648 , detail, 658 , rescission and reconsideration 678
Workers Compensation (Terrorism) Amendment Bill 2012, prin, 300, 870
Youth, health, 2071q