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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2011 Week 14 Hansard (Thursday, 8 December 2011) . . Page.. 5939 ..

MS HUNTER: I think that the interjections and rising shrill voices are telling me that we are hitting something here. We are getting to closer to where the Canberra Liberals are coming from on this matter.

Simply, where the Greens are coming from is about the smooth working of the admin and procedure committee; the smooth working of being able to organise business and get that sorted. If Mr Hanson is concerned about his skill in this area, that is an issue he and the Canberra Liberals will need to look at. Really, we need to get far better workings in this committee. My understanding is that it has been incredibly frustrating with Mrs Dunne having to go back and forward and back and forward and decisions not being able to be made in the committee that is set up for these decisions to be made.

That is what this is about—it is about a better running of the parliament; it is about a smoother running of the parliament. That is where the Greens are coming from and that is why we are organising this today.

I have to take up an issue with Mrs Dunne. It was outrageous for her to basically make a personal refection on Ms Bresnan. Really, Mrs Dunne should sit back and reflect on what she has done there. She has put forward what I believe is an improper motive on Ms Bresnan’s part. This is not the case at all. This is not about anything other than the smooth running of the admin and procedure committee, and it is a shame that, for three years, there has been this frustration that has been felt by so many.

Mrs Dunne: On a point of order, Mr Speaker, if Ms Hunter is in the business of saying that we should not be making personal reflections, the fact that she is intimating that the admin and procedure committee has not been running smoothly for the past three years and that I am to be removed as a result is a personal reflection on my capacity as a member of the committee. I think she should withdraw that. It is a personal reflection.

MR SPEAKER: Given the way the debate has been conducted today where members have suggested various motivations for various members, I think Ms Hunter’s comments are well within the boundaries of the way this debate has been conducted. Ms Hunter, you have the floor to continue.

Mrs Dunne: Mr Speaker—

MR SPEAKER: Order! Stop the clocks, thank you.

Mrs Dunne: Mr Speaker, yesterday you raised the bar when you said there should be no personal reflections about—

MR SPEAKER: That is not what I said, Mrs Dunne.

Mrs Dunne: You came back in here later and said that the rough and tumble of politics is one thing but personal reflections upon people are unacceptable. Ms Hunter

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