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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2010 Week 09 Hansard (Thursday, 26 August 2010) . . Page.. 4056 ..

to meet with volunteers—volunteer dog walkers, most particularly. As you are aware, there is a very significant issue for us in relation to stray and lost dogs and at times other dogs that are required to be taken into care or custody. It is a very significant issue. I was very pleased to view the facilities. Most certainly, there is a crying need for significant upgrades of facilities at the site.

At this stage, I do not believe that the anticipated upgrades have been completed. One of the reasons for that was because of work that is currently in hand in relation to the need to relocate the RSPCA from its existing site at Weston. Consideration is being given to colocating the RSPCA and Domestic Animal Services into a single precinct.

Going to an issue dear to your heart, Ms Le Couteur—that we not expend funds on infrastructure upgrades if there is the potential that those upgrades might perhaps better have been delayed—we are giving serious consideration at the moment to a future location and future arrangements for the RSPCA. That will require a very significant investment by the ACT government to relocate the RSPCA. We anticipate at this stage that in excess of $10 million will be required to provide enhanced and new facilities for the RSPCA. (Time expired.)

MR SPEAKER: A supplementary question, Ms Bresnan?

MS BRESNAN: Minister, is the Domestic Animal Services facility continuing to accept dogs for rehoming as opposed to strays, even though it is closed to the public and dogs are being euthanised?

MR STANHOPE: I regret that I cannot answer that. I will take on notice questions in relation to dogs that are currently being picked up by the service and exactly what is occurring in relation to dogs that will continue to be taken into care by the service.

MR SPEAKER: A supplementary, Ms Hunter?

MS HUNTER: Thank you, Mr Speaker. Minister, when was the last time the government reviewed the code of practice for companion animals in pounds to ensure that it reflects best modern practice for housing animals and for dealing with illnesses and diseases?

MR STANHOPE: I do not have a time or a date in relation to that, but I have absolutely no reason to reflect that Domestic Animal Services ever pursue anything other than best practice. In the context of a date, when, I am afraid I do not know the date on which the last reviews were made. I am more than happy to get you that date, Ms Hunter.

Public housing—rent

MR COE: My question is to the Minister for Disability, Housing and Community Services. Minister, with regard to Housing ACT tenancies, what are the roles of CPI and market prices in determining rent?

MS BURCH: For public housing tenants, it is 25 per cent of their income, as I understand it, that they pay in rent. Depending on their income, it will change. We go

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