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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2010 Week 09 Hansard (Tuesday, 24 August 2010) . . Page.. 3770 ..

seeking his feedback. We again contacted Mr Bryan de Caires. We again contacted Mr Kevin Antoine. We again contacted Mr Peter Bourke. Later in March, for the third time, my department contacted Mr Chris Peters, asking him to respond to the issues raised in the letter the acting Attorney-General sent.

So, Madam Deputy Speaker, has there been consultation? Yes, there has been consultation. My department actively sought out all the representatives and asked them for their views. Do they all agree? No, they do not all agree, but that is not the point, and they know that is not the point. If the criticism is consultation, then we have addressed that, and we have addressed that comprehensively. Disagreement on the policy matters is an entirely different matter, but they were not in the dark. They knew it was going on and they were given ample opportunity to put their views forward. Lack of consultation? What a load of nonsense.

The other issue that Mrs Dunne splutters about is the so-called breach of human rights. The scrutiny committee report on this matter does not say that there has been a breach of rights. What the scrutiny report says is that, on the face of it, the scheme enlivens the right to privacy, and the issue is whether or not this interference with this right is arbitrary. That is what the committee indicated. It did not say that there had been a breach of rights. Mrs Dunne has grossly and wilfully misrepresented the views of the committee that she chairs.

Mrs Dunne: On a point of order, Madam Deputy Speaker, Mr Corbell said that I have misled the Assembly about the views of the committee.

MR CORBELL: No, I did not.

Mrs Dunne: He used the words “grossly and wilfully misled”. I ask that you require him to withdraw that.

MR CORBELL: I did not say that. For the sake of allowing the debate to proceed, I will withdraw any words that are of offence to Mrs Dunne, because she knows she has been caught out.

MADAM DEPUTY SPEAKER: Thank you, Mr Corbell.

Mr Seselja: That’s not a withdrawal.

Mrs Dunne: That’s not a withdrawal.

MR CORBELL: I have not been asked to withdraw.

Mrs Dunne: Madam Deputy Speaker, I am asking you to ask him to withdraw unequivocally. He should do that.

MR CORBELL: I withdraw, Madam Deputy Speaker.

MADAM DEPUTY SPEAKER: Thank you very much, Mr Corbell.

MR CORBELL: It is quite clear that Mrs Dunne knows that the committee did not say there had been a breach of human rights. It said it enlivened that right and the government would need to justify its position in light of that.

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