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Tuesday, 5 August 2008



Petitions—ministerial responses:

Gas-fired power station

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Leave of absence

Administration and Procedure—Standing Committee

Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Bill 2007

Ministerial arrangements

Questions without notice:

Gungahlin Drive extension

Canberra Symphony Orchestra

Gungahlin swimming pool

Gas-fired power station


Schools—early childhood

Gungahlin Drive extension

Planning—omission of retail restrictions

Gungahlin swimming pool

Gungahlin swimming pool


Land (Planning and Environment) Act 1991—schedule of leases


Schools—class sizes (Matter of public importance)

Statute Law Amendment Bill 2008

Parental Leave Legislation Amendment Bill 2008

Statute Law Amendment Bill 2008

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2008 (No 2)

Workers Compensation Amendment Bill 2008




Norths rugby club

World Youth Day

World Youth Day

Mad World Productions

Baptist Community Services

World Youth Day

Gas-fired power station

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Matter of public importance (Speaker’s ruling)




Rates (Fire and Emergency Services Levy Repeal) Amendment Bill 2008

Schools—class sizes

Questions without notice:

Gas-fired power station

Gas-fired power station


Gungahlin Drive extension

Planning—land use

Gas-fired power station

Gungahlin Drive extension

Gas-fired power station

Gungahlin Drive extension

Ambulance service—resourcing

Supplementary answer to question without notice:

Schools—early childhood

Answers to questions on notice:

Questions Nos 2003, 2082, 2117 and 2121

Canberra—government investment (Matter of public importance)

Schools—class sizes

Ageing population



Cotter Road caretaker’s cottage

Environment—Banksia Environmental Foundation awards

Karinya House

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Petition: Gungahlin Drive extension

Duties Amendment Bill 2008 (No 2)

Superannuation (Legislative Assembly Members) Amendment Bill 2008

ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal Legislation Amendment

Bill 2008 (No 2)

Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2008

Domestic Violence and Protection Orders Bill 2008

Guardianship and Management of Property Amendment Bill 2008

Unit Titles Amendment Bill 2008.

Legislative Assembly (Members’ Staff) Amendment Bill 2008

Strategic and functional review of the ACT public sector and services

Questions without notice:

Gas-fired power station

Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd

No waste strategy.

Gungahlin Drive extension

Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd

Public housing—energy efficiency

Gas-fired power station

Hospitals—cancer treatments

Gungahlin Drive extension

Health—Wanniassa medical centre


Executive contracts


Financial Management Act—instrument

Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment

Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission


Racism and unfair discrimination

Planning and Development Amendment Regulation 2008 (No 3)—

Subordinate law SL2008-33

Gungahlin Drive extension (Matter of public importance)

Standing orders—suspension

Health—Wanniassa medical centre

Duties (Landholders) Amendment Bill 2008

Crimes (Controlled Operations) Bill 2008

Housing Assistance Amendment Bill 2008


Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Housing Assistance Amendment Bill 2008

Schedule 2: Housing Assistance Amendment Bill 2008

Schedule 3: Housing Assistance Amendment Bill 2008

Answers to questions:

Alcohol—motor vehicle accidents (Question No 1987)

Sport—paintball (Question No 2026)

Children—protection (Question No 2058)

Crime—sexual offences (Question No 2059)

Asbestos (Question No 2064)

Education—outdoor programs (Question No 2079)

Mental health (Question No 2081)

Building—bathroom design (Question No 2086)

Planning—community amenities (Question No 2087)

Alexander Maconochie Centre—kitchen (Question No 2088)

Hospitals—Clare Holland House (Question No 2090)

Industrial relations (Question No 2091)

Industrial relations (Question No 2093)

Budget—industrial relations items (Question No 2094)

Government—constituent representations (Question No 2097)

ACT Pathology (Question No 2098)

ACT Pathology (Question No 2099)

Kangaroo cull (Question No 2101)

ACTION bus service—patronage (Question No 2102)

Gas-fired power station (Question No 2103)

Environment—report (Question No 2104)

Occupational health and safety—site inspections (Question No 2106)

Transport—statistics (Question No 2107)

Electric scooters—registration (Question No 2108)

Education—priority enrolment areas (Question No 2109)

Planning—concessional leases (Question No 2110)

Environment—air monitoring (Question No 2111)

Censorship—X-rated material (Question No 2112)

Brothels—licences (Question No 2113)

Education—enrolments (Question No 2114)

Environment—greenhouse gas abatement (Question No 2115)

Finance—government shares (Question No 2116)

ActewAGL—electricity meters (Question No 2118)

Air conditioners—installation (Question No 2119)

Policing—breath testing (Question No 2120)

Schools—audits (Question No 2122)

Roads—streetlights (Question No 2124)

ACTION bus service—branding (Question No 2125)

ACT Memorial—vandalism (Question No 2126)

ACTION bus service—Belconnen exchange (Question No 2127)

Water—sale to Queanbeyan (Question No 2128)

Education—school chaplain program (Question No 2129)

Kambah—leasehold inspections (Question No 2130)

Sport—calisthenics (Question No 2131)

Health—patient safety and quality unit (Question No 2132)

Nurses (Question No 2133)

Cotter Road caretaker’s cottage (Question No 2134)

Housing—review (Question No 2135)

Crime—knives (Question No 2136)

Drugs—educational materials (Question No 2137)

Roads—traffic lights (Question No 2138)

Planning—Gungahlin (Question No 2139)

Gas-fired power station (Question No 2140)