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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2007 Week 04 Hansard (Thursday, 3 May 2007) . . Page.. 994 ..

There would be between 1-3 patients each day who would be discharged from the emergency department at Calvary and asked to return the following day for a radiological investigation (plain films, ultrasounds, computed tomography). These investigations are necessary for ongoing management of a patient’s condition but are not urgently required at the time of presentation.

One patient was sent to The Canberra Hospital for review by an orthopaedic surgeon without an x-ray being taken at Calvary. The patient was referred directly to The Canberra Hospital the following morning to complete both the x-ray and orthopaedic consultation. The patient was managed appropriately for their pain and condition.

There is no time that x-rays are not available for urgent and/or appropriate cases.

Wollemi pines

(Question No 1472)

Dr Foskey asked the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, upon notice, on 28 February 2007 (redirected to the Chief Minister):

Is it a fact that to ensure the Wollemi pines planted in the Arboretum are protected against disease such as Phytopthora and Botryospheria and have the best chance of maturing, the site to be planted with the pines should be free of pathogens and that movement of large amounts of soil in that area should be kept to a minimum;

At what stage is the ACT Government at in regards to the planting of the 1000 Wollemi pines;

What steps is the ACT Government taking to ensure the pines are and remain disease free;

Can the Minister provide a copy of all relevant documents.

Mr Stanhope: The answer to the member’s question is as follows:

The site for the planting of Wollemi pines at the Canberra International Arboretum and Gardens has been tested for Phytopthora and none has been found. This site has been prepared for planting and, given the improvement in rainfall and therefore in ground moisture, it is planned that the 1000 Wollemi be planted in April 2007.

Any soil being relocated in the ACT must meet the requirements of the Environment Protection Agency to obtain approval. The EPA has approved the process of soil absorption onto the site. This soil is being placed next to but not at the site for the Wollemi pines. The soil being taken to the site has been tested and does not show the presence of Phytopthora.

I understand that Botryosphaeria is a fungal endophyte existing within plants without necessarily causing any symptoms. Generally it only becomes a problem when plants are stressed through environmental stressors such as heat, dry winds, excessive exposure to sun and pollution. It is not a problem related to the importation of soil.

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