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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2006 Week 13 Hansard (14 December) . . Page.. 4250..

expended, including description and cost of task and the which of these tasks have been allocated for hazard reduction to be undertaken by fire units;

(2) What is the total budget for hazard reduction on the urban edge and along arterial roadways by mowing for the 2006-07 bushfire season;

(3) What are the details of the monthly activity program details relating to part (2).

Mr Hargreaves

: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) The total budget for bushfire hazard reduction for 2006-07 financial year is $6.49M; this covers prevention, suppression, and preparedness.

(a) The budget for hazard reduction burns for 2006-07 is $0.2M.

(b) The budget for hazard reduction and clean up tasks is $3.0M; this covers grazing, mowing/slashing, physical removal and herbicide control.

(c) Other activities included in the approved Bushfire Operation Plan (BOP):

Access improvements and maintenance - $1.0M;

Infrastructure such as dams and access trail signage - $0.1M;

Fire Fighting Equipment - $0.08M;

Fire fighter related training - $0.06M;

Auditing and monitoring - $0.17M;

Fire management salaries and stand up overtime - $0.83M;

Seasonal and rapid response plant - $0.95M; and

Emergency management - $0.06M.

The BOP is the approved works plan for fire related work for the 12-month period commencing on July 1st each year. Whilst some activities are specifically programmed in identified months (such as mowing and physical removal) other activities are undertaken when the seasonal circumstances are appropriate. A mixture of contract and permanent staff undertake the above activities.

(2) The budget for mowing along the urban edge, arterial roads and rural roads is $1.56M

(3) Grass is mowed to meet the standard specified in the Strategic Bushfire Management Plan (SBMP) which is to maintain the grass below 200mm when it is more than 70% dried out. Achieving this standard usually requires mowing to commence in October with the first cut being complete by Christmas. Only if the grass regrows and exceeds the standard specified in the SBMP is it necessary to undertake a second cut after Christmas. The very dry conditions this year has resulted in limited grass growth and hence some areas identified for mowing in the TAMS BOP will not require mowing in order to meet SBMP standards while most other areas are likely to only need a single cut. The specific areas identified for mowing are specified in the TAMS BOP which can be provided if requested.


(Question No 1349)

Mrs Burke asked the Minister for Disability and Community Services, upon notice, on 18 October 2006:

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