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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2006 Week 11 Hansard (16 November) . . Page.. 3623..

Personal explanation

MR PRATT (Brindabella): I seek leave to make a personal explanation under standing order 46.

MR SPEAKER: Do you claim to have been misrepresented?

MR PRATT: I have. In the discussion of a matter of public importance just concluded, Mr Hargreaves alleged that I had denigrated our ambulance officers, that I had denigrated their qualifications-

Mr Hargreaves interjecting-

MR PRATT: Can I just get through this Mr Hargreaves? Mr Hargreaves alleged that I had denigrated the qualification of our ambulance officers and, consequently, did not have respect for our ambulance officers. That was the nub of what he said. I was criticising the minister's-

MR SPEAKER: Stick to the personal matters.

MR PRATT: I made the point that six of the nine new officers that are coming to plug the immediate gaps in the ambulance service are not fully qualified to be properly immediately deployed, and that advice has been given to me by rank and file members of the service. I was commenting on the readiness of the nine officers. I was not commenting on their qualifications or the status of their training. I was not denigrating their training or their ability to be enthusiastic and fit officers. I was not disrespectful of those ambulance officers or their qualifications.

Gaming Machine Act 2004

Paper and statement by minister

DR FOSKEY (Molonglo) (4.37): I seek leave to move a motion concerning the noting of the paper presented by the Treasurer this afternoon.

Leave granted.

DR FOSKEY: I move:

That the resolution of the Assembly of today, relating to the agreement that the ninth report of the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission on community contributions made by gaming machine licensees for the period 1 July 2005 to 30 June 2006 be noted, be rescinded, and that the Assembly reconsider the motion-That the report be noted-forthwith.

Briefly, anyone who is listening will have noted that while I asked Mr Stanhope to note the report at the time, and he did, I failed to follow up with a request the debate be adjourned. Consequently, we have had to go through this very complex rigmarole.

Motion agreed to.

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