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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2006 Week 11 Hansard (16 November) . . Page.. 3590..

MR STANHOPE (continuing):

Yes, there is a big Bonaparte tree-a wollemi pine, probably-in the arboretum on the Tuggeranong Expressway.

There is an arboretum at Weston Creek that we completed last year with 11 different species, all of them exotic and all of them watered last summer-and, I believe, all of them watered with potable water last summer. But, of course, there are the 41/2 million trees that the government has planted in the last three years, including 150,000 that were watered. We have watered 150,000 trees over the last few years to keep them alive. Are you seriously suggesting that, as we face the most serious issue facing the world, namely climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, and as we know the role of trees in relation to that, you recommend that not only the government not plant trees but that nobody plant trees-or just that nobody plant trees in relation to a project that I support, that I advance and that will be a great tourism attractor in years to come?

It takes time; it takes a bit of vision; it will not be for 20 years or so; but the arboretum will, if achieved-and who knows whether it will be; it is a long-term project but it may be that there are others who do not have the vision or the will to proceed with projects-really build this town. I'm sure you would acknowledge that you are within that visionless mob. The reason that we know that you do not have a policy on this, the future or tourism is that it does not fit within the agenda of the 250 club, the faceless club of millionaires that Norman Abjorensen advises us has yet to decide what the Liberal Party's policies are for the next election; the faceless millionaire developers who are in the process of determining who shall lead the Liberal Party; the faceless millionaire developers who were in the process of determining and have just decided that Richard Mulcahy is not an appropriate representative of the millionaire developers within the Liberal Party.

MR SPEAKER: Come to the subject matter, please.

MR STANHOPE: Well, this is relevant to the subject matter.

MR SPEAKER: No, it's not. Come to the subject matter.

MR STANHOPE: This is about policy and about vision and the fact that the Liberal Party have none because the 250 club have not yet delivered it to them.

MR SPEAKER: Chief Minister, resume your seat!

Jindalee Aged Care Residence

MS MacDONALD: Mr Speaker, my question through you is to Ms Gallagher in her capacity as Minister for Health. Minister, there have been recent media reports about a number of cases of respiratory disease at Jindalee nursing home. Could you update the Assembly on this issue?

MS GALLAGHER: I thank Ms MacDonald for her question. Mr Speaker, there have been a number of cases of respiratory disease at Jindalee nursing home in Narrabundah. On 1 November this year the Jindalee aged care facility requested advice from the ACT Health Protection Service in managing a respiratory disease

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