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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2006 Week 6 Hansard (8 June) . . Page.. 2050..

(4) If there are addresses in the ACT that the Government does not have records for, where are these located and why have they not been entered into emergency service databases.

Mr Corbell

: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) Unlike other jurisdictions, the ACT is pro-active rather than re-active in its registrations of addresses. Full addresses are assigned well before land/suburb development begins. These addresses are registered in the ESA's Computer Aided Dispatch system, quarterly, as they become available. ACTPLA is in continuous consultation with the Electoral Commission and Australia Post who field validate addresses and notify of any inconsistencies which are then immediately remedied. Verification can also occur through feedback from ESA crews operating in all areas.

(2) Currently records in the CAD and from ACTPLA do not show any gated or secure housing facilities. Internal roads within private developments are named by ACTPLA in consultation with the developer and in accordance with existing ACT policies.

(3) Where a property exists within a large complex, units are uniquely numbered to assist in their identification. Also, such complexes generally have a map at their entrance to assist in locating individual units. ESA units can also seek additional information from the ComCen.

(4) The current process is designed to ensure that accurate records exist in the CAD database. A proactive approach is maintained such that any omissions are immediately investigated.

Gilmore-fire hazards

(Question No 1074)

Mr Pratt asked the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, upon notice, on 3 May 2006 (redirected to the Minister for the Territory and Municipal Services) :

(1) Did the Minister's office receive email correspondence in late 2005 regarding fire hazards on the hill in Gilmore parallel to Louisa Lawson Crescent; if so, what did the correspondence detail;

(2) Was correspondence received from a member of the NSW volunteer bushfire service; if so, what action was taken;

(3) Was any action taken to reduce the fire hazard in the area identified in Gilmore after the correspondence was received; if so, (a) where was action taken and (b) what was done;

(4) Were any hazard reduction activities undertaken surrounding the Gilmore sub-station and pumping station in this area; if so, what was done;

(5) Is the Minister aware of a fire that took place on the Gilmore hill area as identified in part (1) on Sunday, 2 April;

(6) Why did this fire take place if action was taken to reduce hazards and was the hazard reduction insufficient or non-existent.

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