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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2006 Week 6 Hansard (8 June) . . Page.. 2046..

In addition to the programs outlined above, the Government funds a wide range of government and community services that provide assistance to victims of elder abuse as part of their general service.

Seniors-Actively Ageing Framework

(Question No 1053)

Mr Smyth asked the Minister for Disability and Community Services, upon notice, on 2 May 2006 (redirected to the Minister for Tourism, Sport and Recreation):

(1) Where is the Government up to in implementing the following key recommendations contained in the Actively Ageing Framework: (a) Market Research, (b) Promotional Campaign, (c) Training Programs and (d) Pilot Projects - Sustained Participation;

(2) Given that within the strategic directions of the Actively Ageing Framework the Government committed to undertaking a number of research and evaluation projects, have the projects on that list been completed such as (a) an audit/survey on physical activity opportunities, (b) an audit/survey on the physical activity needs of older people, (c) a central resource for storing and sharing the baseline information, (d) research results disseminated to stakeholders, (e) best practice programs, which meet established criteria, identified and (f) programs monitored and evaluated to assess sustainability in meeting client needs; if not, why not;

(3) How has this information furthered the implementation of the Actively Ageing Framework;

(4) In relation to program development and delivery, have the following commitments been achieved: (a) guidelines for the conduct of physical activity programs for older people published, (b) survey of service deliverers conducted to assess whether they are better able to support older clients and their needs within the community, (c) survey of community members conducted to assess the success of service deliverers, (d) options for incentives to encourage greater involvement of health professionals explored and implemented and (e) pilot programs conducted, monitored and assessed; if not, why not;

(5) What did the collection of this information tell Government about program development and delivery;

(6) In relation to access and transport have the following commitments been achieved: (a) baseline audit/survey with information on accessibility completed, (b) options of affordability, diversity and transport investigated and reported and (c) government in receipt of advice on possible options for improving access and transport; if not, why not;

(7) What did the collection of this information tell Government about access and transport;

(8) In regards to promotion, marketing and recruitment have the following commitments been achieved: (a) measurement of higher levels of participation in sport and recreation by older people, (b) an increase in participation by specific target groups in physical activity, (c) effective marketing and promotional strategies in place and (d) options for incentives/funding program considered by government; if not, why not;

(9) What did the collection of this information tell Government about promotion, marketing and recruitment.

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