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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2006 Week 3 Hansard (30 March) . . Page.. 948..

(13) Will the new logo be placed on all ACT Government vehicles; if so, what is the expected cost of this plan; if not, how many vehicles will have the new logo placed on them and what will be the cost of this action;

(14) Will the new logo be placed on all agency uniforms; if so, what is the expected cost for new uniforms;

(15) Will individual agencies be expected to place the new logo on their websites or will an information technology provider be hired to undertake this job and what are the costs, monetary and/or time, associated with amending agency websites to include the new logo.

Mr Stanhope

: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) The ACT coat of arms is not a new logo. It is an existing logo that has been strengthened to reinforce recognition of the role of ACT Government and its departments.

(2) The application of these images and text in many instances, such as in media campaigns and sponsorships, was not suitable in terms of the quality of its reproduction. A stronger single brand image provides a clearer representation of the ACT Government and its agencies to the Canberra community.

(3) All governments across Australia (except NSW) have undergone a rebranding in recent years - this is a common practice both in the public and private sector.

(4) Where appropriate the 'Building our city, building our community' logo will continue to be used.

(5) This will be at the discretion of the Government.

(6) BOC BOC remains as a component of Government branding.

(7) The new logo was designed by

a) Publishing Services within DUS

b) Communications Unit within CMD

c) Publishing Services within DUS

(8) Yes. Working on logo and branding is core business for CMD Communications and DUS Publishing Services.

(9) See above.

(10) See 7 above.

a) Cost of the logo was $2,500 (Publishing Services' fee-for-service) and $1,000 (graphic designer for logo refinement) (including GST).

b) Nil

c) $2,300 (Publishing Service)

(11) The changeover is expected to take approximately 12 months as has been the case in other jurisdictions.

(12) Nil.

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