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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2006 Week 3 Hansard (30 March) . . Page.. 947..

Mr Hargreaves

: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) a) 2003/04 - $0

(1) b) 2004/05 - $435,000

(1) c) 2005/06 - $585,000

(2) The Functional Review is ongoing therefore it would be pre-emptive to speculate about its recommendations.


(Question No 898)

Mr Smyth asked the Chief Minister, upon notice, on 15 February 2006:

(1) Why did the ACT Government decide to create a new logo;

(2) What was wrong with the old logo that warranted a new logo;

(3) Why wasn't the new logo created when the Government also created the Building Our City, Building Our Community (BOC BOC) logo;

(4) Why will the BOC BOC logo now only be used for "big projects";

(5) How does the Government define a "big project";

(6) Was the $10 000 spent on the BOC BOC logo a waste of money; if not, what value did the ACT receive from this logo;

(7) Who created the new (a) ACT Government logo, (b) ACT Government branding guidelines and (c) website for the ACT Government branding guidelines;

(8) Did those who created the (a) logo, (b) branding guidelines and (c) website already work in the ACT public service; if so, what position did they hold and were they required to undertake normal duties while preparing the new logo;

(9) If they weren't required to undertake normal duties, who undertook those duties;

(10) If they did not already work in the ACT public service, what were the costs associated with the creation of the new (a) logo, (b) branding guidelines and (c) website for the ACT Government branding guidelines;

(11) Given the Government has said that the new campaign is designed to ensure that the ACT Government brand is used consistently across all ACT Government agencies to achieve a uniform visual branding, what is the final date by which it is expected that all agencies will be using new stationery with the new logo;

(12) What is the amount of stationery you expect that will be discarded in ensuring there is consistency across all agencies using this new logo;

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