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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2006 Week 2 Hansard (9 March) . . Page.. 600..

MR MULCAHY (continuing):

He has, in my view, shown that he does have competence and a good command of the facts of Treasury. Of particular importance, and I did say this in a media statement I issued, I am very firmly of the view that he is a person of integrity and that, sadly, is not always a feature that is linked with politicians in Australia. I think we are down the bottom of the pole in terms of public perceptions. But I think that Ted Quinlan is an individual who has demonstrated that he does hold values of integrity. I certainly wish him well in his future endeavours. I understand that he will be moving into quasi-retirement. I express the very sincere hope that the Canberra community will continue to see the benefits of his undoubted talents.

Mr Ted Quinlan-retirement

Mr Roland Manderson


(Molonglo) (6.07): I have only known Mr Quinlan at close quarters in this place, which is not really very close, for a little over a year, but I want to say that I will miss very much the kind of presence that he has brought to this Assembly. He remarked on humour and wit. I am quite sure that he is very aware that he contributed a lot of that to the Assembly. But, not only that, he has contributed a kind of calmness that has given the appearance of wisdom, for which I commend him. Perhaps it is a wise move for him to leave now. I am sure that that kind of consideration has been given to it.

I want to acknowledge at the start of this speech the contribution of my adviser, Roland Manderson, who has been here for a lot longer than I have and he should be given credit where credit is due.

In wishing farewell to Mr Quinlan, I would like to return the favour he has bestowed regularly on members at the end of most sitting years. In 1999, for example, Mr Quinlan gave members a day on notional calendars. He gave May Day to Mr Berry and the 1994 grand final day to Mr Osborne. In that spirit, I was considering awarding to Mr Quinlan union picnic day, which is really about easygoing relaxation, because it looks like the last picnic has happened at around the time of Mr Quinlan's last sitting day here. However, I decided that he should have Melbourne Cup day because he seems to have sustained a good rapport with the gambling and racing industries over the years. Given that he will no longer have to worry about cup day being a sitting day, he will be able to put his feet up and rest his knees.

In 2001, Mr Quinlan gave members scholarships and academic awards. As Mr Quinlan is now leaving this place, it would seem appropriate to offer him a travelling scholarship, perhaps to a range of golf courses and socially responsible golf clubs, with, I trust, the chance to develop new business relationships out on the fairway. In 2002, Mr Quinlan bestowed proverbs on members. With that in mind, "a fool and his money are soon parted"and "he goes a'sorrowing who goes a'borrowing"are proverbs that spring to mind, particularly as they seem appropriate to our present fiscal environment.

In terms of the interests that I, and Kerrie before me, have championed in the Assembly, such as affordable housing, environment protection and triple bottom line accounting, I am tempted to bestow on Mr Quinlan "inaction speaks louder than words". However, in taking a broader view of his contribution, it seems to me that "he who laughs last laughs best"describes him well.

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