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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2006 Week 02 Hansard (Tuesday, 7 March 2006) . . Page.. 357 ..

MR HARGREAVES: I am trying to. I am desperately trying to. I must say that sometimes I have to repeat the question from Mr Pratt because, like most people in Canberra, I do not understand him and I do not understand what on earth he is babbling on about. I have to verbally process his stuff. I apologise to your good self, Mr Speaker.

In answer to his question: “How can the community have confidence in their policing when this government does not give enough resources?”, there are two answers. The first answer is: the community will have confidence in their police officers because we have the best policing processes in the country. The second is: the best way the community can have confidence in their police force is not to listen to a thing Mr Pratt ever says anywhere in the world about it.

Mrs Burke: On a point of order—

Mr Pratt: Did you know it was intellectually superior?

MR SPEAKER: I cannot hear this point of order that your colleague is trying to raise, Mr Pratt.

Mrs Burke: Thank you, Mr Speaker. I ask you to direct the minister to be relevant in his answer to the question: “How can Canberra families have confidence in your government’s law-and-order policies?”, not the police. He needs to rectify that. I ask you to rule on that.

MR SPEAKER: Have you finished, Mr Hargreaves?

MR HARGREAVES: No. I have got two minutes to go. The community can have enormous confidence in its police force, despite the rantings and ravings of this man opposite. He goes out of his way and goes trolling through all manner of documents to try to find something wrong. What is wrong? I know exactly what is wrong. He went to gather the mail the other day and there was no policeman at the bottom of his driveway. There was nobody there. And not a rebel in sight!

The fact of the matter is this: we have the best police force in this country. Contrary to Mr Pratt’s assertions, that is so. We have the best policing processes in this country, proven by double-digit reductions because of major crime initiatives. The so-called shadow minister, for the moment, the aspirant over there for the deputy position on the other side, would have us believe that there are rampant gangs running riot across the countryside. They are slashing and burning and razing to the ground—all of these horrible things. I quake in my bed of a night-time. The fact is that this man builds up straw men and tries to tear them down. The only straw thing in this place is this man’s ability to articulate a damn thing in this place.

Housing—ministerial summit

MS PORTER: My question is to the Minister for Disability, Housing and Community Services. Can the minister please inform the Assembly of the discussions held at his ministerial housing summit last week?

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