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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2004 Week 10 Hansard (26 August) . . Page.. 4331..


Mrs Burke: He accused me, Mr Speaker, of illegally obtaining documents.

Mr Smyth: It is not from Hansard; it is from the tape.

Mrs Burke: Yes, from the tape. Personal reflections, standing order 55, Mr Speaker.

MR SPEAKER: Make your point.

Mrs Burke: Thank you very much. This is from a read back. Mr Stanhope said:

Mrs Burke, in her question today-

MR SPEAKER: A read back from where?

Mrs Burke: From the tape of Hansard:

Mrs Burke, in her question today, quoted from documents that were quite obviously illegally obtained by her.

I ask that he withdraw that right now, thank you.

MR SPEAKER: I did not hear him say "by her", but, if he did, I ask him to withdraw it.

Mr Stanhope: Mr Speaker, my position on the point of order is that the documents were not authorised for disclosure to the opposition. If documents that are the property of the ACT government have been provided to the opposition-

Mr Smyth: He cannot speak to it, Mr Speaker.

Mr Stanhope: I am speaking to the point of order.

MR SPEAKER: Mrs Burke has just read back what she has said is a true record from the tape. I will check that. In the meantime, I would like you to withdraw the imputation.

Mr Stanhope: I withdraw any imputation, Mr Speaker, but I call upon Mrs Burke to table all documents received by her from which she has been quoting so that I can refer them to the Australian Federal Police for investigation. I will have the Australian Federal Police call upon Mrs Burke to investigate the basis on which she received them.

MR STEFANIAK: I have a supplementary question, Mr Speaker. Minister, how do you explain Mr Quinlan's comments that the PID was "a spray" other than that either your office or your department provided advice about its contents to him? How did Mr Quinlan know that the PID was about a variety of issues rather than just one?

Mr Quinlan: Can I answer the supplementary question?

MR SPEAKER: No, it was put to the minister for education.

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