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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2004 Week 10 Hansard (25 August) . . Page.. 4146..

MRS CROSS (continuing):

Can the minister explain why development applications for aged care and supportive housing have been referred to the Australian Valuation Office prior to approval, causing delays and excessive valuations?

MR CORBELL: I think Mrs Cross has quoted my answer a little bit out of context. I think what I said yesterday-and I will check Hansard-was that the rate of change of use charge is calculated by ACTPLA based on the formulas determined by this place. The land act determines the rate of change of use charge applicable.

It is normal practice to indicate to a potential purchaser of land, to a potential developer, that they seek advice from their own valuer on the value of land and, therefore, the change of use charge they may have to pay up front. This is designed actually to save the proponent time, because they are able to know up front whether or not they can afford the cost before they proceed down the track to a more detailed examination of the planning and design issues that they would subsequently have to undertake.

MRS CROSS: Minister, will you ensure that the Australian Valuation Office is made aware of the Chief Minister's announcements regarding aged care facilities?

MR CORBELL: I am unclear as to what Mrs Cross is referring to.

Mrs Cross: It is related to the question I asked you yesterday, and it is a follow-on from that, Simon.

MR CORBELL: I am sorry, Mrs Cross, I am trying to answer your question. I am just saying that I am a little unclear as to which aspects of the Chief Minister's statement you want me to refer to, but I can assure members, including Mrs Cross, that the Australian Valuation Office's role is to independently evaluate the increase in value as a result of additional development rights in regard to any development, including an aged care development. They do that in a time frame that they are able to do it within. They virtually make that time frame as soon as possible, but the Australian Valuation Office is not an entity that the government has control over.

Mental health

MS TUCKER: My question is directed to the Minister for Health. It is drawn from the Mental Health ACT June report on its response to the Patterson inquiry into the risk of harm for clients of this service. Recommendation 40, which is being reported on by Mental Health ACT, reads as follows:

40. that all clients of Mental Health ACT have regular medical examinations and arrangements are made to ensure that GP services are available when needed; this may require contracting for the services of a general practitioner.

Under the progress to June 2004 report, the service advises that:

Consumers ... have regular medical examinations and arrangements are made to promote GP services when needed. Minimum annual medical reviews are coordinated if necessary by clinical managers.

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