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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: Week 9 Hansard (18 August) . . Page.. 3855..

Ms Dundas: Mr Speaker, for clarification, the question was about the contact that Environment ACT or other government officials had with the developer.

MR STANHOPE: The question was about the range of contact by government officials in relation to a very significant and important development being undertaken in Belconnen. As I say, something that continues to please me and gives me pride in our community and pride in the efforts and endeavours of this government over the past three years is the degree of economic activity that we are generating. We have the strongest economy in Australia. The strength of this economy and the confidence there is in this economy are represented through all the development that is currently going on. So, of course, I am particularly pleased to know that ACT government officials are dealing with those people around this town who have confidence in this town-unlike the opposition, which talks the town down continuously.

It is unlike some members of the crossbench who talk the town down continuously, who do not like to see development or to see the economy expanding, who have no interest in small business, no interest in investment and no interest in development. They do not like to see the town progressing and humming, or that the people of Canberra are happy. I am particularly pleased that we have such a strong, vibrant economy and that the business community is pleased and confident and is continuing to invest. The strength of the economy, the level of confidence and the fact that the place is booming and humming cause me enormous pleasure. The fact that the people of Canberra are enormously happy is a sign of the enormous success of this government.


MR HARGREAVES: My question is to the Minister for Environment. Can the minister advise the Assembly of the progress made in meeting the government's water reuse target in the "Think water, act water"strategy?

MR STANHOPE: I thank Mr Hargreaves for that very important and very timely question. It has given me tremendous pleasure today to inaugurate the new water treatment service. It has now come on line. It is something that was in gestation for some time. It was with great pleasure that I started the pumps today and began the pumping of treated water from the Fyshwick treatment plant to Russell for distribution throughout the northern suburbs of Canberra.

This is a very significant development. It is a $4 million investment by Actew in a water treatment plant that delivers to us water that now meets the highest Australian standards in relation to health, environmental and other aspects. Water will now be provided for significant and major customers within the ACT, namely, Canberra Urban Parks and Places, ADFA, the ANU and the Australian Rugby Union. Very significant ovals and very significant infrastructure will now be the beneficiaries of the water that will be treated by this new treatment plant.

It is a very significant plant. It is cutting edge. It is state of the art. It is a water treatment or filtration plant that really does meet the cutting edge of technological advancement in relation to water treatment throughout Australia. I think that it is significant that we now lead the way in Australia. We are essentially testing and piloting this scheme. Work has

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