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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: Week 8 Hansard (4 August) . . Page.. 3421..

Mrs Dunne: The standing order states that an answer should be concise and confined to the subject matter of the question. After one minute and 15 seconds I had not been given any answer that related to the subject matter of my question, that is, community consultation about the cull.

Mr Quinlan: You just were not getting what you wanted so you interrupted, as you always do.

MR SPEAKER: We have been over this issue before. I cannot direct ministers to answer questions in the way in which opposition members or anybody else want them answered. The standing orders, which are pretty clear, state that responses to questions should be concise. At the same time they also give ministers five minutes within which to answer questions. In that sense I am bound by the standing orders to let ministers speak for five minutes.

Mrs Dunne: I submit that on the-

MR SPEAKER: That is my ruling.

Housing-stamp duty concessions

MS DUNDAS: My question is directed to the Treasurer. Could you inform the Assembly how many applications have been received and how many have been approved for stamp duty concessions under the new revised stamp duty scheme? How many of the approved applications have been for unit titled properties?

MR QUINLAN: I do not have the numbers with me. I know that there have been of the order of 117 applications overall in a month. Because there have been quite a number of applications the processing of those applications is taking about four or five days. I cannot, off the top of my head, give the member an answer to her question about unit titled applications. I will take that question on notice.

MS DUNDAS: I ask the minister a supplementary question. Could you find out and inform the Assembly how many applicants who have been approved have dependent children?

MR QUINLAN: As the existence of dependent children can change the threshold level, they may not necessarily be completely below the threshold. I will check on those applicants who have claimed that they have dependent children in order to shift that threshold.

Schools-industrial safety

MRS BURKE: Mr Speaker, my question, through you, is to the Minister for Education and Training. In March 2004, the autism and special needs building at the Gowrie Primary School was being upgraded. A cyclone fence had been built around the work area to secure it. Unfortunately, this fence was left open. A special needs child was disturbed by the noise of a cement truck and ran through the fence opening. The child ran

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