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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2004 Week 08 Hansard (Tuesday, 3 August 2004) . . Page.. 3362 ..

One of the worst points of this government—and there have been quite a few—has been its complete lack of attention to this. It has lacked imagination and initiative in identifying and developing sites. When they have a good site jump up and bite them in the face—

Mrs Dunne: Posterior.

MR STEFANIAK: Face, posterior, whatever—I was going to say, “arse”. When a good site bites them in the posterior all sorts of excuses are made for them not to proceed. One of the few sites identified that seems to have raised the ire of some people in the community is the one at north-east Belconnen, near the lake. There are some points in relation to that. But problems have been pointed out with any other number of sites. They have tried to blame the Commonwealth. That is an absolutely spurious argument.

MR SPEAKER: The time for this debate has expired.

Litter Bill 2003

Debate resumed from 11 December 2003, on motion by Mr Wood:

That this bill be agreed to in principle.

MR CORNWELL (4.50): The opposition will be supporting the Litter Bill 2003. It covers a number of important upgrades in dealing with litter in this territory. It is important to remember that the last time this bill was before us the population of the territory was a lot less than 320,000.

Mr Wood: That long ago?

MR CORNWELL: It was certainly more recent than that, Mr Wood. Therefore the litter problem has increased. I notice for example that it is intended to deal with litter from private land. Anybody who has been out to Gungahlin, coming through from Mitchell, and seen the building sites in that area and the litter that has blown from them into various fences and such like, will realise just how important this aspect of this legislation is in cleaning up that mess.

Construction demolition waste is included, as are the old advertising leaflets under windscreens. An inclusion I particularly welcome relates to throwing litter from a vehicle. As members will be aware, I proposed to put forward legislation to control this matter. I was gazumped by the government with this particular bill. I do not bear any grudge. I am just pleased that the matter has come before us for action.

For far too long it has been an unsatisfactory arrangement. The driver, rather than the owner, of the vehicle had to be tracked down and prosecuted for throwing litter from a car or truck or whatever. Common sense would indicate that we should do the same thing as we do with parking fines and speeding fines; that is, fine the owner, initially at least. It is amazing how quickly they manage to remember who was driving the car at the time. When those people are spoken to their memory quickly returns.

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