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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2004 Week 7 Hansard (1 July) . . Page.. 3247..

omit clause 38, substitute

38 Expiry of Act

(1) This Act expires on a date (not earlier than 17 June 2006) fixed by the Minister by written notice.

(2) The notice is a disallowable instrument.

Note A disallowable instrument must be notified, and presented to the Legislative Assembly, under the Legislation Act.

(3) Subject to any disallowance or amendment under the Legislation Act, chapter 7, the notice commences-

(a) if there is a motion to disallow the notice and the motion is negatived by the Legislative Assembly-the day after the day the disallowance motion is negatived; or

(b) the day after the 6th sitting day after the day it is presented to the Legislative Assembly under that chapter; or

(c) if the expiry notice provides for a later date or time of commencement-on that date or at that time.

(4) The date fixed by the notice must not be earlier than the day the notice commences.

Schedule 9

Gene Technology (GM Crop Moratorium) Bill 2004

Amendments moved by the Acting Minister for Health


Proposed new clause 8 (1A) to (1C)

Page 4, line 10-


(1A) Before giving an exemption, the Minister must ask the advisory council, in writing, for its recommendation about whether the exemption should be given.

(1B) If the Minister does not receive a recommendation from the advisory council within 28 days after the day the Minister asks for it, the Minister may give an exemption without a recommendation.

(1C) If the advisory council recommends against giving an exemption but the Minister decides to give the exemption, the Minister must-

(a) give the advisory council written reasons for not following its recommendation; and

(b) make those reasons, and the recommendation, publicly available.


Proposed new clause 10A

Page 5, line 11-

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