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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2004 Week 7 Hansard (1 July) . . Page.. 3246..

(e) a person nominated by the Conservation Council of the South-East Region and Canberra (Inc) with skills or experience in ecological or environmental issues;

(f) a person nominated by the ACT Rural Lessees' Association;

(g) a person nominated by the Canberra Region Branch Biotechnology Group of AusBiotech;

(h) a person who has academic legal skills.

(4) If an entity mentioned in subsection (3) (e) to (g) ceases to exist or does not nominate a member for appointment to the advisory council, the Minister must appoint a person nominated by another entity the Minister considers has similar objectives to the entity.

Schedule 8

Gene Technology (GM Crop Moratorium) Bill 2004

Amendments moved by Ms Dundas


Clause 7 (1)

Page 4, line 4-

omit clause 7 (1), substitute

(1) The Minister may, in writing, make an order (a moratorium order ) designating an area of the ACT as an area where-

(a) a stated GM food plant may not be cultivated; or

(b) no GM food plant may be cultivated.

(1A) A moratorium order, or a combination of moratorium orders, may designate all of the ACT.


Proposed new clause 8 (4A)

Page 4, line 15-


(4A) Subject to any disallowance or amendment under the Legislation Act, chapter 7, an exemption commences-

(a) if there is a motion to disallow the exemption and the motion is negatived by the Legislative Assembly-the day after the day the disallowance motion is negatived; or

(b) the day after the 6th sitting day after the day it is presented to the Legislative Assembly under that chapter; or

(c) if the exemption provides for a later date or time of commencement-on that date or at that time.


Clause 38

Page 22, line 12-

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