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Tuesday, 22 June 2004

Estimates 2004-2005—Select Committee

Community Services and Social Equity—Standing Committee

Estimates 2004-2005—Select Committee

Questions without notice:

Nurses—enterprise agreement

Phillip oval

Gungahlin Drive extension

Water—use in toilets

Housing—Fraser Court

Apples—fire blight

Child protection

Child protection



Ministerial study trip

Supplementary answers to question without notice:

Gungahlin Drive extension

Answers to questions on notice:

Question Nos 1481, 1482, 1506, 1555

Statement by Speaker


Executive contracts


Public Accounts—Standing Committee

Administrative arrangements

Review of the Safety of Children in the Care of the ACT and

of ACT Child Protection Management

Environment Protection Authority

Financial Management Act—transfer of appropriations

Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission


Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission

Heritage Bill 2004


Territory plan—variation No 223

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee


Public hospital system (Matter of public importance).

Legal Affairs—Standing Committee

Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2004 (No 2)

Emergencies Bill 2004

Suspension of standing order 76

Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2004

Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2004

Death of Mrs Celia Harsdorf (Statement by Speaker)


Gungahlin Drive extension

Mrs Celia Harsdorf

Schedules of amendments:

Schedule 1: Emergencies Bill 2004

Schedule 2: Emergencies Bill 2004

Schedule 3: Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2004

Schedule 4: Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2004

Schedule 5: Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2004

Schedule 6: Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Bill 2004

Schedule 7: Emergencies Bill 2004

Wednesday, 23 June 2004

Legal Affairs—Standing committee

Charter of Responsibilities Bill 2004

Tobacco (Vending Machine Ban) Amendment Bill 2004

Rehabilitation Independent Living Unit

Pharmacy Amendment Bill 2004


Community pharmacy

ACT Planning and Land Authority

Questions without notice:




Civic library development

Bushfires—coronial inquest

Executive—additional staff

Vardon report

Pharmacy Amendment Bill 2004

Child protection

Nurses—enterprise agreement

Supplementary answer to question without notice: Policing—Manuka

Pharmacy Amendment Bill 2004

Greenhouse gas reduction

Making of regulations

Distinguished visitor

Making of regulations

Planning and Land Authority

Pharmacy Amendment Bill 2004


Minister for Health and Minister for Planning

Assembly toilets

Naming of public servants

Naming of public servants

Schedule of amendments:

Schedule 1: Pharmacy Amendment Bill 2004

Thursday, 24 June 2004

Minister for Health (Motion of want of confidence)

Civil Law (Wrongs) (Proportionate Liability and Professional Standards) Amendment Bill 2004

Criminal Code (Serious Drug Offences) Amendment Bill 2004

Discrimination Amendment Bill 2004 (No 2)

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2004

Electricity (Greenhouse Gas Emissions) Bill 2004

Payroll Tax Amendment Bill 2004

Drugs of Dependence (Syringe Vending Machines) Amendment Bill 2004

Intoxicated Persons (Care and Protection) Amendment Bill 2004.

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Planning and Environment—Standing Committee

Executive business

Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2004

Suspension of standing and temporary orders

Financial Management Amendment Bill 2003 (No 3)

Financial Management Amendment Bill 2004 (No 2)

Absence of Chief Minister

Questions without notice:

Hospital bypasses

Child protection

Canberra central

Child protection


Children with disabilities


Hire cars

Emergency services

Child protection

Supplementary answers to questions without notice:


Child protection



Protection Orders Act 2001

Public Accounts—Standing Committee


Police numbers: (Matter of public importance)

Gaming Machine Bill 2004

Minister for Health (Motion of want of confidence)



Statements in Legislative Assembly

Incorporated documents

Attachment 1

Attachment 2

Attachment 3

Attachment 4

Attachment 5

Schedules of amendments

Schedule 1: Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2004

Schedule 2: Gaming Machine Bill 2004

Schedule 3: Gaming Machine Bill 2004

Schedule 4: Gaming Machine Bill 2004

Schedule 5: Gaming Machine Bill 2004

Schedule 6: Gaming Machine Bill 2004

Schedule 7: Gaming Machine Bill 2004

Schedule 8: Gaming Machine Bill 2004

Schedule 9: Gaming Machine Bill 2004

Answers to questions:

Child protection (Question No 1407)

Mental health—services (Question No 1460)

Mental health—services (Question No 1461)

Mental health—services (Question No 1462)

Disabled students (Question No 1480)

Electricity—costs (Question No 1483)

Aged care accommodation (Question No 1484)

Street lighting (Question No 1485)

Child protection (Question No 1486)

Development—Yarralumla (Question No 1488)

Land tax (Question No 1489)

Superannuation (Question No 1490)

Parking levy (Question No 1491)

Superannuation (Question No 1492)

ACTION—services (Question No 1493)

Tuggeranong—paid parking (Question No 1494)

Police force—recording devices (Question No 1495)

Schools—staff structures (Question No 1496)

Teachers (Question No 1497)

Fireworks (Question No 1498)

Fireworks (Question No 1499)

Disabled persons—employment (Question No 1500)

Housing—review (Question No 1501)

Playground safety (Question No 1502)

Playground safety (Question No 1503)

Vocational education and training (Question No 1504)

Canberra Institute of Technology (Question No 1505)

Seniors—transport scheme (Question No 1507)

Housing—investment properties (Question No 1508)

Aged care accommodation (Question No 1509)

Child protection (Question No 1510)

Workers compensation (Question No 1511)

WorkCover (Question No 1512)

WorkCover (Question No 1513)

WorkCover (Question No 1514)

Workers compensation (Question No 1515)

Community housing (Question No 1516)

Housing—evictions (Question No 1517)

Public service—staff training (Question No 1518)

Housing—disabled persons (Question No 1519)

Housing—maintenance requests (Question No 1520)

Curriculum guidelines (Question No 1521)

Class sizes (Question No 1522)

Teachers—statistics (Question No 1523)

Teachers—retirement (Question No 1524)

Teachers—incidents (Question No 1525)

Schools—Wanniassa (Question No 1526)

Long service leave (Question No 1527)

Retirement villages—code of practice (Question No 1529)

Waste disposal—infringements (Question No 1530)

Euthanasia (Question No 1531)

Prisons and prisoners (Question No 1533)

Police force—resignations (Question No 1534)

Hospitals—waiting lists (Question No 1535)

Employment incentive schemes (Question No 1537)

Housing—properties (Question No 1538)

Employment statistics (Question No 1539)

Lanyon marketplace (Question No 1540)

Development—Conder (Question No 1541)

Drug-related crime (Question No 1542)

Driving offences (Question No 1543)

Crime prevention (Question No 1544)

Students—dress standards (Question No 1545)

Teachers—dress standards (Question No 1546)

Teachers—salaries (Question No 1547)

Education—Year 12 trends (Question No 1548)

Teachers—agreements (Question No 1549).

Education—truancy rates (Question No 1550)

LaserWrap artwork (Question No 1552)

Belconnen Arts and Cultural Facilities study (Question No 1553)

Transport—hire cars (Question No 1554)

Evatt Primary School (Question No 1556)