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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: Week 5 Hansard (25 May) . . Page.. 2230..

Mr Wood

The answer to the member's question is as follows:

1. The response to Question on notice No 1197 stated that 'The project is running to schedule. Preliminary results are expected in mid-February and the working completion date is early April. The Budget states that final completion is expected by June 2004 (page 177, Budget Paper 4).'

There have been no changes to this timeline.

2. The working recommendations are being considered by Government in the context of the 2004-05 Budget process.

Sports facility study

(Question No 1448)

Mr Stefaniak asked the Minister for Sport, Racing and Gaming, upon notice, on 31 March 2004:

1) In relation to a request by my staff in February to a Departmental Officer in Sport and Recreation ACT for a copy of the sports facilities study completed by the Department which was highlighted in the December Sport and recreation newsletter, why is it now that after requesting this study twice my office has been informed that the study is not available until an official launch takes place?

2) How many copies of the study have been distributed in the sport and recreation community?

3) When will I be able to obtain a copy of the original document?

4) Are any changes being made to that document?

5) When will the study be publicly released and can you assure me that the document that is publicly released will not be different to the one that I believe a number of organisations already have a copy of?

Mr Quinlan

: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

1) The "Facilities Study 2003"provides a 'snapshot' of the current facilities situation in the ACT and identifies gaps in the future needs of our community. The Study makes 18 recommendations for the Government to consider.

Whilst work was undertaken by Sport and Recreation ACT staff in preparing the document, the ACT Sport and Recreation Council took a lead role in the development of this study and in the coordination and presentation of its public release. As such, it must be emphasised that the study is a document of the Council and its recommendations do not represent Government or departmental policy.

As an ACT Sport and Recreation Council document, it was always intended for the Council to publicly release the study. However, the availability of the study was inadvertently advertised in the December 2003 Sport and Recreation newsletter, with a small number of copies subsequently released to the public. When this situation was

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