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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: Week 5 Hansard (25 May) . . Page.. 2219..

(3) Has any sort of memo been sent out to ACT schools to (a) remind teachers and students what the penalties are for selling drugs at school and (b) ask teachers to keep a watchful eye on any sort of evidence that Ritalin or other drugs are being sold in the school yard;

(4) If so, when was this memo issued; if not, why not, and will you consider issuing such a memo;

(5) Is the ACT Government giving any consideration to locking up Ritalin for those students who need it and administering when needed, as is being considered in NSW.

Ms Gallagher

: The answer to Mr Pratt's question is:

(1) The department has not received reports from ACT government schools, advising of students selling Ritalin tablets to other students.

(2) ACT government schools are supported in developing individual school policies such as critical incidents policies and drug education policies. Actions taken with students selling drugs at school are in accordance with Department of Education, Youth and Family Services (DEYFS) policies and procedures as outlined in the school management manual and the safe schools policy framework. These actions may include:

informing and consulting parents/carers

requiring the student to attend compulsory information/counselling sessions

withdrawing privileges

referring students to an external agency


notifying police.

(3) (a) and (b) No. These are ongoing duty of care issues that are the responsibility of principals.

(4) As there have been no reports of Ritalin being sold in ACT schools, a memo has not been issued at this time. A minute to principals may be issued if the department has cause to be concerned.

(5) If the school has been requested in writing to administer medication, the medication is kept in a secure place and administered according to the DEYFS policy ''administration of prescribed medication, catheters and injections to students".

Workplace improvement notices

(Question No 1434)

Mr Pratt

asked the Minister for Industrial Relations, upon notice, on 31 March 2004:

(1) What is the breakdown of industries identified in the Operation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1989 Quarterly Report December Quarter 2003 for which 55 Improvement Notices were issued;

(2) When are these workplaces scheduled to be checked again by A.C.T. Workcover to see if they have complied with the Improvement Notice;

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