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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: Week 5 Hansard (25 May) . . Page.. 2204..

(7) types of services provided;

(8) number of contracts needing extension after 2003;

(9) numbers of each type of contract used, in the following categories (a) standard (b) schedule of fees, (c) quote/lump sum, (d) invoice and (e) other;

(10) number of services outsourced in the following categories (i) whole, (ii) in part or (iii) unidentified;

(11) number of contracts directing appropriate award usage;

(12) number of contracts where there is subcontracting occurring;

(13) number of contracts with (a) permission or (b) non-permission clause for subcontracting;

(14) number of contracts requiring award usage for subcontractors.

Ms Gallagher

: The answer to Mr Berry's question is:

I have been advised by my department that the information sought is not in an easily retrievable form, and that to collect and assemble the information sought solely for the purpose of answering the question would require a considerable diversion of resources. In this instance, I do not believe that it would be appropriate to divert resources from other priority activities for the purposes of answering the Member's question. However, I would be pleased to provide the Member with a verbal briefing on request covering information relevant to this subject.

Shopfront queue times

(Question No 1423)

Mr Cornwell

asked the Minister for Urban Services, upon notice, on 30 March 2004:

In relation to shopfront queue times.

(1) Appropriation Bill 2003-2004 (No 3), Department of Urban Services Output 1.1, Customer Services and Information and the new measure "average queue wait time"for Shopfront service, does the target of 12 minutes or less reflect the Government's own desired target for waiting times, or is it representative of the average actual waiting time to date for the current financial year;

(2) If it is the Government's own target waiting time, why is a target waiting time of up to 12 minutes acceptable, when previously a waiting time of up to only 7 minutes was used as a benchmark against which waiting times were measured as acceptable;

(3) If 12 minutes is representative of the average waiting time to date for the current financial year, why has this increase occurred?

Mr Wood: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) The new shopfront average queue time target of 12 minutes was established to provide a consistent measure across Canberra Connect shopfronts and the Motor Vehicle Registry

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