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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: Week 5 Hansard (25 May) . . Page.. 2180..

(3) When is it expected that development on each of these sites will be (a) commenced and (b) concluded;

(4) How many aged care beds will be provided by each of these developments, and will they be (a) high care, (b) low care or (c) independent living units;

(5) In relation to two further sites set for release in 2004-05, namely Block 9 Section 78 Nicholls and Block 9 Section 410 Gordon, can he provide similar information to that in parts (2), (3), and (4) above;

(6) In relation to planning investigations that have also commenced for the development of aged care accommodation on sites 14 and 19 Greenway, can he provide similar information to that in parts (2), (3), and (4) above.

Mr Corbell

: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) The sites referred to in the brochure are Blocks 1 and 4 Section 4 Bruce, Block 53 Section 8 Garran, Block 6 Section 87 Belconnen and Block 2 Section 59 Weston. The Government's Land Release Program issued in the 2003/04 budget does not refer to Block 2 Section 59 Weston as an application was made for that land after the budget was announced.

(2) The Bruce site has been offered to the Little Company of Mary Calvary Health Care Holdings and the Government has agreed to the site in Garran being sold to Southern Cross Homes (NSW) Inc. A decision will be made shortly on an application by the Uniting Church in Australia (ACT) Property Trust for the grant of a lease by direct sale of Block 2 Section 59 Weston. The site in Belconnen has been identified for release through a competitive process.

(3) The timeframe for commencement and completion of development on these sites is dependent on a series of applications, approvals and contracts and at this stage is unknown. The leases issued will require development to be completed within two years.

(4) With respect to the site in Bruce I understand that there will be 75 high care and 25 low care beds and 80 independent living units, the Weston site will enable Mirrinjani Nursing Home to be extended by a further 32 beds (23 high and 9 low care) and for Garran, there will be 36 low care beds and 18 independent living units. No allocation has been made for the Belconnen site.

(5) With respect to the planning studies for the Gordon and Nicholls sites:

(a) none of the sites have been allocated to a specific service provider;

(b) this is not known

(c) the planning study for each site is considering the possibility of a 100 bed residential care facility and 150 independent units being developed in each site. No distinction has been made between high-care and low-care beds for the residential care facility. The planning study, which also looks at the viability of each site being developed, may result in a change to the size of the residential care facility and the number of independent living units being provided.

(6) With respect to the planning study for the Greenway site:

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