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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: Week 5 Hansard (13 May) . . Page.. 1891..

Mr Stanhope: You are. That's what you're doing.

MRS DUNNE: At the same time we are not prepared, for the sake of two weeks, when for two years and four months you people have been-

Mr Stanhope: Another quarter of a million dollars, another six weeks. Did you go to Gungahlin on the weekend, you hypocrite?


MRS DUNNE: Pardon?

Mr Stanhope: Did you make a speech out there about how you wanted this to go ahead?

MR SPEAKER: Order! I think you should withdraw that.

Mr Stanhope: I withdraw "hypocrite".

MRS DUNNE: The Liberal opposition has been in favour of building this road and has never wavered from its commitment to building this road. While members of this Assembly have flip-flopped around the place and have stood in the way of building this road for a very long time, the Liberal opposition has held firm. If the Chief Minister had gone to Gungahlin last Saturday, which he did not, he would have heard the very clear message that we will hold firm and that our commitment was to introduce the territorial significance legislation, which will get us through this mire-a mire created by this government in its incompetence.

While we are committed to building this road, we will not be party to the incompetent, on-the-run law making that we have seen in this place tonight. By the time we get to the buff paper, it will be amendment mark 5, and members are getting concerned because the government is in such disarray. While we want the road to go ahead, passing this now means getting the road under way in two to four weeks. Passing enabling legislation on 21 June means getting the road under way two to four weeks after that. That is the difference. On the government's own admission, by 21 June these amendments will be superfluous. In addition, we will not support bad, bandaid legislation for the sake of two weeks when this government has stood in the way of the road since October 2001.

Suddenly they are righteous. Suddenly they are committed because they are feeling the electors breathing down their necks. They know they are losing votes in Gungahlin because they have been constitutionally and serially incompetent and dishonest and have misled the people of Gungahlin for years and years.

Mr Stanhope: No, you are-holding it up again. Everybody knows who held this up. You did. You've held this road up from the start.


MR CORBELL (Minister for Health and Minister for Planning) (10.32): Mr Speaker, it is striking that we hear from the spokesperson for the Liberal party on planning about

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