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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2004 Week 4 Hansard (1 April) . . Page.. 1680..

(4) The ARC responds to all inappropriate advertising by RTOs. RTOs are directed to withdraw non-compliant advertising. Yellow Pages advertisements have a year-long lifespan that negates immediate eradication.

(5) The ARC is a statutory body, with only the Chair receiving any remuneration. The Training and Adult Education Branch budget allocation supports its activities with $0.45m in direct salary contribution and additional funding for administrative support, and for development and marketing activities for RTOs to assist them with compliance issues. Other funding is sourced from ANTA national projects for strategic national audits, audit moderation and cooperative quality assurance initiatives.

(6) Yes. DEYFS provides six staff as secretariat support to ARC, including compliance audits. The number of positions in the secretariat was increased with the advent of the AQTF.

(7) Yes, the ARC does audit at least three times in the standard five-year registration period, and does audit more frequently in cases of non-compliance or formal complaint. Seven days advance notice of any site visit must be given under s. 99 of the Tertiary Accreditation and Registration Act 2003.

(8) The audits of registered training organisations conducted by the ARC are termed 'external audits'. The number of these audits are: (a) 29 in 2002, (b) 59 in 2003 and (c) 9 in 2004 (as of 8 March 2004). However every organisation submits their own internal audit to the ARC secretariat annually. Those audits are evaluated for AQTF compliance and responses provided to the organisation.

Children-case workers

(Question No 1386)

Mrs Burke asked the Minister for Education, Youth and Family Services, upon notice, on 10 March 2004.

(1) As a result of recent child abuse claims, what will the Minister be doing to address a declining corporate culture within the Department of Education, Youth and Family Services;

(2) With regard to children in foster care, how many frontline case workers does the Department employ;

(3) What employment qualifications are necessary to become a front line case worker within the Department;

(4) In relation to children in foster care, how many front line case workers have (a) resigned from the Department within the last 6 months and (b) been employed by the Department since 30 November 2003;

(5) Were concerns raised by the Office of the Community Advocate, Heather McGregor on 11 February 2004, that the lack of a state of the art computerised file management system contributed to cases of child abuse not being reported; if so, why has the Department not fully implemented the Looking After Children Electronic System, the electronic management tool for the Looking After Children model.

Ms Gallagher

: The answer to Mrs Burke's question is:

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