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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2003 Week 14 Hansard (11 December) . . Page.. 5301..

MR CORNWELL (continuing):

Obviously, I will begin with my own staffer, Joanna, but I extend best wishes and thanks to all staff, government as well as crossbench, and our own people. At all times I have been treated with courtesy and civility. I haven't always got what I wanted, but that is not the point. I can't ask for more than courtesy and civility. That is very important.

To all members, I again extend best wishes. We haven't always seen eye to eye, but that is the nature of politics. I have been thinking about what we have achieved in the past 12 months. I think there were five things. We have got four-year terms. We have sorted out financial arrangements that will allow an increase in staff. That is the second thing that we can be thankful for. The third is a sort of early Christmas present, as far as I am concerned, and that is what you announced earlier-a review of standing orders, after 15 years. Anybody who has looked at the standing orders-and I don't have to say that to you, Mr Speaker-will appreciate that it is long overdue. I look forward to that. Unfortunately, we didn't increase our membership and I don't really think that we have addressed the question of salaries of members. Nevertheless, three out of five is not too bad for one year; and who knows what the future may bring.

All of you please have a good break, a safe and enjoyable Christmas and a healthy 2004.


MS TUCKER (5.52): I wish everybody a happy Christmas and a good break. I extend my best wishes to Bryan and thank him for his support.


MS DUNDAS (5.52): I would like to use this adjournment speech to go over a few of the highlights that have happened over the past year. A number of key things happened outside this Assembly. Of course, there was the tragedy of the bushfires in January, the tragedy of the war in Iraq and the still unfound weapons of mass destruction. The fun of the rugby world cup and other exciting things kept us all busy outside this place. Some real highlights happened here in the chamber and I have been going through Hansard, looking at adjournment speeches and other speeches of note, to see some of the gems that have happened in this place.

We had a really interesting debate about trains. Members tried to convince each other they knew the most about trains-damn it, them and them alone! I thank the Speaker for his fascinating insights into the European rail system. I put on the record that I am very comfortable with my comparative lack of knowledge about trains, I'm quite happy for other people to be the train spotters in this place. Mr Smyth talked us through the intricacies of cocktail making, which in itself was quite fascinating. Mrs Dunne displayed her great love of hip-hop with her discussion about Ms Tucker's and my affection for hip-hop. I was quite disappointed, Mrs Dunne, that you gave your adjournment speech in rhyme and not in the hip-hop style, but next year maybe.

We had a really interesting input from the Chief Minister when he made one of his rare appearances in the adjournment debate and spoke about his great admiration for James Bond. I thought maybe we should be talking about Octopussy, Pussy Galore and all the other great women who fill out the James Bond movies as opposed to just focusing on

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