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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2003 Week 9 Hansard (28 August) . . Page.. 3447..

General passenger satisfaction levels across all criteria are similar to the results obtained in the 2002 Taxi Survey. All attributes have a mean score of over 4, which indicate a high level of satisfaction with the service provided.

There were generally only minor variations in the results produced from this year's survey in comparison to the results produced from the survey conducted in year 2002.

The WAT survey was again conducted separately from the general passenger survey. It involved telephone interviews with patrons and an arrival time survey conducted by mixture of recruited users of WAT's and TTS surveyors.

The WAT telephone Quality of Service Survey conducted specifically with WAT customers produced results very similar to those in the previous survey in year 2002.

The average scores to all attributes were above 4 except for 'Response Time' was once again below 4 at 3.33.

The questions from the telephone interviews related specifically to the WAT service produced generally positive responses from participants with most respondents replying positively to questions related to specific actions by the driver and the stability of the ride in the WAT.

The results of the WAT Arrival Time Survey indicated that response and user waiting times have increased over those times reported in the 2002 survey in both non peak and peak times. The SLA requirements were only met in the 95% peak time requirement.

      The non-peak 85th percentile was 18:24 minutes against a SLA requirement of 10:00 minutes (17:22 minutes in 2002)

      The non-peak 95th percentile was 21:06 minutes against a SLA requirement of 20:00 minutes (19:12 minutes in 2002)

      The peak time 85th percentile was 21:15 minutes against a SLA requirement of 18:00 minutes (16:30 minutes in 2002)

      The peak time 95th percentile was 23:50 minutes against a SLA requirement of 30:00 minutes (17:00 minutes in 2002)

The issues raised by WAT users generally relate the late arrival of their taxi and to the apparent lack of help from base staff when inquiring about the whereabouts of the taxi.

It is the conclusion of TTS Research that there are steps available to further monitor and improve the service provided by the industry, even though generally the public perception is one of satisfaction with the industry.

Crown Lease-change of use charge

(Question No 887)

Mrs Dunne asked the Minister for Planning, upon notice:

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