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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2003 Week 3 Hansard (13 March) . . Page.. 1037..



not neglected the significant needs of rural lessees suffering not only the effects of the fires, but also the effects of the drought.

This latest raft of significant support by the government specifically for rural lessees will address not just issues being faced directly by the rural lessees as they conduct their businesses. Of course, they have very serious implications for the environmental integrity of the large areas of the ACT which were burnt by the fires, and represent a major commitment by the government to ensuring that, to the greatest extent possible, the environment of the ACT is protected.

Lake Ginninderra-coffee facilities

MRS DUNNE: Chief Minister, in your Canberra Day oration yesterday, you were quoted as saying, "Why can't I have a cappuccino by the shores of our lake?"You were attributing this barrier to the full enjoyment of our city to, amongst other things, the National Capital Authority. It seems, Chief Minister, that you do not get out enough because a quick discussion round the place this morning showed that the new Commonwealth Place lakefront has a coffee bar and restaurant, the bicycle hire and boat hire places on the lake both have coffee outlets, and the balcony of the National Library has a coffee shop that overlooks the lake. You can buy coffee at the Southern Cross Club and at Regatta Point and the splendid Tuggeranong Arts Centre on Lake Tuggeranong has a good restaurant from which you can buy coffee. That really means that the only place you cannot buy a coffee by the lake is by our lake, Lake Ginninderra. Minister, is it a fact that the NCA does not have any controls over Lake Ginninderra? If that is the case, what is stopping your government from approving such uses on Lake Ginninderra?

Ms Gallagher

: The big issues!


: It is an interesting issue. It is an issue that I do take an interest in and have taken an interest in for many years in the ACT. My speech yesterday covered a range of other significant issues, as well as cappuccino by the lake. The speech covered issues around indigenous disadvantage and the vision that indigenous people have of the ACT and the future of this place. The speech covered in some detail our rush to war in Iraq and the idiocy of that policy. My speech covered issues around the Canberra Plan, the spatial plan, the social plan, and this government's determination to address disadvantage within this community. It covered all of those issues. I am very pleased that Ms Tucker read excerpts of the oration with such close attention. It did also touch on the extent to which, in my humble opinion as a long-time resident of this city, we, the people of Canberra, have been genuflective, that we have not asserted-

Ms Dunne

: I take a point of order, Mr Speaker, under standing order 118. The question was about coffee on Lake Ginninderra. I have just timed the Chief Minister at 21/2 minutes and he has yet to mention coffee on Lake Ginninderra.


: Mrs Dunne, you might have made a strategic mistake in mentioning the speech. I do not think you have a point of order.

Ms Dunne

: Speaking to the point of order, Mr Speaker: Ms Tucker mentioned the speech as well.

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