2002 subject index

Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders:
ATSIC board meeting, 379
Disadvantages, 1418q
Education, 244, 3043, 4113
Employment, 3213q
Health, 2035, 2083
Policies, min st, 151
Recognition, 96, 99
Reconciliation, 3828q
Suffrage, 1852
Tent embassy, 906q, 1102qn, 2087qn, 2400qn, 2786qn, 2829q, 3050, 3380qn, 3381qn, 4046qn
Traditional lands, 785

Legislation, 105, 109, 543, 800, 875, 1185, 1595, 1897, 2495, 2501, 2544, 2570, 2601; mso, 2618; 2626, 2633, 2790
Policies, 3872
Rally, 967

Annual report, 4041qn
Headquarters relocation, 144q, 237q, 345q

Children's television, 3187
Legal profession, 2500
Ministerial staff, 3529q, 3533q, 3538q

Aged persons:
Facilities, 292qn

Allan, Mr J.:
Death, 873

RSPCA, 3090

Arndt, Professor H.:
Death, 1385

Arts and letters:
ACT Writers Centre, 4496
Community exhibition space, 2198q
Craft exhibitions, 3978
Dance extravaganza, 2997
National Institute of the Arts, 3442
Policies, min st, 246
Weekend of ideas, 2156qn

Staff, 1466qn

Expenditure, 2840
Reports, 73, 150, 360, 828, 1848, 2268, 2453, 3042, 4257

Australia Day:
Celebration, 3603, 4096q

Australian War Memorial:
Tourist award, 1377

Ansett Airlines, 1346
Canberra airport, 3481, 3524q
Impulse Airlines, 147q

Community bank, 2996

Bender, Miss Katie:
Settlement, 4089q, 4203, 4255q

Bus bike racks, 1723q
Fines, 1487qn


Branson, Mr D.:
Death, 282, 283, 284

Election promises, 2242, 2283

Broadcasting and television:
Commercial radio services, 1950, 1957
Guidelines, 601, 693
McKinnon, Ms M., 2084
News services, 383, 423, 3032q

Budget 2002-2003:
Conditions, 1238
Consultation, 1226q, 2213, 2650
Debates, 2345, 2794
Education, 2343q
Government expenditure, 2405
Justice, 2339q
Leaks, 2197q
Police numbers, 2342q
Presentation, 2199
Productivity savings, 2338q
Responses, 2250q
Update, 2458
Vision, 2342q
(See also Finance)

Budget 2003-2004:
Consultation, 4110

Building and construction:
Environmental damage, 4517qn
Gas line breakage, 1491qn
Insurance, 1391, 1761
Red Hill property damage, 4514qn

Cooperative Research Centre, 4238q
Cost, 764qn
Criminal offences, 451
Legislation, 1190
Mount Painter, 1460qn
Safety education, 3570, 3578
Volunteers, 321

Animals Afloat, 880
Canberra racecourse premises, 1137qn
Competition, public-owned bodies, 2783qn
Cooperatives, 2637, 3715, 3765, 3777, 3780
Corporations, 824q, 921q
Hawkers, 4378
ICT Centre of Excellence, 3393qn
Milk vending, 3772
Pharmacists, 683, 688, 738
Phillip trades area, 4522qn
Regulation review, 3929
Retail competition, 3786
Security industry, regulations, 4365
Support, 2953q
Taxes, 4373
Territory-owned corporations, 300qn, 371
Trading legislation, 594
Yellow Pages index, 4251q

Callus, Mrs U.:
Death, 96

Campbell, Mr A.:
Death, 2082

Canberra Day:
Celebrations, 472q, 709q

Canberra Museum and Gallery:
Window repairs, 1499qn

Canberra Southern Cross Club:
Community support, 2488

Canberra Technology Park:
Costs, 4106q
Management, 3039q

Expenses, 4039qn
Legislation, 1688, 2005, 2066, 4063, 4376

Central Financing Unit:
Borrowing costs, 3388qn

Chief Minister's portfolio:
Annual report, 4418
Expenditure, 2840
Management infrastructure review, 3392qn

Abuse, 951
Child care staff, 1318
Deaths, 1463qn
Gungahlin child-care, 68q, 101
Mental health services, 59q, 102
Playground safety guidelines, 1453qn
Rights, 3919q, 4488q
Services, 3314q
Worker screening, 1461qn

Cigarettes and tobacco:
Young people, 1551q

Circus Royale:
Eddison Park use, 4054qn

Awards for excellence, 1587

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association:
Report, 1267, 1384
Representation, 1267, 1448

Criminal injuries, 2345q
Lump sum payouts, 4525qn
Workers compensation, 372, 1986, 2333, 2393, 2860, 3003, 3417, 3675

Information Industry Development Board, 492
Legislative Assembly, 4052qn

Costa, Mrs R.:
Death, 3979

Courts and tribunals:
Bail reform, 353q
Cases, 2766qn
Civil proceedings, 4240q
Common law, 3174
Domestic relationships, 1389
Family Court, Project Magellan, 2750qn
Hearing delays, 2761qn
Lump sum payouts, 1501qn
Magistrates Court, 2219, 3244
Model litigants, 1503qn
Parent summonses, 1082qn
Property law, de facto relationships, 1281
Sentencing, 603, 3322
Sub judice convention, 4476
Supreme Court, 116

Argyle Apartments, 2160qn
Assets confiscation, 3886
Break-ins, 145q
Bushfire lighting, 451
Child abuse, 951
Common law, 4063
Community based sentences, 4374
Corruption, 3730q
Criminal Code 2002, 312, 3977
Criminal responsibility, 545
Disorderly behaviour, 3773
Domestic violence, 1083qn
Drink spiking, 1915
Elder abuse, 2752qn
False allegations, 2783qn
Graffiti, 752qn, 4043qn
Hoaxes, 88, 114, 375, 544, 565, 591
Industrial manslaughter, 4103q
Kambah, 553q
Kippax vandalism, 4535qn
Legislative amendments, 4083
Neighbourhood Watch, 3431q, 3440q
Offence rates, 3536q
Offences, 3278
Offenders, 4086, 4126
Pack rape, 2491
Prevention, 2742qn, 4034qn
Proceeds, confiscations, 3125qn
Prostitution, 3177
Security cameras, 3600
Sex offenders, 3433q
Sexual assault, 2781qn
Statistics, 2435q
Unborn children, 3220q, 3368
Vandalism, Pine Island, 4053qn
Vehicle immobilisers, 3379qn

Federal budget, 1589

Application revocation, 2461
Approvals, 112, 297qn, 379
Belconnen, 3271
Bruce Ridge, 2959q
Canberra Airport office accommodation strategy, 4303
City Walk, 4038qn, 4045qn
Civic Centre, 2402
Common trenching, 1136qn
Community gardens, 1134qn
Cook shops, 593
Costs, 69q; min st, 95; 98, 2248q, 3725q
Deakin shops, 2449q
Estimates model, 3732q
Gold Creek joint venture, 3829q, 3872
Griffin Centre, 1837q, 1893q, 1938q
Griffith, 1422q, 1430q
Gungahlin, 521qn, 763qn, 768qn, 3042q
Hill Corner, Yarralumla, 2745qn, 3160q, 4359q
Hughes, 524qn
Hungarian-Australian Club, 1523, 4433q
Inquiry, 1988, 2330, 2654
Kingston foreshore, 562, 3045
Kippax, 1883
Labor Club site, 2018q
Land releases, 1315q, 2214, 2260q, 2453q, 3218q, 3310q
Land use, 2688q
Latham shops, 400q, 550q, 710q, 2767qn
Macgregor, 4536qn
Narrabundah Section 129, 1732
O'Malley, 2231, 2240, 2917
Orana School, 4025qn
Policies, 4091q
Public land, 3105qn
Red Hill, 3219q
Rezoning, 4249q, 4358q
Sales, 1223q, 1269, 2956q, 3030q, 4237q, 4255q
Servicing costs, 1628q, 2950q, 3042q
St Andrews retirement village, 4525qn
Statesman Hotel, 915q, 1015q
Street addresses, 1393
Torrens service station site, 1132qn
Town centres, 3265
Turner, 4518qn, 4524qn
Watson High School site, 4023qn, 4106q
Weston, section 94, 767qn
Woden master plan, 4532qn
Yerrabi 2 estate, 4093q

Diplomatic service:
Chinese Embassy, Falun Gong protest, 915q

Disabled persons:
Assistance, 234q
Federal-State agreement, 3158q
Funding agreements, 3040q
Gallop report, 339q, 343q, 346q, 390q, 394q, 396q, 399q, 402q, 404q, 467q, 479q, 1004q, 3271q
Government schools, 525qn
Group housing, 1178qn
Inquiry, 361
Services, 1204, 1253, 3271
Students, 3167q, 4116
Technical aid, 542qn

Bushfires [See Bushfires]
Drought assistance, 3644q

Diseases and pests:
Control, 2324

Control, 3284, 3681
Responsible owners scheme, 1514qn

Assistance, 3644q
Declaration, 3923q
Water conservation, 3820q

Amphetamines, 3909q
Legislation, 685
Needle exchange program, 142q, 236q
Policy, 2269
Prescriptions, 278, 1534
Taskforce, proposed, 1361, 1376
Treatments, 1409
Young people, 1563

Credit rating, 406q, 448q
Indicators, 56q
Revenue estimates, 1413q
White paper, 1217q, 1303q

Eddison Park:
Use, 4054qn

Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, 244, 3043, 4113
Australian International Hotel School, 754qn, 780qn, 1488qn, 3385qn, 4532qn
Boys, 1316q, 1431q, 2738qn
Bushfire and safety education, 3570
Canberra Institute of Technology, 2741qn
Class sizes, 470q, 480q
Connors inquiry, 3732q, 3818q, 3833q, 4252q
Costs, 3642q
Enrolment figures, 1099qn
Expenditure, 475q, 476q, 546q, 700q, 2343q
Funding, 137q, 230q, 821q, 917q, 941, 2955q, 3072
Indigenous performance, 244
Inquiry, 870
Learning for Life program, 1489qn
Literacy and numeracy, 65q, 352q
Nicholls childhood centre, 2740qn
O'Connell Centre, 1104qn
Religious study, 2451q
Retention rates, 557q, 1329
Reviews, 2259q
Schools -

Blue Gum School, 1842q, 1950, 3149
Clean-up day, 1164qn
Condom vending machines, 1003q, 1023q
Government primary schools, 2737qn
Government Schools Education Council, 3526q
Independent schools funding, 822q
IT grants, 814q, 905q
Miles Franklin Primary School, 4361, 4493
Non-government schools, funding, 2264q
Orana School, 4025qn
Sandpit maintenance, 1140qn
St John Vianney Primary School, 309
Students -
Christmas card competition, 4495
Disabled, 229q, 234q, 238q, 525qn, 3167q, 4116
Extra-curricular expenses, 4108q
Testing program, 227q
Tax credits, 138q
University of Canberra, 1629q, 1725q, 2024q, 2081q, 2084q, 3427q, 3430q, 3439q, 3482, 3537q
Vocational, 555q, 645q, 2726qn

Education, Youth and Family Services portfolio:
Estimates, 3388qn, 4028qn

Boundaries, 3367
Political donations, 599
Redistribution, 2999, 3149
Referendum, 2918, 2995
Senate vacancy, 3733q
Voting patterns, 188

Electricity and Water Authority:
Gas-fired power station, 814q
GreenChoice power, 1659
Management, 1485qn, 1516qn
Mini-hydro plants, 1465qn
Pensioner concessions, 4040qn
Price rises, 1840q
Retail competition, 1793qn; 3740 min st; 4050qn
Services, 1796qn
Social responsibility, 1743
Yarralumla electricity supply, 1496qn

Emergency Services:
Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre, 4238q
Radio system, 3219q

Employment and unemployment:
Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, 3213q
Apprentices and trainees, 2700
Job growth, 1925q
Labour force statistics, 851
Levels, 2831q, 2839q
Skills 500 program, 1458qn
Statistics, 784qn

Environment and conservation:
1080 poison bait, 2747qn
Agistment paddocks, steel gates, 1068qn, 1070qn
Air pollution, 1129qn
Australian Ethical Investment Ltd, 1979
Blackberry spraying, 3383qn
Building sites, 4517qn
Canberra Nature Park, 1067qn
Chifley bio-bin trial, 2220, 2229
Chilean needle grass, 1120qn
Container deposits, 964, 1061
Drought, 3314q
Earth Charter, 1606
Endangered places, 4049qn
Environment protection measures, 3634
Firewood, 3394qn
Funding, 1931q
Graffiti, 1143qn
Greenhouse gases, 1659
Helpline operating hours, 305qn
Heritage legislation, 3047
Lake pollution, 919q
Litter, 291qn, 407q, 480q, 1124qn, 4056qn
Magpies, 3221q
Mogo charcoal facility, 440
Mount Painter, 2169qn, 2760qn
Murray-Darling Basin, 1065
National Environment Protection Council, 562
Noise pollution, 1171qn, 1176qn
Plantation forests, 1676
Recycling, 3750
Snowy River, 3092
Solar hot water rebate, 1613
Summernats burnout smoke, 1130qn
Sustainability, min st, 2027; 2689q, 3539
Transgrid bulldozer incident, 149q
Transport education policy, 3856
Trees, 3535q, 3647q
Urban open space, 3271, 3308q
Water efficiency, 3491
Water restrictions, 3429q
Water reuse, 1958

International Day, 1663
Relationship agreements, 1760
Same-sex couples, 3487
Substitute parents, 1719q

Family Services:
Official Visitor, 2741qn

Federal-state relations:
Council of Australian Governments, min st, 4449
Disability agreement, 3158q
Self-determination, 2960

Accountability, 4209
Appropriation changes, 1730
Appropriations, 239, 274, 711
Audits, 714, 1024, 4426
Blessington analysis, 2034
Budget -

Assistance grants, 2089qn
Changes, 826q, 1022q
Consultation, min st, 261; 911q
Expenditure, 270, 1012q
Generally, 1716q
Position, 60q, 97
(See also Budget 2002-2003)
Central Financing Unit, 2877
Commission of Audit, 1217q, 1219q, 1222q, 1233q, 1318q, 1624q, 3521q, 4426, 4528qn, 4532qn
Commonwealth Grants Commission, 749qn
Commonwealth payments, 2102qn
Consolidated management report, 1641
Consolidated statement, 239
Conveyancing revenue, 1448
Credit providers, 3083
Credit rating, 3420q, 3635q
Dividends, 2090qn
Economic white paper, 1932q
Election commitments, 4206
Expenditure, 265, 313
Expenditure Review Committee, 3035q
Family trusts, 4037qn
Federal budget, 1692
Fee collections, 2091qn
Festival funding, 1096qn
Fines, 2092qn
General purpose funding, 2094qn
Government contracts, 2644, 3463
Government debt, 1637q
GST revenue grants, 2099qn
Interest received, 2100qn
Investment strategy, 700q
Legislation, 90, 91
Management, 841, 2459, 2645, 2668q, 2683q, 3172, 3362, 3650
Operating results, 223q, 4398q, 4403q, 4405q, 4407q, 4414q, 4416q
Rates collection, 2098qn
Rental bond interest, 1637q, 1725q, 1798qn
Revenue, 469q, 2103qn, 4080
Roads to recovery program allocations, 2114qn
Structuring fund, 4031qn
Superannuation investments, 811q
Supplementary appropriation, 3132qn-3146qn
Tax collections, 2104qn
Territory accounts, 2332
Treasurer's Advance, 2460, 2533q, 3081, 4397, 4433, 4476
User charges, 2097qn

Ban, 105
Control, 2316
Inquiry, 2177
Legislation, 4428, 4513qn
Licences, 2022q, 2027q
New Year's Eve, 4239q
Regulation, 1160qn, 4031qn, 4032qn, 4033qn
Retail trade, 1687
Sales, 1504qn, 1512qn
WorkCover depot, 1936q

Costs, 4038qn
Fence, 2827q

Charcoal plant, 231q

Freeth, Sir Gordon KBE:
Death, 191

Fulton, Mr F.:
Death, 3979

Bookmaking legislation, 458
Casino Canberra, 3304q
Charnwood TAB agency, 3605
Community contributions, 241
Credit betting, 1221q
Gaming machines, 222q, 1199, 1414q, 3324
Racing revenues, 696q
Statistics, 751qn

Garland, Brigadier A.:
Death, 791

Glebe Park:
Maintenance, 1170qn

Gorton, Sir John GCMG, AC, CH:
Death, 1799

Achievements, 3423q, 3445
Bungendore weekend, 637q
Chief Minister -

Behaviour, 2389
Election, 3
Responsibilities, 1451
Commitments, min st, 78; 1564
Consultancies, 357q
Contracts, 3326, 4204
Council of Australian Governments, min st, 1026
Credit rating, 3635q
Inquiries, reviews and task forces, 2115qn, 2131qn, 2727qn
Inspectors and rangers, 1105qn, 1109qn
Media releases, 233q, 475q
Ministerial arrangements, 696, 1000, 2823
Ministerial correspondence, 351q, 1141qn, 1142qn, 4360
Ministerial councils, 2769qn
Ministerial staff, 3529q, 3533q, 3538q
Policies, 5, 99, 103
Records management, 974
Red tape task force, 4048qn
Representation, 1416q
Reviews, inquiries and consultancies, 642q
Women in ministry, 630q

Control measures, 4043qn

Griffin Centre:
Enhancement, 1223q, 1265q, 1307q

Development, 763qn, 768qn, 846
Family services, 3314q
Planning, 3435q
Policies, 99
Street names, 3651
Telecommunication services, 2981
Town centre, 4402q

Harcourt Hill:
Woodland, 2953q, 3042q

Harris, Mr N. OAM:
Death, 588

Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, 2035, 2083
Action plan, 2948q, 4233q, 4264
After-hours medical care, 1544q
Artificial conception, 1985, 2179
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, 1534
Breast cancer, 3477, 3482
Bulk-billing, 3589
Cerebral palsy, 3599
Childhood obesity, 3249
Chlamydia, 910q
Dementia respite care, 1271
Dental, 522qn, 2265q, 2788qn
Gene technology, 688, 4389
General practitioners, 2158qn
Home births, 2258q
Immunisation rates, 1933q, 2034q
Lanyon Valley doctors, 2543q
Lead-based paint, 1074qn
Maternity services, 4095q
Mental health, 59q, 102, 1229q, 1231q, 1643, 1795qn, 1844q, 2679q, 2777qn, 3000, 3151, 4420
Midwifery program, 1312q
Occupational health and safety, 1597
Passive smoking, 3205, 3225
Performance report, 2026q
Poison mushrooms, 4526qn
Promotion, 777qn
Radiation therapy delays, 3640q
Rainbow mental health consumer facility, 2777qn
Reforms, 3893
Respite care, 2536q, 4519qn, 4531qn
Services, 4072, 4185
Sexually transmitted diseases, 3001
Stem cell research, 922, 926

Health and Community care portfolio:
Estimates, 4028qn
Executives, 4086q, 4256q
Office accommodation, 4412q

Health and Community Services:
Complaints, 427

Hennessy House:
Secure unit, 405q

Hood, Captain G.:
Death, 871

Beds, 2172qn
Calvary Hospital, 2826q, 3094, 3302q, 3312q
Canberra Hospital -

Doctors, 3377qn
Expenditure, 61q, 72q
Funding, 139q, 703q, 746q
Management, 1928q
New South Wales patients, 2753qn
Praise, 4360
Services, 342q
Convalescent facilities, 1427q
Funding, 2252q
Nurse practitioner accreditation, 3196
Nurses, 224q, 3305q
Nursing homes, 296qn, 359q, 2169qn
Surgeon resignations, 3034q
Waiting lists, 2432q, 2437q, 2439q, 2442q, 2444q, 2530q, 2534q, 2946q, 3811q, 3823q, 3910q, 3915q, 3925q, 3980, 4097q, 4253q

Adaptable properties, 3728q, 3926q
Affordability, 64q, 3216q, 3523q
Affordable housing taskforce, 4426
Assistance, 4119
Body corporate management, 1072qn
Braddon flats, 1469qn
Community housing, 1978
Consultants, 1471qn
Disabled persons, 1178qn
Emergency access, 181
Evictions, 534qn, 1792qn
Fire safety, 2956q, 3030q, 4400q, 4409q, 4411q
First home owner grants, 971, 1539, 2163qn
Flat complexes, safety standards, 2450q
Funding, 3127qn
Gungahlin boarding house, 2440q
Henty Street, Braddon, 1167qn
Homelessness, 2660, 3931
Housing Trust tenants, 516
Kelvin Court, 3727q
Maintenance, 535qn, 2025q, 3728q, 3917q, 4106q
Men's accommodation, 1090qn, 1126qn, 1457qn, 4529qn
Monterey Apartments, 2161qn, 2781qn
Occupant debt, 2787qn
Office of Rental Bonds, 3729q
Payments, 1076qn
Policy, min st, 1735
Priorities, 4053qn
Private rental market, 393q
Properties, 1145qn, 2164qn
Rates, 1144qn
Rental accommodation, 588
Rental bonds, 1637q, 1725q, 1798qn, 3831q
Rental properties, energy ratings, 1484qn, 1500qn
Rental rebates, 4050qn
Sales, 1509qn
St Andrews retirement village, 524qn
Stocks, 530qn, 1081qn, 2162qn
Tenants -

Debts, 526qn, 533qn
Generally, 2173qn
Specialist team, 1077qn
Vacant properties, 1079qn
Waiting list, 528qn
Young people, 1731

Howse, John Brooke VRD, CStJ:
Death, 2490

Human rights:
Bill of rights, 830, 838, 1548q, 4101q, 4242q
Discrimination, 876, 3889
Gay and lesbian legislation, 4368
Protests, 3913q
Racial vilification, 4096q
Same-sex couples, 819q
Sexual issues, 2982, 4420
Unborn children, 3488

Centre for Refugee Research, 4361
Refugee convention, 4330

Industrial relations:
Days lost, 2114qn
Employer negligence, 4381
Long service leave portability, 4214, 4262
Maternity leave, 4246q
Outworkers, 3795
Safety net review, 650

Information technology:
Policy, 1926q

Adventure activities, 2921
Building contractors, 1391
Civic Carousel, 3211q
Civil laws, 3213q
Compensation framework, 2497
Compulsory third party, 3643q, 3646q
Construction, 1761, 1779
Equestrian park, 3303q
Home warranty, 1001q
Law reform, 2423
Legislation, 2833q, 3282
Liability, 3336, 3369, 3371, 3372, 3374
Medical indemnity, 3154q
Ministerial summit, min st, 3737
Park-care groups, 2533q, 2697q
Premiums, 350q, 1687
Public liability, 556q; min st, 847; 1168qn, 1846q, 2096qn, 2401, 2533q, 2697q, 3159q, 3161q, 3294, 3342, 4104q
Summit discussions, 1587
Tort law reform, 3720q
Trade Practices Act, 2538q

International affairs:
Afghanistan, 284
China, 1557q, 2028
East Timor, 1715, 1752
Iraq, 3545, 3602
New Zealand, 1235
Sister cities, 1123qn
United Kingdom, 4111
United States, 4111

Johnson, Mr J.:
Tribute, 746, 747

Common law actions, 2643
Finnane, Justice Michael, 2491
Lalor, Mr G., special magistrate, 2390

Lake Ginninderra:
Foreshore refurbishment, 1493qn

Assessment directions, 762qn
Belconnen, 4237q, 4255q
Development costs [See Development]
Dual occupancy, 146q, 232q
Leases -

Details, 1781qn
Generally, 1236, 3929
Variations, 371, 484, 649, 1236, 1781qn
Rates payment, 781qn
Releases, 1315q, 2214, 2260q, 2453q, 3218q, 3310q
Sales, 1223q, 1269, 2956q, 3030q, 4237q, 4255q

Latham, Mr M.:
Support, 1447

Legal profession:
No-win, no-pay advertising, 2500

Legislative Assembly:

Leonard, Ms H.:
Death, 193

Civic Library, 2175, 2263q
Kippax, 1519, 3308q, 3316q, 4044qn
Missing items, 304qn
Refugee display, 3130qn

Local Government Shires Association:
H Division meetings, 2751qn, 2785qn

Maxwell, Mr R.:
Departure, 3094

Melville, Sir Leslie KBE, CBE:
Death, 1519

Ministry: [See Government]

Motor vehicles:
Bullbars, 1429q
Immobilisers, 3279qn
Registration, digital images, 1692

Muir, Mr B.:
Death, 1449

O'Connell Centre:
Motion, 2230

Leadership, 8

Outward Bound Australia:
Programs, 3184

Funding, 1008q

Pests and diseases:
Plant quarantines, 3472

Breakage incident, 1794qn

Application revocations, 2388
Approval Assurance Unit, 4024qn
Control, 408
Garden City plan, 2473
Gungahlin, 3435q
Lease variations, 2698
Legislation, 2325, 3256, 3269, 3620, 3845, 3947, 3965, 4157, 4192, 4455
Narrabundah, 880
Neighbourhoods, 704q, 707q, 817q, 1831q, 1938q
Policy, 471q
Reforms, 3286
Shopping centres, 3328
Spatial plan, 2957q
Territory Plan, 842, 1692, 1829q, 2388, 2403, 2461, 2937, 2973, 3325, 4429
Turner, 1850
Weston, section 94, 767qn

Planning portfolio:
Directors qualifications, 1103qn

Police force:
Assembly briefings, 1560q
Driver training centre, 1180qn
Increases, 699q, 710q
Numbers, 147q, 2015q, 2342q
Police Ministers Council, 3434q, 3527q
Staff, 147q, 699q, 710q, 914q, 969, 2015q, 2342q
Woden Valley patrol cars, 1498qn

Political parties:
ACT Greens, 11
Australian Democrats, 12
Australian Labor Party, 703q, 823q
Liberal Party, Cross, Mrs H., expulsion, 3147
School students, 1175qn

Postal services:
Junkmail, 289qn, 3782

Inquiries, 239

Prisons and prisoners:
Correctional facilities, 1478qn
Corrective Services audit, 97
Detention centres, 2718
DNA testing, 759qn
Mental health, 917q, 1022q
New South Wales jails, 1480qn
Periodic detention, 235q, 760qn, 812q, 2712
Rehabilitation, 320, 3891
Remand centre protocol, 3908q
Remand facility, 2541q, 2823q, 2827q, 2830q, 2835q, 3029q, 3036q, 3637q
Temporary remand centre, 3637q, 3724q, 3774q, 3830q, 3863

Digital images, 2482

Public Service:
Administrative Appeals Tribunal, 3971, 4484
Allowances, 1783qn
Annual reports, 426, 486, 489, 938, 1429, 1432, 3327
Appeals Tribunal, 3629
Appointments, 632q, 634q, 647q
Computer thefts, 1094qn
Executive contracts, 73, 561, 829, 1234, 1561, 1849, 2268, 2454, 2838, 3171, 3441, 3736, 4109
Freedom of information, 355q, 2755qn
Future directions, min st, 157
Indemnification, 4488q
Indigenous employees, 3213q
Inquiries, reviews and taskforces, 3981qn, 3994qn, 3999qn, 4003qn, 4014qn, 4021qn
Inspectors and rangers, 769qn
Job cuts, 920q
Management, 481, 2155qn
Performance reports, 2467
Records management, 1874
Short-term contracts, 76
Standards, 627q

Public Trustee:
Financial statements, 4419

Race and Sports Bookmaking Act 2001:
Disallowances, 458

Rebikoff, Mr V.:
Appointment, 634q, 647q

Refshauge, Mr R.:
Service, 1266

Gene technology, 456

Adopt a road program, 3439q, 3539q
Athllon Drive, 2105qn
Barton Highway, 2106qn
Black spots, 4518qn
Bridges, 2017q
Burnout legislation, 3639q
Callam Street realignment, 548q, 587
Caswell Drive, 2677q
Cotter Road, 2107qn
Drakeford Drive, 2107qn
Driver licences, 457, 741
Fairbairn Avenue, 4025qn
Flemington Road, 2108qn
Funding, 1839q
Gungahlin Drive, 21, 71q, 131, 170, 311, 427, 470q, 494, 510, 547q, 552q, 554q, 640q, 641q, 646q, 696q, 816q, 908q, 1311q, 1626q, 1630q, 1635q, 1643q, 1717q, 1832q, 1836q, 1976, 2109qn, 2191q, 2192q, 2195q, 2198q, 2401, 2527q, 2540q, 2541q, 2682q, 2686q, 3163q, 3165q, 3169, 3181, 3232, 3264, 3267, 3518q, 3600
Gungahlin street names, 3651
Horse Park Drive, 2109qn
Infrastructure maintenance, 2768qn
Maintenance, 4056qn
Nicholls roundabouts, 4533qn
Parking, Hall market, 1311q
Pedestrian crossings, 309
Projects, 2110qn
Queanbeyan bypass, 2023q
Rani Road, steel barrier gate, 1067qn
Safety, 228q, 1429q, 1559q
Signs, 143q
Speed cameras, 2170qn, 3126qn
Speed limits, 633q, 3168q
Speed zones, 1304q, 1426q
Street names, 3289
Traffic infringement income, 1637q, 1725q
Woden Town Centre parking, 519qn, 520qn

Roberts, Mr N.:
Death, 795

Royal Family:
Golden jubilee, 2084
Queen Mother, death, 785

Samuel, Mr G.:
Appointments, 3638q

Scollen, Darcy:
Benefit night, 1382

Senior citizens:
Aged care, 1100qn, 1720q
Concessions, 1934q
Day-care facilities, 4318
Elder abuse, 1939, 2752qn, 3318
Facilities, 756qn, 757qn, 758qn, 1100qn
Free travel, 1492qn
Health promotion, 777qn
Mental health treatment, 1795qn
Nursing facilities, 779qn

Control, 551q

Smyth, Mr D.:
Death, 1383

Social welfare:
Community advocacy groups, 2443q
Community organisations, 1092qn, 3834
Community sector accommodation, 698q
Community Services, complaints, 3645q
Disability services, 1632q
Farmhand appeal, 3495
Funding, 58q
Gallop report, 1004q
Homeless families, 3384qn
Lone fathers, 2684q
Low-income, self-funded retirees, 2295, 2300
Make-a-Wish Foundation, 3090
Men's Reference Group, 1084qn
ParentLine, funding, 1008q
Policies, min st, 249
Poverty task group, 3377qn
Recipients review, 2749qn
Registered charities, 1122qn, 3131qn, 4522qn
Respite services, 3821q, 3920q
Services, 3292

Sport and recreation:
Belconnen Magpies, 2491, 3182
Belconnen pool, 1980
Belconnen Warriors, rugby league, 2911
Brumbies rugby club, 4361
Brumbies rugby union team, 1979
Canberra Vikings, 3182
Charnwood skate park, 2256q
Civic Olympic Pool, 2157qn
Collingwood Football Club, 3184
Cycling, Downer jump track, 350q
Lyons oval, 1177qn
Motorsport -

Complex, 1179qn
Dragway, 875, 1018q, 2680q, 2836q, 3037q
Fairbairn Park hillclimb track, 1174qn
Noise, 1171qn, 1176qn
V8 supercar race, 1796qn, 2302, 2448q, 2750qn
Olympic preparation funding, 1545q
Powerboats, 3285
Professional teams support, 540qn
Racing, 1019q, 1639q
Rugby World Cup, 1227q, 1228q, 1307q, 1310q, 1433, 1547q, 1799, 3915q
Soccer, 1065
Waterskiing motorboat licences, 3977
Wests rugby union club, 3182
Women's sport, 1815, 1865, 1895
World Masters Games, 3602

Strikes and stoppages:
Garbage collectors, 3924q
Nurses strike, 224q

Errors alleged, 3722q
Investment losses, 1222q, 1233q, 1301q
Portfolio performance, 3516q, 3521q
Self-funded retirees, 4248q
Superannuation Unit, expenditure, 2878

Betterment tax, 766qn
Business, 4373
Debits tax, 2725qn
Family trusts, 3209q
Gambling tax, 2093qn, 2397qn
Goods and services tax, 1828q, 1848q
Land tax, 1390, 1807, 3166q, 3209q, 3633
Payroll tax, 686, 1300q, 2014q, 2016q, 2095qn, 2211
Rates, 1425q
Stamp duties, 686, 2101qn, 4371

Bali bombings, 3399
Police and emergency services, 3432q
Security measures, 3813q, 3978

Public, 290qn, 299qn

Totalcare Industries Ltd:
Relocations, 782qn, 783qn
Report, 4057qn
Revenue, 4527qn

Canberra Tourism and Events Corporation, 96, 101, 478, 4523qn
Contract confidentiality, 1931q
Convention Centre, 3815q, 3921q
Restaurant and catering awards, 1449

Trade unions:
CFMEU, 3873

Broadband access, 4041qn
Broadband rollout, 1841q
Funding, 2157qn
Gungahlin broadband services, 2019q, 2034q

ACT Fleet, 1472qn

Assets transfers, 94
Board members, 3162q, 3316q
Bus fleet, 3210q, 3223, 3263, 3264
Employees, 280
Management, 4379
Services, 473q, 480q, 1424q, 2828q, 2959q
Zone fare structure, 3817q, 3833q
Bus bike racks, 1723q
Helicopter ambulance, 303qn
Integrated study, 2022q
Light rail system, 432, 1552q
Public, 1423q, 2528q
Restricted hire vehicles, 1511qn
School buses, 66q
Strategic plan, 398q, 401q
Sustainable plan, 2825q
Taxis, security cameras, 3437q
Very fast train, 896, 936

Treasury portfolio:
Annual report, 3442
Grants and purchased services, 3391qn

Community council, 1008q, 1419q
Community Festival, 3511, 3540

Urban Services porfolio:
Estimates, 3387qn
Expenditure, 2898, 3005
Funds, 3386qn
Government shopfronts, 536qn
Housing staff, 1071qn
Performance reports, 4056qn

Vietnam Veterans Association:
Long Tan commemoration, 2491

Wages and salaries:
Increases, 1555q

Wakefield, Mrs B.:
Death, 188

Waste disposal:
Garbage collection, 3924q
Kelvin Court, 3727q
Litter bins, 302qn
Mugga Lane facility, 1098qn, 2252q, 2452q

Conservation and reuse, 1958, 1971, 1974, 3820q
Efficiency, 3491
Efficient shower heads, 3819q
Murray-Darling Basin, 1065
Regulations, 4432, 4455
Resource strategy, min st, 4120
Restrictions, 3429q; min st, 3933; 4534qn
Usage audit, 1455qn
Weston Park sprinklers, 4055qn

WetPC Pty Ltd:
Interface technology, 4404q

Williamsdale quarry:
Operations, 468q, 513

Cabinet representation, 630q
Constitutional convention, 2083
Discrimination, 666, 876, 1901, 1983
International Day, 1181qn
Place names, 3781, 4295
Refuges, 1088qn
Roles, 724
Sport, 1815, 1865, 1895
Status, 51, 3876

Annual report, 3642q, 3832q, 3930
Explosives depot safety, 3520q, 3539q

Funding, 1933q
Program, 483, 712, 1017q, 2171qn, 3046, 3928
Projects, 2196q

BMA magazine, 3476
Community role, 1032
Drugs, 1563
Grants, 4406q
Housing, 1731
InterACT, 2685q, 2718
National event, 1010q, 3183
Political activity, 558q
Tobacco use, 1551q
Young Achievement Australia, 3580