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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1995 Week 10 Hansard (6 December) . . Page.. 2750..

MR BERRY: If she is saying that those services will stay in the Kippax Health Centre as they are, I could accept the motion; but I know she is not. She has made up her mind already that she is going to move them. From our point of view, we are very concerned about that amendment because we know that it will cut the heart out of the Kippax Health Centre. The ancillary services which are provided at the Kippax Health Centre are very important to aged people who live nearby - hundreds of them - who use the service regularly. Mrs Carnell knows the services that I am talking about. The point made by Mr Connolly at the conclusion of his motion, which requires evidence of implementation of this by Tuesday, 12 December, is up for amendment as well to the first sitting day in 1996. We are prepared to cop that. What we want to do is see the motion carried, the amendments dealt with - - -

Mrs Carnell: No.

MR BERRY: I know Mrs Carnell would not want them dealt with.

Mrs Carnell: I would love them dealt with - my amendments.

MR BERRY: She would not want these amendments that are foreshadowed by Mr Osborne to be dealt with and locked in concrete, because it cramps her style a bit. She can whiz around town with all of those honeyed promises again, telling people that certain things will or will not happen, having no commitment - - -

Mrs Carnell: We have been absolutely up front.

MR BERRY: Mrs Carnell interjects, "We have been absolutely up front". You were up front, all right. You just ignored this Assembly's decision in relation to the matter.

Mr Kaine: I take a point of order, Mr Speaker: Earlier Mr Berry tried to debate the adjournment motion on this question. I submit to you that what he has done for the last few minutes is mostly debate the adjournment motion. What he has been saying is that he wants these - - -

MR BERRY: That is what I got leave to do.

Mrs Carnell: No, you did not.

Mr Kaine: What he has been saying is that he wants these amendments made before the matter is adjourned. That is exactly what he is saying. I suggest that you rule him out of order and that we go ahead with the vote on the adjournment motion.

MR SPEAKER: Mr Berry has leave. He is discussing a foreshadowed motion, although the Chair is not aware that there has been any amendment put forward in relation to 12 December 1995.

MR BERRY: It has been discussed, Mr Speaker, and, as I say - - -

MR SPEAKER: It has not been moved. I remind the house of that.

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