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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1995 Week 8 Hansard (25 October) . . Page.. 2023..

Mr Berry: Mr Speaker, that is an issue of public information and did not impute improper motives. It was a statement of fact. The second part of the question asked the Minister, "When you amended the Auctioneers Act recently and removed the requirement that auctioneers must be of good character, did you do so in order to protect Harold Hird, especially since auctioneers' licences must be renewed annually?". That was a question about what the Minister did. He answered it. This is not an issue of an imputation; this is a question of the Minister's performance. I would like you to take that into account in coming to a decision in relation to this matter.

Mr Kaine: Mr Speaker, this is quite scandalous. I submit that if you refer to the Hansard you will read quite clearly that the question - not the preamble, but the question - imputed an improper motive to the Minister and it reflected adversely on another member of this Assembly. I am not interested in the preamble and I am not interested in Mr Berry's counterattack. I asked you, and I am sure that you will do as I asked, to take proper action under standing order 57. Mr Berry is quite out of order.

MR SPEAKER: I have already advised that I shall examine the matter under standing order 57, and that is my decision. I cannot do that, however, until I have a Hansard transcript.

Postnatal Nursing Care

MR OSBORNE: My question is to Mrs Carnell in her capacity as Minister for Health. Regrettably, the Assembly cannot comment on the Boyle review of postnatal nursing care until our next session, since the review is not coming out until next week. Can the Minister assure all Canberra's families that the Government will continue to fund the services the Canberra Mothercraft Society - - -

Mr Berry: Of course she will. No trouble at all.

MR SPEAKER: Order! Continue, Mr Osborne.

MR OSBORNE: I will start again, Mr Speaker. Can the Minister assure all Canberra's families that the Government will continue to fund the services the Canberra Mothercraft Society currently delivers at the same scale of service delivery and that the Canberra Mothercraft Society will remain the provider of these services, which have served Canberra as a region for nearly 70 years?

MR SPEAKER: Be careful not to announce Executive policy, Chief Minister.

MRS CARNELL: I will be extremely careful, Mr Speaker. The current review that is going on is looking at the whole area of postnatal care, as Mr Osborne is very well aware. It is looking at the service that is currently being provided by Queen Elizabeth II hospital. It is also looking at other areas such as families in crisis and what happens to mums - and, for that matter, dads - with young families when their families end up in crisis or experience postnatal depression, areas that are of real interest and where there is real need in the community.

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