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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1995 Week 02 Hansard (Wednesday, 10 May 1995) . . Page.. 374 ..

One of the reasons that a number of exemptions were allowed over the first few years was to allow people to modify the way they do things. You do not suddenly say, “As of tomorrow, we require lower noise pollution; therefore, you all have to put different types of mufflers on your cars and build huge earth mounds around your tracks”. That is unreasonable, because those things require a fair expenditure both on a personal level and by clubs.

I think that what we have here is a very sensible motion. It was not put up just for political point scoring; it was put up really to draw attention to the situation of noise pollution. The motion, I remind you, Mr Speaker, is:

That the Government take appropriate action to ensure that local residents, whether in New South Wales or ACT, are adequately protected from noise pollution.

We have already set the level. The protections must be in place. Where noise pollution in the ACT affects New South Wales residents we have a regional responsibility. I do not think anybody here would deny that we have a regional responsibility. We look at ourselves as part of the region, as opposed to having a narrow view of what happens just within the ACT. For those reasons, Mr Speaker, I think it is a very sensible motion. I hope that it gets the support of all members but at least the support of a majority of members.

Question resolved in the affirmative.


MS McRAE (12.01): I move:

That Members of this Assembly request that with each piece of legislation and subordinate legislation presented to the Assembly by the Executive the following information be provided:

(1) a list of the organisations and/or individuals who were consulted;

(2) a list of who undertook the consultation;

(3) an indication of when the consultation occurred;

(4) the response that was provided to the organisation and/or individuals who were consulted;

(5) further plans for consultation or feedback that have been made in regard to any possible changes that may be made by the Assembly; and

(6) an explanation if no consultation took place.

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