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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 1993 Week 08 Hansard (Thursday, 19 August 1993) . . Page.. 2504 ..

Mr Lamont: An unfair criticism of Mr Moore, Mr Wood.

MR WOOD: I am sure that nobody would criticise Mr Moore, Mr Lamont. I am pleased to hear the comments of members. We will continue to work on processes. We will continue to do everything we can to improve the mechanisms for consultation. It is said that they are good. I am happy if they become even better.

I want to make an additional comment. Oftentimes we hear complaints about government or Ministers or other people being pro-development and there are people who claim to be anti-development. I think that is all irrelevant. We have to provide about 3,500 new home sites in this year. That is development. We have to provide for that. Whether they are all in Gungahlin or whether they go somewhere else, that is the argument. We have to provide that type of development, no matter what. To talk about being pro-development seems to be a nonsense argument that I hear in the community from time to time.

I thank the committee for this report. It may be that another committee will examine it, although at this stage I have not considered what will happen. I am taking on board the arguments I hear about the Tuggeranong Homestead and what should happen to it. I will put out a draft variation. I have not made up my mind yet, because we have not had the responses and we have not considered them, as to whether I will then proceed with that or not. In due course it may be that this committee, this Assembly, and the PDI Committee will consider it. I am sure that, if it does emerge into this Assembly, it will have the same comments, whether we agree with it or not, about how exhaustive the process has been.

Question resolved in the affirmative.


MR HUMPHRIES (10.59): I move:

That Mr Lamont be discharged from the Standing Committee on Legal Affairs and Mrs Grassby be appointed in his place.

Madam Speaker, the committee has been conducting a number of inquiries. Indeed, one report was handed down in the Assembly late in the last session. However, with some changes in the committees that occurred late in the last session, workloads on certain members have become greater than on others. For example, I note that Mr Lamont is a member of the Standing Committee on Tourism and ACT Promotion, the Standing Committee on Legal Affairs, the Standing Committee on Planning, Development and Infrastructure - the chair of which I think he described as the Ayatollah a little while ago - and the Standing Committee on Administration and Procedures, as well as the select committees on the establishment of an ACT public service, Estimates, and Euthanasia. Notwithstanding Mr Lamont's tremendous capacity, I think he is clearly in need of a little bit of rest.

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